Where Do I Start With Essential Oils?

by Jodi Cohen

You may have fatigue. Hope to drop a few pounds.  Relieve pain.  Brain fog.  Anxiety.  Insomnia.  Depression.  Or help a child or spouse with ADHD, an auto immune condition or eczema. You may have heard that essential oils are amazing healing tools, but you have no idea where to start. You may be asking yourself “Where do I Start with Essential Oils?

I totally relate.

Prioritizing health concerns can be a challenge because they often relate to one other.  But in my experience, optimal health hinges on optimal function in the following areas:

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Digestion
  • Inflammation
  • Detoxification
  • Blood Sugar

Vibrant Blue Oils are designed to support all of these areas where the body can fall out of balance.   The key is to find which particular area is the most out of balance in your system and start there.  Sometimes the act of supporting the weakest link can help support the entire system.   These checklists can help you identify where to start for yourself or your family.

While it is important to look at the health priorities of each individual, it is also important to prioritize different systems in the journey to health.  For example, sleep is the time when the body rests and repairs.   It allows all the other systems of the body, including digestion and detoxification, to function optimally, so if you are not sleeping, it will be challenging to heal.


Where Do I Start with Essential Oils?

Sleep:  Restful sleep is critical to heal.  Any difficult falling asleep or staying asleep can impede healing.  Click here for the sleep checklist.  The best oils for sleep include:

Stress:  The body prioritizes stress over all other functions.  So if you living with chronic stress that needs to be addressed before the body can return to balance.  Click here for the stress checklist.  The best oils for stress include:

Digestion:  Your body needs nutrients for fuel.  That means you need to digest, absorb and assimilate your food. The best oils for digestion include:

Inflammation:  Chronic and prolonged inflammation be a stressor on the body and throw it out of balance.  Inflammation often begins in the gut with leaky gut and can allow toxins into the blood steam, increasing the stress on the liver.   Click here for the inflammation checklist.  The best oils for inflammation include:

Detoxification:  The body’s ability to remove toxins is critical for health.  Toxins that do not leave the body are often reabsorbed or stored as fat.  Click here for the detoxification checklist.  The best oils for detoxification include:

Blood Sugar:  Provides energy for the body to think, move and function.  When blood sugar is dysregulated, it can throw everything out of balance.  Click here for the blood sugar checklist.  The best oils for blood sugar include:

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About The Author

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.

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