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5 Essential Oil Strategies to Battle Breast Cancer

By Jodi Cohen

A group of six women standing side by side, wearing white t-shirts and jeans, with pink ribbons pinned to their shirts to symbolize breast cancer awareness.

What would you do if you found a lump in your breast?

This hypothetical question became alarmingly real two years ago when a massage therapist friend found a lump during a lymphatic massage and urged me to get a mammogram to check it out. In honor of National Breast Cancer month, I am going to share how I reversed potential complications with Essential Oils for Breast Health.

My first response was panic.

A close friend had just found a lump and jumped on what I affectionately call the “cancer water slide”.  My observation from friends who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, the gene for cancer, or the potential for cancer, have all been forced down a very specific path with very limited choices, often under duress and a tight deadline.  And much like a ride down a water slide, once are officially diagnosed with cancer, there is no way out except down a very specific path, that often includes chemotherapy, several invasive surgeries, followed by a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs.

I sensed that if I signed up for a mammogram at that moment, my test results would likely lean toward cancer and my options would be limited.  So, I decided instead to press the pause button.  To employ every natural strategy I could find to make the cancer go away on its own and avoid invasive medical intervention.

I am pleased to say that after 3 months, the lump did disappear and no further treatment was needed.  In honor of national breast cancer month, I would like to share the dietary modifications and essential oils that I employed to turn the tide.

Essential Oils for Breast Health

5 Essential Oil Strategies to Battle Breast Cancer INFOGRAPHIC

1. Therapeutic Vegan Diet

I went therapeutically vegan for 3 months, even though the nutritional program I attended was hard-core paelo.  I love my protein and do believe the body needs certain nutrients from animals, but when the body gets too acidic and too inflamed, reducing or removing animal products and focusing primarily on plants can be very therapeutic and healing.  I removed all meat, dairy and eggs as I found considerable research that links egg consumption with increased breast cancer risk.  I believe this helped as it:

  • Gave my body a rest from inflammatory foods
  • Helped increase fiber to move toxins out of my system and
  • Created a more alkaline PH in my body.Protein, processed foods and fat are highly acidic and when your blood becomes too acidic, your body deposits acidic substances (like toxins) into cells to allow the blood to remain slightly alkaline. This causes your cells to become more acidic and toxic, which results in a decrease of their oxygen levels that can turn some cells cancerous. This acidic state halts proper detoxification because when the blood is too acidic, toxins will not be released from the cells into the blood.

I also utilized the essential oils in the Digestion Support Kit™Parasympathetic®, Pancreas™, and Gall Bladder™ – to avoid any digestive stress.

Finally, I consumed only liquids – either soup, juice or lemon water for 1 – 2 days per week to allow my digestive system to rest, repair and recover.  In her book, “Heal Breast Cancer Naturally” Dr. Veronique Desaulniers  offers the most comprehensive information I have found to date on healing foods and protocols.

2.  The Parasympathetic State to Support Immune Function

Your nervous system commands and controls every single aspect of your body, including the immune system.  In fact, research demonstrates that the vagus nerve (the on/off switch between the Sympathetic “fight or flight” state and the Parasympathetic “rest and digest state”) speaks directly to the immune system through a neurotransmitter acetylcholine.  Dr. Kevin Tracey, of The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research found that stimulating the vagus nerve sent commands to the immune system to stop pumping out toxic inflammatory markers, known as “the inflammatory reflex.”  Applying Vibrant Blue Oils Parasympathetic® blend behind the ear lobe on the mastoid bone triggers vagus stimulation, and consequently shuts off abnormal immune system responses.

Research also found that stimulating the parasympathetic response also supports immune function of the lymph nodes, the spleen and the thymus

As part of my healing protocol, I applied Parasympathetic® blend aggressively – always before meals and often between meals.  Our Immune Support™ blend is also fantastic as it supports the immune system.  The formula contains thyme and cinnamon which a research study found to be significantly potent in destroying Breast Cancer cell lines. Thyme oil, in particular, killed up to 97% of the MCF-7 Breast Cancer cells.

For more tips on essential oils to support the immune system, click here.

3. Support Detoxification

With any kind of illness or disease, including cancer, it is important to help remove any obstacle to healing.  This includes reducing your toxic load, both limiting your exposure to environmental toxins, including everything you ingest, or expose yourself to.  During this period, I was meticulous about buying only organic food to avoid any pesticides.  I was super careful about everything I used in my home and put on my skin, including all detergents and cosmetics.  I might have gone a little overboard, making my own toothpaste, deodorant and moisturizer and turning off our wifi at night to allow myself a break from EMFs.

In addition to alkalizing my body to allow for proper detoxification, I also active supported my organs of detoxification, including:

Liver™:  The Liver plays a huge role in the detoxification effort, filtering toxins from blood and neutralizing the toxins in preparation for elimination. Applying  Liver™ over the liver (right side of the body under the rib cage) helps support optimal health and vitality of the liver.

 Gall Bladder™:  The Gall Bladder concentrates the bile to help break down fat and carry toxins out of the bodyIf the bile becomes too thick, it doesn’t flow as well and toxins (especially estrogen) don’t move out of the system and often get reabsorbed.  Applying Gall Bladder™  over the Gall Bladder (right side of the body under the rib cage) supports the flow of bile and with it toxins out of the body. For more ways to support the gall bladder, read this article.

Additional Liver/Gall Bladder Support: I employed techniques including coffee enemas and castor oil packs to support the liver.  I created an Estrogen Balance™ blend to use in combination with castor oil packs as excess estrogen can contribute to growth of cancer cells.  To learn more about reducing excessive estrogen click here. 

Lymph™:  The lymphatic system is critical for moving metabolic waste, toxins and infections out of the cells via the lymphatic fluid.  The lymphatic system also helps carry nutrients, oxygen, hormones and other healing substances into every cell. Applying Lymph™ for detoxification can be used to help you move toxins out of the body.  To learn more about the lymphatic system, click here.

I also worked on supporting the other organs of detoxification including Kidneys, Lungs, Skin (through Epsom salt baths), the Gut (with the Gut Support Kit™ and binders like chlorella) and the Brain.

To learn more about how to use essential oils for detoxification, click here.  This article talks about the importance of gentle detoxification.

4.  Stress Support

Chronic stress literally “turns off” many functions of the immune system.  Stress triggers the “fight or flight”survival response where stress hormones, like cortisol are release to provide the necessary mental and physical energy to battle the perceived or actual threat to survival.  When the threat passes, we our bodies were designed to drop back into the parasympathetic state to recover.

Research demonstrates the connection between high cortisol levels and breast cancer directly.  Dr. Veronique Desaulniers  notes the correlation between a high stress event preceeding the onset of breast cancer in most of the clients she works with.  She also references a 2000 study by Stanford University researchers that found that 65% of advanced breast cancer patients had either consistently high or abnormally fluctuating cortisol levels. As expected, they also found that those with high cortisol levels had fewer Natural Killer Cells.

To support my stress response, I used Parasympathetic® and Adrenal® blend aggressively throughout the day.  I also use the other oils in the Stress Support Kit™, including Hypothalamus™ and Circadian Rhythm® to help reset my endocrine system and support my sleep.

5.  Emotional Release

I had often heard there was an emotional connection to breast cancer, and that was especially true for me.  If you think about where the breasts lie in the body, they are located near the heart.  My lump appeared in the right breast, right over my heart and for me it was completely related to a lack of self love and self care.  I was always putting myself last on my “to do” list.  My family, friends, work obligations, even volunteer commitments came first.

I actually set time on my calendar every day to very intentionally focus on self love.  To me, that might taking time to for things that bring me joy, like practicing yoga, meditating, reading, spending time with my children.  I used Emotion Balance essential oils such as Lung Support™ to help heal my grief, Small Intestine Support™ to improve external boundaries allow space to prioritize myself, Rose™ blend to raise my vibration and joy, Frankincense™, known for both emotional, and specifically cancer support.  I applied these all around my heart  and over the lump.

I also initiated an active forgiveness practice, beginning with forgiveness of myself.  I integrated our Liver Support™ blend to help release the anger that needed to be released before I could call in forgiveness.  To learn more about releasing emotions with essential oils, click here.


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About The Author

Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.