Success Stories

Success Stories

First time I used your oil, I literally felt my heart lifting.

Ever since then, I don’t go anywhere without your parasympathetic oil. Now I’m trying your fertility blend and I’m feeling positive that I will get pregnant! Thank you so much. I really love what you do.


I was able to go off my thyroid medication

I’ve been using your oils for 6 months or so and with using the stress kit I was able to go off my thyroid medication and also was able to stop using bio/ identical hormones. I’ve tried so many things and these oils are awesome and just help to balance my hormones!!! Very few hot flashes anymore????


I take adrenal blend with me everywhere.

I love my adrenal blend! I use it twice a day and it is helping to boost and heal my adrenal fatigue. I take it with me everywhere and I am much more energized!


Great success with your anti-inflammatory essential oils!

I am a huge fan of your oils- I recently bought the gut repair kit. As a patient with Crohn’s I cannot take Advil and anti-inflammatories like that, but since the oils are plant based, I’ve been having great success with your anti-inflammatory essential oils!


Praise report…

I rubbed Breathe on neck and chest…Went to bed…no allergy symptoms,no sore throat this morning……I’m loving my Vibrant Oils!


I take Parasympathetic with me everywhere

I absolutely love the Parasympathetic Oil and not only use it every day, multiple times per day, I also take it with me everywhere. I really feel that it balances things out for me, particularly when I’m traveling and eating unfamiliar food. Thank you!


Very beneficial with IBD and IBS

I am grateful for the oils and I do believe they are helpful. I have IBD and IBS and I have found the small and large intestine blends to be very beneficial.


Your oils have done so much for me and my family!

The lavender is a favorite of mine for stress relief, and it’s worked wonders on some “unhealable” sores on my Dad’s hands. The Breathe oil has been a lifesaver for me this winter since I’ve been breastfeeding for the past three years and so can’t take any decongestant – Breathe is the only thing that lets me sleep at night!


I love the hypothalamus oil. It makes me feel balanced and ready to tackle my stressful job. Thank you!


Loving both the adrenal blend and lymph. I suffer from Graves’ disease and have seen great improvement in my stress levels and overall sense of calm with the adrenal blend especially. I have thyroid dermopathy and use the lymph blend to assist with my lymphatic drainage and edema.


I use Parasympathetic on all of my clients! They love it. Also, I use anti inflammatory on myself and feel immediate relief. I love your oils!


I am loving the Circadian Rhythm.

I was having terrible insomnia, I would wake up a bunch during the night, I wasn’t sleeping well. Using this oil I am falling asleep quickly, staying asleep and waking up feeling rested! Yay!!!! I could not be happier!!! Thank you!!!


I am loving my new Stress Support Kit and my 11-year old son is sleeping better than EVER!

It is taking him 5-15 minutes to fall asleep instead of one to two hours using the Circadian Rhythm blend. And, he is sleeping a solid eleven hours each night. Thank you for sharing VBO with us all!


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