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Frequently asked questions and customer care information

Frequently Asked Questions


  • There’s Something Missing From My Order

    Please email our team at in**@vi*************.com with your order number and let us know what was missing. We’ll make it right from there!

  • I’ve Had a Reaction to Your Products

    We’re sorry to hear you’ve had a reaction to our products! Please email us at in**@vi*************.com with your order number and which product(s) you had a reaction to.

    We do have a 30-day return policy in place for these reasons. You can read more about this policy here: https://vibrantblueoils.com/return-policy/

  • How Do I Check My Order Status?

    You should have received an email with a tracking number when your order was shipped. If you didn’t receive your tracking number, please send us an email at in**@vi*************.com and we can give it to you from there.

  • Products In My Order Arrived Leaking and/or Broken

    One of the challenges with shipping glass bottles is that sometimes they break! 

    Please email us at in**@vi*************.com with your order number and let us know which items arrived broken.

  • My Order Has Not Arrived, But the Tracking Number Shows That It Was Delivered

    If you’ve checked your tracking info and it says that your order was delivered, but you don't have it in hand, there are a few things we recommend checking:

    • Check with anyone who may have been home at the time the order should have been delivered, as well as neighbors to see if they may have accidentally received your order.
    • Check around your front door, back door, mailbox, and garage. Sometimes boxes are placed behind bushes or in a different area of the house.
    • If you’re in an apartment and have a front desk, we’d recommend checking there.

    If you’re still unable to locate your package, please email us at in**@vi*************.com with your order number & shipping address. We will do our best to support you from there.

  • Does Purchasing through a special offer Sign Me Up For a Subscription?

    No, although we do have certain products available for subscription, that is an option that must be selected by the customer. It is not auto-selected.

  • I Received the Wrong Product or Wrong Order. How Do I Fix This?

    We have real humans packaging your orders so there is always room for human error! We apologize for the mix-up. 

    Please let us know at in**@vi*************.com.  We ask that you include the order number, what you had ordered, and a photo of what you actually received. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

  • I Haven’t Received My Order Yet

    We're sorry to hear that you are still waiting for your order! Thank you so much for your patience.

    Here are the most common reasons why you may not have received your order yet:

    • We typically ship orders within 2-3 business days of receiving them. If you have ordered during one of our sales, we do ask that you give us a few more days to ship your order.
    • There could be a delay with the carrier. Please refer to the tracking link that was emailed to you in your shipping confirmation. Occasionally packages are rerouted or undeliverable as addressed. If you notice anything strange on your tracking, please let us know so we can look into things further.

    If you are still concerned about the location or delay of your order, please send us an email and we will be able to look into the status of your order for you.

  • Can I Cancel My Order?

    If you would like to cancel your order, please send us an email at in**@vi*************.com. We will be able to look at how far your order has been processed and give you the next steps from there. 

    Please note, if your order has been shipped we are unable to cancel it. If you would still like to cancel your order after it’s been shipped, just write “Return to Sender” on the package when it arrives and put it back in the mail system. It will make its way back to us and we will be able to provide you with a refund once we receive it.

  • Why Am I Charged Taxes? Is this correct?

    We have double-checked our system and have been assured that all of the taxes calculated are based on the parameters each city, state, and county have provided us. Tax is charged for orders placed with the billing address in Washington State.


  • Payment Options

    We offer secure online ordering and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

    Sales tax is required on orders shipped within Washington State at the local tax rate.  If you would like to set up a practitioner account to avoid sales tax, please set up an account here and email us a photo or scanned copy of your credentials and resellers permit at [email protected].

  • How Much Would Your Products Cost to Ship to Me?

    You can read more about our shipping costs and policy here: https://vibrantblueoils.com/shipping

  • Why Are Your International Shipping Costs So High?

    We understand that shipping internationally can be expensive.

    We're doing our best to work with international shipping costs! We are currently charging what it takes for us to ship to you.

  • How Do I Buy Vibrant Blue Oils?

    Just go to our shop here: https://shop.vibrantblueoils.com/

  • Can I Pay Using PayPal?


  • My Credit Card Was Declined, But I Have Funds In My Account

    Double-check that the billing address is the same as what’s connected to your credit card. Also, double-check that you’ve entered the correct credit card number. If you’re still experiencing issues, please send us an email at in**@vi*************.com and we can help you from there.

  • I’m Having Trouble Logging Into My Account

    We’re sorry to hear that! Please send us an email at in**@vi*************.com and we will be happy to help you from there.

  • Do You Deliver to PO Boxes?

    Yes! Be sure you have the zip and name correct on the address when entering it in.

  • Our Terms and Conditions For Online Orders

    Please visit https://vibrantblueoils.com/terms-and-conditions/ for our terms and conditions.


  • Out of Stock

    Occasionally, we run out of stock rather unexpectedly. If this has happened with an item in your order, we will send you an email to let you know. We will let you know the estimated shipping date, and will also offer an alternate product. If neither is satisfactory, we will promptly issue a refund, through PayPal, for the missing items — along with our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Do your products contain coconut oil?

    Yes, all of our blends are diluted to the optimal amount with fractionated coconut oil.

  • Do you dilute your blends?

    Yes, all of our blends are diluted to the optimal amount with fractionated coconut oil. You can read more about why we dilute here: https://vibrantblueoils.com/the-benefits-of-diluting-essential-oil-blends/

  • What Order Should I Apply My Products In?

    All of our products come with a use sheet that explains when and where to apply them. These use sheets can be found on the product pages and are also included digitally in your receipt. This video goes into detail about applying more than one blend at the same time:

  • Are Your Products Certified USDA Organic?

    Vibrant Blue Essential Oils are either Certified Organic (we have the certification on file), Organically Grown (grown organically but not certified, some countries do not offer this certification), or Wild (grown by nature). They are free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, adulterants, and added synthetic chemicals.


  • How do I contact customer service?

    Send us an email at in**@vi*************.com and we will get back to you within 48 hours during regular business days. Jodi's blog is also an excellent source for information about our blends and what we recommend: https://vibrantblueoils.com/blog/


  • Packaging Policies

    We make a sincere effort to get your order to you safely using the least amount of packaging necessary to minimize our environmental impact.  A packing slip is included in each shipment. It contains the order number, product code and product name.   If the shipment being delivered to you, we will include a receipt as well.

  • Order Issues

    Once placed, all orders are final. Items cannot be added, edited, or canceled.

    If you have any problems with your order (damaged item, not received, not what you were expecting, etc.) please contact us at [email protected] so that we can make it right. We want to ensure you are happy with our orders and do our best to resolve any issues that may arise.

    Please keep in mind that our products are handmade and, due to the artisanal quality of our botanical ingredients, the fragrance of our products may vary slightly between batches.

  • International Shipping Policy

    We ship worldwide for a flat rate of $24.95 per order.

    Please note that if customs charges occur, you, the buyer, are 100% responsible for the fees. We, the seller, are not responsible for customs charges. We understand that these customs fees do increase the cost of your order, but we want to provide you with the choice to purchase the oils internationally.

    International orders can take up to 4 weeks to arrive after they are shipped since all orders must pass through customs, and the time frame that this takes is out of our hands.

  • Canada Shipping Policy

    We ship to Canada via USPS at a flat rate of $24.95 per order.  Please note that customs fees may occur, and are outside of our control. We cannot be responsible for covering customs fees.

  • Domestic Shipping Policy

    We ship anywhere in the United States. Shipping costs are determined by shipping zones and will be automatically calculated at checkout once your shipping address has been entered.

    We offer USPS First Class shipping. We ship out orders Monday through Friday, and orders are typically shipped within 3 business days of being placed.

    After leaving our facility, USPS typically delivers in 2 – 8 business days. You will receive an email notification from us that contains tracking information once your order has been shipped.

    If you’re in desperate need of Vibrant Blue Oils and would prefer expedited shipping, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll do everything we can to help you out.

  • Can I Change My Address on my Order?

    Once an order is submitted, our system automatically starts processing it and we’re unable to make any changes, which includes changing addresses on orders.

    If you will not be able to retrieve your package at the address it is heading to, please contact us at in**@vi*************.com and we can discuss the next best steps.


  • Exchanges & Refunds

    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products.  If you wish to place a return, please contact us at [email protected] before mailing the product back to us.  Upon receipt, we will refund you the price of the product. We cannot offer a refund on shipping.

    The customer assumes responsibility for the package until it arrives at our location.

    If a product arrives damaged or you have any concerns about your purchase, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can work something out.

    Your satisfaction is our top priority and we will do what we can to ensure your happiness with every purchase.

    Please note that Vibrant Blue Oils is not responsible for any additional shipping costs for exchanges. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item, and we do not assume responsibility for reimbursement of returned packages lost in transit without proof of delivery to Vibrant Blue Oils.

  • Return Policy

    We are so confident in the quality of our oils that we proudly offer a 100% quality guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply return the product within 30 days. We will immediately refund you in full for any unopened bottles. Returns on opened/used products require prior authorization by contacting us at [email protected].

    Note: We are unable to offer refunds on discounted products or special offers.


    If you are not happy with your purchase, simply let us know at in**@vi*************.com. If the package is completely unopened and your order falls within our 30-day return policy, ship it back to us address:

    Vibrant Blue Oils, LLC
    7590 Currency Drive
    Orlando, FL 32809

    Please note: you are responsible for covering the cost of shipping the item(s) back to us.

    As soon as we receive the package we will be in touch regarding your refund. Please know that we will refund the price of the product, but are unable to refund your shipping costs.

    If the package has been opened and/or the products have been used, just reach out to us at in**@vi*************.com. Every situation is unique, but typically, next steps would include you letting us know that you will be returning the product to us (so we know to look for it) and issuing a refund within 3-5 business days of receiving your return.

    Please note: Vibrant Blue Oils is unable to absorb the return shipping cost charged by your chosen carrier and cannot assume responsibility for the package until it arrives at our location.

    To read our full Terms of Service please click here.


    All refunds will be credited to your original form of payment via PayPal and may take up to 5 days to process.


  • I’d Like to Unsubscribe From Your Emails

    There is an “Unsubscribe” button on the bottom of all of our emails. Just click that button to unsubscribe.

  • Can I Receive Fewer Emails?

    You can manage your email preferences here


  • I’ve already submitted my order, will you please honor the coupon code?

    As long as your order was placed within the appropriate time frame, we are happy to help by honoring that discount to your order!

    Send us an email at in**@vi*************.com and we can help you from there.

  • My Coupon Did Not Apply – What Should I Do?

    We understand that sometimes in moving fast, you may accidentally leave your coupon code off or your order may process without that coupon code having been applied.

    Please email us immediately at in**@vi*************.com and we can help you out.  Please be sure to include your order number and the coupon code you are trying to apply.



  • Not Seeing Points For A Previous Purchase?

    Please contact us at in**@vi*************.com and we can help you.

  • What Can I Use My Points For?

    Points can be used towards discounts on any new purchase.

  • How Do I Earn Points As A Vibrant Blue Oils Rewards Program Member?

    You’ll earn points on your birthday and every time you make a purchase, refer a friend, or follow us.

  • Is It Free To Join The Vibrant Blue Oils Rewards Program?

    Yes, it’s absolutely free: just make a customer account and you’re in.


Customer Care

10AM - 4PM (PT)