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5 Ways to Bring Love into Your Life

By Jodi Cohen

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We love you and are so glad that you found your way into our community and we really want to share our love this Valentine’s season and always!

Here’s the trick.  It’s all about making the love last for as long as possible.


Love into Your Life

We all experience those magical moments of pure bliss – Laughing with a friend.  Savoring a cup of tea while watching the sun rise.  Walking in nature.  Hugging our babies.

They feel great, don’t they?

But then, they unfortunately pass and our mind shifts to another thought or emotion that may not feel as good to our bodies.  There is a lot of research that these feelings of Love and Joy are indeed good for our bodies, creating the optimal environment for our cells to heal and flourish.

This past year has been really rough for me.  Several people that I love have battled cancer, some with flying colors and some with greater challenges.  What has been interesting to me in observing their journey has been noticing the common pattern in those who thrive.  They all were able to focus on the positive, be it using the time in the hospital to actively plan for a daughter’s Bat Mitzvah or surrounding themselves with amazing friends who made a ritual of morning hikes prior to a day of chemo.


The factor of love, joy and hope made a significant difference in both their experience during the sickness and their ability to rebound after.

I think it’s all about holding the positive energy of balancing and healing.  For me, it’s a little bit like going to a chiropractor. You lie on the table in perfect alignment and feel great.  But by the time you drive some and start engaging in another activity, that balance might be lost.  So the key is how to maintain the feeling of love that keeps you in balance for the body to heal?  Essential oils can be powerful tools to help bring love into your life.

5 Ways to Bring Love into Your Life

  1. Gratitude – we hear all the gurus talk about daily gratitude rituals and how they help. Here’s why – when you are feeling grateful, what you are really feeling is love and joy.  Happiness, right?  You focus on all the positives in your life and that fills you with love.  Our Heart™ blend helps amplify those feelings of love and gratitude, helping to increase the amount of love in your life.


  1. Forgiveness – Have you ever heard that expression that carrying a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die? I believe the truth of this statement lies in the fact that when we think ill of others or wish them harm, it throws our body out of balance making it harder for us to heal.  Or worse, aligns us with the energy of the very harm that we wish on others.  Research has demonstrated that holding onto resentment contributes to increased heart disease and weakened immunity.  It’s also important to recognize that sometimes those who hurt you most are really doing you a great favor – closing one door so you are forced to take a more appropriate path.  Examples of this might include the love who broke your heart, allowing you to open yourself up to your true soul mate, the unreasonable boss who forced you to look for a much better job or even a clash with a business partner that forces you to grow into your full potential.  When you are able to open your heart to forgive and release past hurts, it allows more space to give and receive love.   Vibrant Blue Oils Lung Support™ for releasing grief and Bladder Support™ for releasing trauma can help shift you toward the energy of forgiveness.


  1. Self-Love – This was the hardest lesson for me to learn. I prioritized everyone and everything above myself – my children, my husband, my parents, my job, my friends – everyone else’s needs took priority over my own.  I had terrible boundaries and felt depleted most of the time.  I kept hearing the airplane safety advice that in the event of a crash you are supposed to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others.  This makes sense right?  It would be pretty hard to help others if you are not nurturing and supporting yourself.  But sadly, so many of us forget to nurture ourselves. To indulge in those small moments that bring such joy.  It can be as simple as savoring a cup of tea, taking a warm healing bath, a walk, a yoga class (or even restorative pose), reading a magazine or just calling a great friend.  Vibrant Blue Oils Small Intestine Support™ is a great choice to help you enhance self love, prioritize yourself and maintain clear boundaries with others.


  1. Release Negative Emotions – We all carry some emotions that we know don’t serve us. Anger, Grief, Fear, Sadness.  These negative emotions can trigger a stress response in the body and a body in stress cannot heal.  Similarly, in Chinese medicine, negative emotions are believed to cause a disruption in the body’s energy system.  These negative emotions can both block healing and take up thought space that would be better allocated to positive, healing emotions.  To help shift and move negative emotions, consider Vibrant Blue Oils Emotion Balance™ blends, especially Liver Support™ for Anger, Kidney Support™ for Fear,  Lung Support™ for Grief, Bladder Support™ for Trauma and Spleen Support™ for Worry.


  1. Choose Joy! Every moment of our life we have the opportunity to see the glass as half empty or half full. How we envision each moment helps paint a picture of our actual experience, so why not choose to be happy, to think of and move toward things that bring us joy.   Essential oils are a wonderful tool for cementing in that positive frequency.  Some of my favorite blends to support the energy of love are Rose™, Calm™, Uplift™, or Heart™ blends.

Feel free to share the love by forwarding this blog to anyone who might benefit or leaving a comment below.



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About The Author

Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.