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The Benefits of Diluting Essential Oil Blends

By Jodi Cohen

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My goal with Vibrant Blue Oil blends has always been to provide ready-made blends of organic essential oil remedies that can be applied straight out of the bottle and actually work!

By work, I mean that when you use them, you feel better immediately.  If you are experiencing anxiety, you feel calmer.  If you are experiencing a migraine, the pain lessens.  If you are experiencing insomnia, you melt into sleep.   You get the picture.

In order to create these ready-to-use blends, we must both combine the right individual oils in the right ratio and also partially dilute in the right ratio with fractionated coconut oil

The dilution actually enhances the effectiveness of the blend.

What is Dilution?

Dilution is defined as the action of making a liquid more dilute or weaker in force, content, or value.  With essential oils, it means adding a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil, to enhance the combination of organic oils and allow them to be more easily assimilated into your body.  For example, dilution makes it easier to apply essential oils over a larger area of skin, which helps to increase absorption.

You might think of dilution as similar to shading in a painting.  Blending involves combining oils, much like you can combine colors, then shading with white or black further expands the color pallet, just as diluting activates and enhances different nuances in the blend.

I have had a few customers express concern that dilution diminishes the value of the blend.  They recognize that pure individual oils are expensive and feel that diluting with fractionated coconut oil makes the blend less valuable.  I actually believe the opposite is true.

How Dilution Enhances Blends

Benefits of Diluting Essential OilsThe value lies in the effectiveness of the blend.

The end goal is to actually use the essential oil remedy to improve your health.  If it is diluted and ready to use, it can be put into action immediately, without any anxiety or concern that it needs to be somehow modified or changed first or that you, as the end user, might somehow “do it wrong” and render the blend less effective.  Our goal is to remove any uncertainty or insecurity for you so you can just apply the remedies straight from the bottle.

I know this is not an ideal comparison, but when I think of how more concentrated is not necessarily better, I think of alcohol.  For most people, the goal of consuming alcohol is to relax and enjoy a meal or good company.  Highly concentrated alcohols, like scotch, can be very potent and are often more enjoyable when slightly diluted with water.  Anyone who has ever consumed too much alcohol too quickly can tell you that less is sometimes more.  There is an optimal ratio of alcohol that makes you feel relaxed and happy.  In contrast, too much alcohol can make you feel fatigued and sick.

Like fermented plant alcohols, plant essential oils are also powerful and best used within a delicate balance that we provide for you with Vibrant Blue Oil blends.

How Much Do We Dilute?

The answer is not much.  Many of the commonly shared dilution charts recommend diluting to 1% which may have benefits for recreational essential oil use, but is not effective for therapeutic dosing.  When dosing food, supplements or nutraceuticals, like essential oils, the goal is to return the body to balance.  If the body is depleted you dose to help it shift back into balance.  This is a delicate balancing act as you are always trying to give the body what it needs to replenish its deficits without overwhelming your system.  It is this delicate balance that we are constantly testing when we dilute our blends.  What is the ideal dilution ratio that helps return the body to balance without overwhelming it?

I can tell you it is closer to 50% than 1% (sometimes higher), but I cannot tell you the exact ratio as that is part of our proprietary formulation.

None of our single oils are diluted.  They are all sold neat.  it is only the blends that are partially diluted.

Does Dilution Compromise Purity?

Purity means that Vibrant Blue Oils are free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, adulterants, and added synthetic chemicals.

Adulteration is defined as rendering a substance poorer in quality by adding another substance, typically an inferior or harmful one.  For example, adulteration of food or drink is generally considered impure, unsafe, unwholesome and possibly unfit for human consumption.

It has been my personal experience and that of the thousands of practitioners who have worked with Vibrant Blue Oils for the past eight years that subtle dilution of the blends with a natural substance like fractionated coconut oil results in a higher quality product that is appropriately dosed for immediate consumption.

Diluting Essential Oils

When it comes to essential oils, less is often more. Undiluted formulations do not produce faster or more effective results.  The ratios at which we dilute Vibrant Blue Oil blends produce the most effective results which is the reason our blends are partial diluted.

We are results focused and slightly diluting our blends with fractionated coconut oil has improved the effectiveness of the essential oil blends and the results of those who use them.

If you have any additional questions about our blends, please feel free to contact us directly at in**@vi*************.com

About The Author

Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.