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Season 3, Episode 8: Castor Oil Miracles with Marisol Teijiero

By Jodi Cohen

In today’s episode of Essential Alchemy Jodi is joined by Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, an award-winning author and founder of the game-changing company, Queen of the Thrones. Dr. Marisol is here to discuss modernized ancient tools and techniques, like castor oil, used to help people truly own their thrones!

She is a world leader in natural medicine and creator of the original heatless, messless, reusable castor oil pack. Dr. Marisol has made it her life mission to help people unfold and understand their inner journey toward total self expression by connecting the mind, body, and soul for infinite health.

Tune in and learn more about: 

  • [09:05] – A gear shift into parasympathetic
  • [12:31] – Why castor oil is known as the “miracle oil”
  • [18:38] – The amazing benefits to castor oil packs
  • 29:27] – What does it look like? (Take a peek!)
  • [36:46] – How to add oils to your pack

About Marisol Teijiero

Dr. Marisol Teijeiro N.D. (inactive) is an award-winning author and founder of Queen of the Thrones® line of products including the original heatless, less-mess, reusable Castor Oil Pack. She went from the director of a brick and mortar detox & cleanse clinic for over a decade to CEO of an e-commerce gold mine built on turning the fertilizer of “crap” in her life into gold. She helps people all over the world take dominion of their lives, own their thrones, and grow their business by helping them bloom using modernized ancient tools and techniques in natural health and marketing. She’s been featured on various TV programs including nationally syndicated shows Bloom & Daytime, as well as The Marilyn Denis Show in Canada. Her life’s mission is to help people unfold and understand their inner journey towards full expression of self by connecting the body, mind, and soul for infinite health.

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Jodi: Hi there. I am Jodi Cohen and I am so excited to be joined by my friend Dr. Marisol, an award-winning author and, um, founder of an amazing company we’re gonna talk about in just a minute, that she basically helps with Castro packs that can be super messy. But she’s created the original Heatless meatless blah mess, less reusable Castella pack.

She went from a director of a brick and mortar detoxing cleanse clinic for over a decade to a C E O of an e-commerce gold mine built on turning the fertilizer of crap in her life into gold. She helps people all over the world take dominion over their lives, own their own thrones, grow their business, and.

By helping them bloom using modernized ancient tools and techniques in natural healing and marketing, which I do as well. She’s been featured on various TV programs, including nationally syndicated shows, bloom and Daytime, as well as Marilyn Dennis Show in Canada. Her life’s mission is to help people unfold and understand their inner journey toward full expression of self by connecting the mind, body, and soul for infinite health.

Welcome, Dr. Marisol. 

Marisol: Well, thank you Jodi, for having me. I’m really excited to speak with you about essential oils and castor oil. 

Jodi: I know they really are a super nice synergy and, and before we dive in, I’d love for people to kind of hear your journey and how you discovered and started working with castor 

Marisol: oil.

Yeah, I mean, you know, everything. Our life has such purpose and the, the most, the part that has the most pur purpose is often the part we hate the much the most, which is our pains. And for me, like many others, it was that journey where I was suffering with I B S. I was young at the time, I was. 20, this is back about 20 years ago, back in 2003, but I was, I was a hormonal mess, right?

I was suffering with P C O S and i b s and, uh, anxiety that I could not control, uh, and trauma from, from youth. And so I was, On the journey of discovering tools, um, I had never responded well to the medical system and I’d actually had bad experiences, so I was always looking for natural alternatives, and that led me into a role, um, working for a natural homeopathic pharmaceutical company, a big one from Germany.

And part of my role was to go visit health food stores and naturopathic doctors and chiropractors and, you know, everywhere where I would go, I, I got introduced to castor oil and castor oil pack. In fact, so many of these doctors and these health stores were recommending me to do the packs, but I, I, you know, shied away because they seemed like a big mountain to do.

It was like 12 steps and it sounded messy and a disaster and, and. Honestly, I just thought they sounded so woowoo in terms of not really being a treatment that anyone would really wanna do and just like, kind of, you know, a, a snake oil. I thought it was snake oil. I thought it was like, you know, crazy people talk.

So I, I shied away from it, but I. For some reason, you know, Castro Pax is kept on popping up in my atmosphere and constantly. Um, and you know, time and time again, I kept on looking and, and searching for answers in my health and wasn’t able to find them. So I finally decided to go back to school to become a naturopathic doctor, to heal myself, right?

Which is what people do when they’re sick. They go and find you, find the solution. And again, back in naturopathic school, it was the same thing everyone was telling me and recommending. To me to do castor oil packs. And in fact, we were learning about them in school. Not that we were learning much because the knowledge wasn’t quite there.

But what was happening was that they were saying in every single pro protocol, whether it would be for hormonal problems, for cancer, uh, for fatigue, for anxiety, for depression, for i b ibs, Crohn’s colitis, didn’t matter the condition. Um, it was always at the end of the protocol. And don’t forget to do your castle pack.

And for me, You know, it, it just always was like a little bright light that would just trigger in my mind. So I was, I would always be like, oh God, and there it is again. And there it is again. And I remember very, very clearly, um, in my third year of naturopathic college, still not feeling well now overwhelmed because of anxiety and all the stress of, of going through school.

That I ended up getting chronic fatigue and, uh, mold toxicity from the building I was living in, but also the school that where, where we were going to, um, that I actually couldn’t get outta bed. So I was so, so sick about to complete my final year. And I was super disappointed because here I was doing everything else.

I was taking all the right supplements, I was eating all the right foods, doing all the right exercises, going to see all the right doctors, doing everything from IV therapy to colon hydrotherapy. I was doing everything. Yet, I still, uh, ended up, you know, immobile unable with no energy, unable to get out of bed, unable to even complete my schooling that I worked so hard for.

And I think it was that moment where I just, you know, was kind of like in bed, trying to think of everything. That I was doing, what could I do? And then, you know, Castro Pox popped up into my mind and it was like this one thing that you’ve been recommended for about 10 years and you’ve never done it.

Like, why don’t you maybe do that now? And, you know, so I got out of bed and I, I went and I found like an old, um, trade show bag that was organic and I, I, I put a little cloth on it and I sewed my very first castor oil pack then. And it, it, it really transformed my life that moment because when I put it on my body, I’ll remember this date, like till the day that I die, and I’ll always talk about it so fondly because the minute I put the castor oil pack on my body, it, it felt to me like, like literally like the, an, the sky opened up and angels began to sing.

And what it was, was that it shifted my body into the relaxed state so strongly. And I, Jodi had really, I don’t think ever experienced that, that state, probably because I was a trauma survivor, probably because I grew up in a very anxious environment, um, that I was constantly just driven in the stress state.

And so this cast and, and, and that contributed significantly to my inability. To have health because I, my body was constantly stuck in the stress state and I was unable to have, you know, natural processes like colon cleansing and lymphatic drainage and liver detox actually working. So I was literally, you know, chock full of toxicity.

Being unable to be processed outta my body, which kept on, you know, a vicious cycle of kept of, of continual aggravation to my stress systems and continual, uh, inability to, you know, do what your body does best, which is stay clean, right? That’s what the body’s natural function is, is what comes in must come out.

I was unable to do that because I couldn’t move into the relaxed state in order to allow things to come out. So it, from that moment on, at first, I was doing the Castro Epox. Pretty much as much as I could every day because I was trying to get out of the bedridden state, and then eventually started shifting and just doing them at night.

But it shifted all of my patterns from my ability to go to the bathroom better, my ability to sleep better, my ability to handle stress better, and then I. I just realized like this was missing out there in the marketplace. That we have all the supplements all, all the, everything at our disposal, essential oils.

We have everything in an easy way to do it, but we didn’t have an easy way to do Castro Pack, so I made it my mission to become the expert in the field and just understand. Everything I could and, and delve into all the research about Castro packs and be that resource for people so that they had tools to be able to, to do it properly and easily, and that it wouldn’t impact their, their lifestyle negatively, because that was my barrier to being able to do them, was that I needed something easy to make it happen.


Jodi: I, I agree with you. It can be quite messy. You have to have, you know, the burlap and then the castile and put it on and have the heating pad and the um, plastic. Yeah. It’s interesting because it sounds like what you’re describing. I talk a lot about vagus nerve stimulation and helping that shift people into parasympathetic, and that anywhere the vagus nerve and nerves, including the liver and gallbladder can be used as a gear shift.

It sounds like you were using the Castro pack over your liver to activate your parasynthetic nervous system. 

Marisol: A hundred percent. Great. Great note. Fair. Um, it actually, the Castro Pack does it in a, in a, a couple of ways. Uh, one way that the cast pack, when you wear it over your liver and your gallbladder area, is that that is specifically covering dermatomes.

So dermatomes that are tr are, are activating somatic, visceral reflexes, which means activating reflexes that come from the skin touch all the way to the internal organs. So what ends up happening when you wear it in the. Specific area over your liver is that you activate those zones of your body, so you’re stimulating the organs of, of detoxification, cleansing, and drainage to work.

So that, that’s one mechanism of action. The other mechanism of action is directly associated to the bagel nerve, and how that works with cast relpax is that it’s stimulating the skin receptors and those skin receptors in those areas over the liver. Trigger the parasympathetic state. And like you said, I love that a gear shift into the relaxed state and activating, you know, it’s a feedback mechanism that’s going from the skin receptor up into the, the, this cranial nerves and going down the vagus nerve, uh, stimulating those organs of detoxification.

So in both mechanisms of action, you’re activating, um, na, you know, na nature, you’re activating your nature to feel better and it’s so, so, so, so valuable and it’s, it’s such an easy activity. And what I love about it is that it’s physical therapy, whereas most things that we’re taking is oral supplementation.

It’s dietary dietetics. Everything is something that you have to absorb through your gut. But if people are walking around like I was in an excessively stressed state, well, number one, you leaky gut, we, leaky gut is an epidemic. It’s not if we have leaky gut. Most of us are walking around with a leaky gut, and most of us are basically day to day trying to figure out a way to ba and balance it so that we don’t have a leaky gut.

And the way to, to really activate a non leaky gut is to get move yourself into the relaxed state because really, truly leaky gut. Your gut is, is, is leaky. When you’re in a high cortisol state, it’s, there’s research that demonstrates this and proves this, and so our goal is to move ourselves into the relaxed state more often, and I, I truly believe that the disease of the 20th and 21st century.

Is more a lack of parasympathetic tone than anything, because if we could, if our bodies wouldn’t be stuck and, and shifted into the sympathetic state, we where we can’t heal truly because trying, trying to heal a body or trying it, trying to make it do detox or do lymphatic drainage or even do colon cleansing when it’s stuck in the stress state.

Really is a recipe for disaster because all you do is just, just create herxheimer reactions, right? You’re creating really bad detox and cleansing symptoms that people then get scared of and shy away from doing detoxes and cleansing. So it’s really, really powerful to use a physical medicine like the Castro pack and activate the skin and activate the vagus nerve.

Um, something that you can’t do with 

Jodi: supplements alone. No, you’re, you’re preaching to the choir. I talk about that all the time. Time. And for, for people who are listening who don’t really understand how cast oil differs from other oils, from, you know, I, I recommend it as actually, um, a carrier oil in my book.

Can you delve into what Cast oil does, how, how it works, and, and kind of how it supports, um, homeostasis and balance in the body. 

Marisol: Absolutely. So Castro Oil, it’s known as, there’s a few names for it. It’s quite, quite a beautiful oil. I call it the golden oil, cuz to me it’s so golden. Um, but it’s known as the Miracle Oil.

And, and I think that, you know, I, I don’t ever like to say in medicine, being a doctor, oh, it’s a miracle, but. You know, what I’ve seen with Castro oil and, and the amount of activities it has, and, and those are, you know, research, like documented activities. It’s pretty spectacular as the oil. Um, but it’s also known as the Palm Milk Christ.

So there’s an entire spiritual aspect to Castro Oil. And remember that Castro oil actually comes from the Mediterranean basin and was used. All the way back in Egyptian times before Christ, like Cleopatra was known to use castor oil, um, for beautifying effects. But you know, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, para Celsis, Galen, these, these men who, who started and spearheaded, you know, the initial theories of medicine, like the humors of the body, working with L yellow bile and black bile.

And, you know, h how the body heals. You know, Galen loved castor oil for female health conditions like ovarian cysts and fibroids, and problems with reproduction. He used to use it quite often with the emperor’s wi wives. You know, you’ve got stories of Roman doctors using it with their emperor’s wives.

Like, it’s just, it’s really, really fascinating with Castro, the history and the tradition of the oil and, and truly like if you look at it, it’s longevity along the ages. Just like essential oils. Truly, it has such powerful effects. But one of what makes Castro super, super unique is that number one, it’s a vegetarian oil.

So some people think that, oh, because it’s called castor oil, it might come from the beaver because castor is the, you know, Latin root word of beaver, but it’s not from an animal. It’s a vegetarian oil, vegan oil. Um, it comes from a plant localized to the Mediterranean basin. So it, it, it naturally grows. In Greece, all, which is why high properties, the Egyptians, why they all used castor oil.

Um, but also classically can be, can be grown in India, um, China as well as Brazil. So there’s many different areas that, that the climate is, uh, nice for castor oil, even Caribbean islands, which Caribbeans have quite the usage of, of castor oil, mainly orally. Um, but castor oil, the thing with it is that it’s, it’s molecular weight is different from most other oils and it’s because of the component.

Um, I’m gonna get a little scientific here and go into the biochemistry of Ole but Castro oil is a combination like all other oils. It has ag glycerol backbone, which is normal in oils, but then it, they all have triglyceride chains. Castero is a combination of oleic acid, which is the same, uh, triglyceride chain found in olive oil, so that’s an omega nine.

And then it also contains an omega six of linoleic acid, very similar to sesame oil. So you can already correlate the effects of castor oil bean. Somewhere along the lines of olive oil. So skin nourishing high vitamin E, beneficial many different ways. And then sesame seed oil, right, which is also very beneficial for the body as anti-inflammatories and supportive of different, different hormones in the system.

But then 90% of the triglyceride chains in caster oil are resinol acid and it’s Resinol lake acid that it. Claim to theme because this Resinol Lake acid has a lower molecular weight than most other oils. And, and that molecular weight under 500 Daltons allows castor oil to go and permeate underneath of the epidermis into the dermal layer and within the dermal layer.

No other oil can do this. This is what makes it the best carrier. Oil, yoyo, jojoba, however you wanna call it, um, sweet almond oil. These other caros don’t have the effectiveness that castor oil does because of the molecular weight and this resole acid component, which can delve deep into the dermis where the circulation lies and the lymphatic system lies, which helps contribute to the effectiveness of castero.

So if you’re using. Essential oils or whatever it is that you wanna bring into the body, deeper castor oil is your go-to. And if you use it with a castor oil pack, which is the better way to use caster oil. Not just only rubbing Castro oil, but using it with aole pack, you’re, you’re taking it to the next level because the Castro pack supports liver detoxification, lymphatic drainage, as well as colon cleansing, which is the key to getting the substance to actually work in your system because, It.

You know, if you add in more into the body without the body being able to liver detox or lymphatic drain or colon cleanse, what ends up happening is that, you know, everything can become a poison in a certain dose. And if you have too much stuff in general in your body, your body can’t process things properly.

You can keep on giving your body more supplements, more good food, more, more essential oil. But if your body is unable to. Clear out what it doesn’t need anymore, you end up creating a bit of a toxic dump in your system. So this is the key with Cas Ox, is that for therapies to be effective, we need, we need a certain environment in the system to be working.

We need, you know, lymphatic system not to be sluggish, we need the colon. Open and moving and letting go of what it needs no longer. And we need the liver able, uh, uninflamed and able to be able to package up substances that are fat soluble for elimination via the colon or water soluble for elimination via the kidneys.

Right? We need to be able to. Allow for space for us to do that. But the only way to do that is to activate those, those engines and those engines are activated and supported by Castro oil PX and physical therapy. No different if you went for a massage therapy or an acupuncture treatment. But the cool thing about Castro pox is that you can do them every single night at home, which is.

Jodi: Beautiful. And I, I wanna talk about that for people that are listening. Um, like I, there’s a great, I’m babbling great brand. The Queen of the Thrones that allows Castro packs can be very messy. And, and can you talk a little bit about the benefit of using a Castro pack? How exactly they use that for how long, what times versus just, you know, putting castella over the skin and maybe getting into an epso cell bath.

Marisol: Yeah, I absolutely love Queen Thrones. I mean, I’m, I, I’m the CEO o of the company, and I, I did start the company and it’s a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful tool because it has made it very, uh, simple and easy for people to do, which is the most important factor, right? With, with Castro Ox. Now, the, with the cast, the key to it is this, is that, Ideally, we are doing castl packs in the evening and even better over, over the time that we sleep at night, and there’s a, a true physiological reason for this.

Now, again, I’ve spent 20 years researching this and the PS created by Queen of the Thrones as well too are like 20 years of research. Like my very first pack was done. Back in 2007. So it’s like, you know, it’s, it’s quite a long time of refining cuz everything matters in the cast oil pack. You know, it’s the softness of the material, it’s the barrier that you’re using, it’s how it’s attaching to the body.

It’s the amount of pressure that the Castro pack creates. Also because the Castro pack, that gentle pressure, um, supports lymphatic drainage because lymphatic drainage, the only pump that it has is the lungs. Unlike the circulatory system, which has like a very strong heartbeat, but most of us are stuck in the sympathetic state and not deep breathing, so we don’t have a really good pump for our lymphatic system.

So, and according to traditional Chinese medicine, this is the, this is the gem. And why it’s best to wear the Castro pack over the evening if you want to. You can only, you only have to wear it for an hour minimum. But ideally, ideally you wear it overnight. And here’s why. Um, there are specific hours for specific organs according to traditional Chinese lesson that are activated throughout the evening now, and you pro, you’re probably really 

Jodi: familiar with this.

Oh, I see. And it’s pressure, which kind of pushes on the fascia and the fascia, if it’s not pressurized, the lymph can’t release it almost holds it hostage. Oh, that’s so brilliant. So you put, you’re applying pressure through the evening so that, um, the lymph releases at different times. 

Marisol: Yeah, yeah. And, and, and, and, uh, with the Chinese medicine clock, what happens is this, is that we’ve got from the hour of one and 3:00 AM it’s actually a very classic time where men, women who have hormonal problems, and this is how you know of your liver, um, is, is he is in need of a little bit of detox and love and.

It might be a little bit loaded is that typically your sleep is disturbed in that you’re waking up in the middle of the night perhaps to go to the bathroom or um, even just waking up and unable to go back to bed or waking up and then falling asleep again or to pee. Those are all classical signs of an overwhelm li liver.

So that’s something Yeah, I say that 

Jodi: all the time. Liver, gallbladder. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. 

Marisol: It’s always really important to take low. No. And that hour between one and 3:00 AM is very powerful because that is when the organ is engaged, is it at its most highest functioning. If, if, if your body’s not overloaded.

But like any system, again, as I said, if you’re, you know, taking as many supplements as you can and trying to feel better, which is what I was doing, I was just giving too much to my body and my body couldn’t clear anything out. So, so ideally during one in 3:00 AM if you’re wearing a Castro pack, BA castle Pack is again working on multiple actions.

It is, uh, number one, you know, Castro is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it’s naturally reducing the inflammation around the liver. That’s a great step to allow the liver to do its job better because the liver does deal with a lot of inflammation coming from the gut, being encircled from the gut. Um, you know, it also creates inflammatory pro, uh, molecules that’s of messengers that, you know, support the functions because inflammation works hand in hand with liver detoxification.

It’s absolutely necessary. So during the hours of one in three, 3:00 AM that’s where our liver’s most engaged. But then from the hours of three to 5:00 AM it’s our lungs. And if we have this slight pressure, uh, with the pack as well as we’re lying soup pine on our backs or on our sides, but that’s a time when our bodies actually have the most expansion and lug cavity as well as contraction.

And that movement with the slight pressure of the castor oil pack. Helps to pump the limp overnight and especially most active during the hours of three and 5:00 AM So that’s powerful. And then the traditional Chinese clock shifts over to large intestine, five to 7:00 AM which is where now we wanna activate colon cleansing, right?

Which is why many people might have their beautiful bowel movement within the early morning hours because we now over the evening hours from one to 3:00 AM have activated the liver. From three to 5:00 AM the lymphatic drainage is in motion, and then from five to 7:00 AM here, we’re activating colon cleansing.

So by the time that we wake up, you know, our system has had the ability in the rested state to really do a lot of cleanup because. Cleansing detox drainage all requires two very important things. A lot of energy and good blood, blood flow. And in order to have the energy and the good blood flow, we need to be in the rested state in order to do it.

So the best time to encourage and engage your those mechanisms is while we. Sleep. And that’s why Castero pox is such a foundational tool. It doesn’t do it alone. You still need good diet, you still need good supplements, you still need mind work lifestyle practices. But Castero Pox really support the engaging of the activities of the detoxification function and rest and digest, uh, state because of all the mechanisms of big nerve.

Um, again, somatic visceral reflexes. It’s, there’s just so many activities, um, cortisol reduction and oxytocin promotion from all the triggering of the receptors and those somatic visceral reflexes. So you’re really, it’s, it’s really powerful. And, you know, one of the things that I also recommend for people is when they wake up in the morning, because over the evening time that you have now activated an engaged liver detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and then moved into the colon cleansing, well, when you wake up in the morning, You know, you’ve been lying flat.

Wake up in the morning, you’re standing to prevent, you know, pooling of your blood or of your limp in the lower limbs. Let dry brushing. Dry brushing is key, right? Starting up that morning and getting the body moving and starting a dry brush, that is super, super powerful in order, right? I got my dry brush here.

This is how, how much I love dry brushing, right? Waking up first thing in the morning and starting a dry brush and really that, that little routine of your Castro pocket night. And wearing a dry brush in the morning is phenomenal, phenomenal. It really, really changes for people their lives. And, and I mean, over time, again, with anything you have to, you have to be consistent 

Jodi: with it.

I’m curious if you think, so you, you keep the, the pack over the liver gallbladder, even though it affects the other organs. But I’m wondering, you were talking about, um, it can permeate the dermis, which then kind of dilates the vasculature and the um, the lymph. So it basically makes more easy access during kind of peak, is that right?

Yeah, a hundred 

Marisol: percent. You’re just, what you’re doing is you’re, you’re opening up everything. You’re, you see the, there’s hemodynamics of blood flow in action when you, when you’re talking about the stress state towards the relaxed state. So if you can, if you, as you said, shifting the gears, so if you can shift the gears into the relaxed state.

Naturally and immediately what, what we’re doing here, our medicine, natural medicine is literally just activating the body’s natural ability to do its job. Right. Right. It, it’s nothing outside of this world, you know? Like, it, it, it truly is simple. However, you need to do the practices in order for that to be engaged.

Like it, there’s no other way about, you can’t get, you can’t get it any other way because, because we are living in an environment that that is, Promoting our stress state constantly, whether it’s toxins, whether it’s emotional stressors. Uh, you know, we’ve had two years or three years of, you know, some big heavy stuff that has happened.

Um, this affects us all, our entire bodies and we’re on alert. And when you’re on. Your blood and your hemodynamics and your lymphatic system because the circulatory system and lymphatic system are, you know, best friends. Yeah. The blood flow is moving to the extremities and to the brain and it does so because in the stress state.

You’re not looking to rest and digest and detox. Oh, no, no. You’re looking to fight flight, uh, freeze or fawn, right? Which is the, the classic, uh, stages of what your body’s doing and when you’re about to fight or, or flight. You need the blood flow in your extremities to activate your muscles, and you need to be a hyper alert and aware, right?

So blood flow needs to be to the, you know, the, the, not necessarily the, the cranial nerves, but the aspects of the nerves that are gonna have you, uh, alert and aware, right? So, So you, that’s where blood is flowing. And if you look at the classic detox and cleansing symptoms or Herxheimer reactions, you’ll note that it actually is in parallel to where the blood is flowing.

People will feel fatigued. Lethargic. They’ll get muscle aches and pains, joint pains. They’ll get skin rashes, they’ll get active. Oh. Cause the toxins 

Jodi: are in the blood cuz it can’t leave and it’s circulating. Oh, that’s fascinating. 

Marisol: Isn’t that fascinating? And they’ll get headaches. They’ll get headaches, they’ll feel foggy brained.

This is all an example of someone whose body has, is stuck and rigid in a sympathetic st stress state, and now we’re trying to detox and cleanse them without moving them into the relaxed. State with a castile pack, which would support their body’s ability then to start to get into flow. And in the, in the parasympathetic state, the blood flow, the hemodynamics are now shifted into the organs of rest, digest, and detox.

And it’s as simple as that. It’s a hemodynamic flow, um, that we’re activating via the skin and via the touch the sensation, uh, via the somatic visceral reflexes. And via the slight pressure of the Castro pack. And then you’ve got all the goodness of this Miracle Oil castero, which is anti-inflammatory, high antioxidant antihistamine.

Uh uh, dopamine promoting helps to recycle glutathione, right? Castro is known to recycle glutathione. Like there’s so many benefits to this combina, this magical combination of Castro with Castro opo, and then, and then, Jodi, I mean, combining that with essential oil formulas, I mean, it’s boom, it’s beautiful, it’s a boom.

Jodi: You can show the, the pack again so that he doesn’t gonna see how easy it is. And, and does this kind of, I know people are like, will it ruin my t-shirt? Will it ruin my sheets? Does it kind of contain the mess? Yeah, 

Marisol: so, so, so the, the, the thing with the pack is that it’s really, really supports, um, the oil right directly against your liver.

And, you know, I created it because I didn’t wanna have people using like, uh, uh, you know, like saran wrap, which itself is toxic and you know that with, or mixed with oil. You know, you’re bringing, you’re bringing toxins within into your system. It’s kind of going against, and even kinda the heating pad, 

Jodi: you’re like getting frequencies, you know, like the hot water bottle’s better.

Yeah. This is great. Yeah. 

Marisol: Hundred percent. And so the, the fact that I had created what it does with Queen of the Thrones is that it actually, it supports your body’s natural heat. So you don’t even need to add heat, but if you wanna add heat, you can. So of course you wanna recommend, uh, as a practitioner, always recommending really important.

The hot water bottles are, are ideal, no n never to recommend, uh uh, an electrical practice. Again, you wanna avoid all these, all these aspects, but the other thing is the quality of the oil. Yeah. So you really wanna make sure that the quality of the oil is organic. Extra virgin cold pressed is what we’re looking for.

Heane free, you don’t want any chemicals. You wanna keep the natural vitality of your oil because the better and cleaner and more higher quality. The oil is more expensive of course, too, but you get all those extra benefits of Castro, which is, you know, glutathione recycling and which is an expensive supplement.

So, you know, Ole is like definitely not as expensive as Buddha, but you can, but you need to, in order to get those benefits, you need a high quality oil and the pack is created. In order to fit like a really to fit like a second skin and allow you to, if you wanted to move around during the day, do your to-dos, but very much sleep comfortably in it so that you don’t notice the straps.

You really just feel like it’s just a second skin and you don’t even notice you’re sleeping with it and you know, it is not mess less, it’s less mass. Um, Still is a possibility where the oil, because it’s cast oil, so castor oil has a mind of its own. So, you know, I’ve always recommended to use less oil because of pack.

The way that it’s designed will optimize everything. So just to use one to two tablespoons, um, and to. Place it on the body and to, if you’re concerned or worried, or, you know, some people like, I’m not concerned. My, some of my sheets have oil now cuz I’m such a, I, I’m a chronic user of Castro Oil Pack at this point in my life.

Um, but if you’re concerned, I just wear an old t-shirt just in case. But truly, they’re quite, they’re quite effective. You do need to replace them. Um, every Castro pack should be replaced at minimum two to three months. And the reason for this is that we, we, we don’t really know where the Castro. The goes.

Um, there’s, uh, studies that demonstrate, you know, the comparison of oral castero taking Castro orally versus doing aole pack. And you can see proper metabolites come out when you take Castro orally, but you on doing a Castrol pack, the, the same metabolites aren’t seen. So it led the researchers to question number one.

Um, You know, is Castro possibly being transformed into something differently when, when you through the skin or number two is potentially that castor oil may be, you know, coming out through the skin, back out through the skin. And especially if it’s a first times people are doing Castro oil, cuz the skin is also another organ of elimination.

So it, there’s that potential. Or then number three, the other option that it could be is always that maybe Castro isn’t doing anything, but that’s, I think that’s an unlikely No, that that 

Jodi: makes sense. Like even with oil pulling, you wanna be very careful. You, you’re eliminating toxins. So, um, That’s great.

But before we, uh, I, I would love it if you could talk a little bit about thyroid 

Marisol: packs as well. Yeah. Yeah. So thyroid packs are very, very powerful. Um, in my clinical practice, I’ve always worked with three types of packs. So one is the liver pack, um, that is used on a liver, and, and usually I, I, I always have my patients.

Keep it on their liver because again, because of that principle, uh, if you’re, you know, some women are working towards fertility goals. If they’re working towards fertility goals or maybe they’re working at, you know, reducing their ovarian cyst or their uterine fibroids. You know, the pelvic region is very, very gentle.

There is a lot of lymphatic nodes within the inguinal canal and the pelvic region. You know, I’ll bring up my little model up here. So, you know, this is, this is a liver pack, but you know, this area right here in the pelvic region, you know, it’s chock full of lymphatic nodes here and here. So it’s, it’s really very important to use different packs on those areas.

And so we, I created also a pelvic pack for that purpose. Yeah, because I didn’t, I don’t want, I mean, it, it, again, it’s, if we don’t, we’re not unsure of whether or not those toxins are coming out through the skin and if they’re, 

Jodi: that’s brilliant. Cause that like the hip tightness and I, I actually focusing a fascia blend on that area.

Cause you knows. No, 

Marisol: that’s brilliant. Yeah. Yeah, it’s very important. So, you know, we like people, especially if they’re treating, uh, for fertility reasons or if they’re using for ovarian cyst or fibroids to just use a different pack on their pelvic region. Cause that’s important. But then the thyroid, because, you know, our hormonal organs all are very susceptible to having cysts and nodule nodules on them.

So the thyroid. You know, in my clinical practice, you know, 90, I’m gonna say 98% of my patients truly, um, had, uh, signs attach eModal thyroiditis or even nodules on physical exam. So it was something that I was working with my patients consistently and treating. And so we even created a little, little thyroid pack that you can easily, you know, apply caster oil onto your.

Um, your thyroid and you just wear this pack. Now this pack isn’t worn overnight because you don’t want anything around your neck, but it’s worn for about an hour, um, ideally every night if you can. Um, to help with reduction of, again, the, any nodes that may be occurring on the thyroid, but also supportive of the limp nodes that are all around the neck, right?

Because here you have some very important lymph nodes that are dealing with everything that is coming in throughout the mouth. The, the 

Jodi: biggest drainage bottleneck that is brilliant. 

Marisol: Brilliant. Like when you’re sick, like for an example, um, I had an infection about three weeks ago and, you know, I was really suffering and I was really feeling lymph congestion and, you know, the thing I was doing was my, my little, little thyroid pack because this really, really helped to support and it made me feel really good immediately as well too.

So now I’m working on developing a few other types of packs for other areas of the body that, you know, are also very highly susceptible to, um, cysts and nodes and, and, and fibro because it’s very important and. The pelvic pack, as you said, you can use on the fascia, you can use it on, on uh, sciatic nerve problems, on low back pain.

I mean, you can just, you can use them everywhere. They’re castor oil, I mean for feet and for hands. I, I’ve used, I use it everywhere in my clinical practice. Like there isn’t a place that, I don’t use it to tell you the truth. Well, 

Jodi: in what I love is that with the heat and the compression, you’re like, the reason I’m creating this fascia blend is cuz the FASA can kind of hold the lymph and the vagus nerve hostage.

So you need the kind of pressure and time. Can you just walk people through, let’s use the, the thyroid for example. How much castero, if they’re going to add oils, how do you do it? Like let’s assume you know you’re getting ready for your routine. What do you do? What are the steps? With 

Marisol: Castro oil, less is more.

So even that goes for your essential oil. So you, because of the activity and the, and the, the synergy of using Castro oil with your essential oils, you can actually end up using less of your essential oils, which is quite nice. Right. For people, because people really appreciate that. So really on your, on your.

Thyroid. All you’re doing is a small little dime size do up to, up to quarter size, do. It’s very, very small. You don’t wanna use too much, and you rub that within, over your thyroid as well as your lymph nodes. And then you place the, the, the thyroid pack on top now. Oh, 

Jodi: okay. So you don’t put it on the fabric, you put it on the skin?

Marisol: Not, not for the thyroid, for the thyroid pack. Just to make it a little, you could put it on the, the, the, the thyroid pack if you want, but just because it’s the neck region and it’s so tight. Yeah. I, I really love rubbing it. And then I put the pack on in order to do the compression. Right, because it is, this is com what, what cast is, it’s a form of compression medicine for the lymphatic system.

It truly is. Right? And when people understand it like that, then it’s so simple and it’s like, oh. Now it makes sense why we’ve been recommending these for so many years as natural trapping practitioners, right? So, um, the, it’s easy, easy, like that. And now if you wanted to add essential oils, you could do one or two things.

You could either put it on your, your thyroid pack specifically, or directly rubbed it, rubbed it onto your neck. And then I 

Jodi: like the, the rubbing on the neck. That’s brilliant. 

Marisol: I do that one. I love that one too. And then over the liver or the pelvic region, again, you have two options. You can either rub it onto the liver.

I’m a big, huge fan of, I love pour, I love, I love taking my pack. And I literally just pour, don’t have my oil around here, but I pour my pack on it and I just place it on because I, I, I love only putting about one to two tablespoons and then I blot it and then I place it over the liver. And then that works really, really wonderfully well.

And the pelvic region is the same thing. You really don’t need that much. It’s with a well-constructed pack. It’s not just the oil that’s working, the, the oil. It’s the oil and the pack. And you know, cuz people often ask me, this is a big question that comes up, is why do I need the pack? Can’t I just like, you know, rub the oil on my neck or rub the oil on my liver 

Jodi: and rub oil impression to release the fascia.


Marisol: it, it’s brilliant. Yeah, you absolutely need the compression to release the fascia and to trigger that parasympathetic state right through the vagal nerve, through the receptors on the skin, through the der tones and the specific areas to, to activate actions. And, and here’s the thing that’s most impressive to me, Jodi, is that we even have a beauty sleep eye kit, which is an imas that you use over your eyes to go to sleep and.

The kit contains caol as well as a beautiful eye brush, uh, for like eyebrows and eyelashes. Cause caol is well known, uh, to support hair growth, right? It’s well known for that. And many people buy for that reason, for their eyebrows and their eyelashes. But I don’t know if you knew, but that this, that wearing an eye masks actually supports lymphatic, lymphatic like compression around this area and wearing an eye mask supports lymphatic drainage, um, of.

Of the, the, the nervous system as well too, which is super powerful. And the reason that it does it, let me share with you how it’s, it’s just fascinating. This is actually new resources that I just found yesterday, like a brand new study. Is that for the sinuses too? Oh, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, I wear that every single night.

I actually, at this point in time, can’t sleep about. I mask. I love my eye mask so much. Um, but the key is this, is that wearing an eye mask. Again, recent research 2022, and this has been researched over the past. 10 years. Uh, 10 years or so. So I started recommending, uh, eye masks to go to sleep. Circadian eye masks are light and color, a soft material because what that light color does is it allows you to darken the evening, but allows the light to come in in the morning so that you can maintain your natural, uh, cyclical rhythm of the day, night cycle, and your melatonin and cortisol curves.

Uber important to have good hormonal balance, but wearing an eye mask, the, the light pressure and the compression over the eyes naturally stimulates melatonin. Yep. You know, I’m always curious if it’s because, you know, the penal gland or the chakras right here. Yeah. Eye, you know, there’s so many different reasons as to why that could be.

Um, but we know it from research, so why not take advantage of it? Wear that mask and melatonin is, is, is key. You need toine. But ironically what it, it, it supports the lymphatic drainage. Melatonin is a molecule that supports lymphatic 

Jodi: drainage. That, that makes complete sense to me with the, yeah. The lymphatic system.

That’s amazing. I talked to you for forever. Yes. Can you tell people how they can get in touch with you and maybe like, um, if there’s a starter kit that you recommend them starting with. 

Marisol: Yes, absolutely. So, uh, we do have a really wonderful kit, which is our de day detox, our day and night detox kit, which which includes, um, the sleep eye kit, the lymphatic dry brush, as well as a, as well as the cast liver pack.

So that kind of starts you off with the complete, you know, cycle of doing the, doing the. Over the nighttime wearing the caster oil pack with your sleep mask in augmenting that melatonin is supporting the lymph drainage and then waking up in the morning and dry brushing. So that’s one of my favorite, uh, protocols and kit that we have.

So that’s my, that’s my favorite. Of course, everyone, please always check with your practitioner to see. If it’s right for you before starting any therapy. I think that’s super, super important. Um, so that’s really my favorite, favorite way to start. Um, if anyone wants to find me, they can find my personal account, which is separated from my business.

My personal account is at Cell Help. Well, So s e l l, like the word, the verbs to sell, um, sell health. Well, uh, you can find me there and there. I speak about, mainly to practitioners. I speak about, you know, how to, how to educate people on these principles that can be difficult to talk about, like lymphatic drainage, colon cleansing, and liver detox, cuz that’s my area of focus.

And of course, castor oil packs any of the, any of the tools used for detoxification, cleansing or drainage, castor oil packs, rebounding, bathing. Saunas, dry brushing. I’m all into all the ancient tools. Cause I believe, well, I know and I believe that they work well cause I’ve seen them in practice personally.

Um, so that’s one way they can find me. They can also find us at Queen of the Thrones. And I think that you’re connected with Queen of the Thrones 

Jodi: as well too. Yeah, no, I, I, I love it. And now that I realize what it’s doing, I love it even more. Yes, and I’d love to offer our listeners, uh, some kind of special so that it makes it easier for them to get started.

Thank, thank you so much for your time and your brilliance and amazing information. So exciting. Thank you, Jody. 

Marisol: Well, it’s a pleasure to share it with you and of course people have questions. Please communicate with my team. And I’m here available as well too for questions. But do always check in with your doctor to see if things are right for you.

Um, because I, I love educating. And educating is my purpose. Not, um, I unfortunately can’t be people’s doctor from this. It’s good they can, 

Jodi: they have these wonderful products now. Exactly. Thank you so 

Marisol: much, Jody. Thank 

Jodi: you. Great.

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