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What Our Customers are Saying…

By Jodi Cohen

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We really appreciate all of you who took the time to share your feedback with us during our Get to Know Your Customer Day last week.   We wanted to share some of your thoughtful feedback!

Here is what you had to say:


“Hi Jodi, I love your oils. I heard you on a health podcast over a year ago, and decided to try your oils. I am 61 and currently under a lot of stress. My sleep has improved using the Sleep™ blend on my feet and nape of neck before bed and when I awake. I also like the Uplift in the morning. I love the earthy, rich smell in the Sleep™ and Heart™ blends. Your oils are high quality and well thought out. They are worth every penny!”


“My two favorites are the Adrenal® and the Hypothalamus™ blends. I definitely felt a shift in energy when using the Adrenal® blend. I feel like I’m more focused with the Hypothalamus™ blend.”


“Hi Jodi, I have loved your products since the first time I’ve used them. I think I am using them 2 years now. I don’t go to sleep without Circadian Rhythm® and Sleep™. They have really helped me finally get a good night’s sleep. Thank you for making these oils. You have really changed my life.”


“Bless you for what you do. I work 2 jobs sometimes both full-time. I work 8-5 as an administrative assistant and 11p – 7a as a certified nurse aide. I know this is not the ideal sleep pattern, but I absolutely love helping others.  I like to incorporate everything I know to balance and decrease stress to stay healthy. That’s why I love your Parasympathetic® blend. I put it behind my ears every night before I go to sleep. Sleep is so important for our health, so using the blend at night helps my body get the “rest” to heal and “digest” my food, thoughts, emotions while sleeping.”


“The Parasympathetic® blend has been a great help during my heavy metal detox. I had a lot of ringing in my left ear. The oil has assisted bringing that to a minimum. And I love your newsletters!”


“First, I’d like to tell you that I think you are amazing from what I’ve read in your bio. I’m just getting started in Essential Oils and your information has helped so much.”


“I just want you to know that I admire your intelligence and abilities in this field and appreciate your website and what you are doing to keep the essential oil market a place to be trusted.”


“I love your blog posts and I’ve been very impressed with your knowledge of essential oils and using them for targeted results. I heard you on the Healthy Moms Podcast and was so impressed!”


“I love all the oils I have purchased.”


“I’ve recently been “diagnosed” Lyme disease and I also have EBV. I’ve been using Lymph™, Parasympathetic® and Anti-Inflammatory™. They’re a big help. I don’t have near as much neuro issues (mainly tingling/bug bite sensations). My lymph nodes have been draining like crazy (and that’s a good thing)! After eight years of suffering – with your oils and some other supplements and a detox regimen – I finally feel like I’m on the road to feeling normal. Thank you!”


“I’ve been using the Circadian Rhythm® blend for several weeks now and I’m pretty convinced that it’s helped me fall asleep faster (I am normally wired and tired) and I’ve actually started dreaming again. I will definitely be recommending this product to my clients who struggle with sleep issues.”


“These oils make me happy….I just look at them lined up and I feel so ‘wealthy’! I know I have potent medicine. I feel like I am following the ‘old ways’ of ancient Egyptians etc. who knew much about oils and their efficacy.”


“I like how you have formulated combinations of oils to combat health issues.”


“I love using the Lymph™ blend on my throat in my daily self lymphatic drainage massage. It’s a super combo for improving brain detoxification and assisting the lymph so I feel clear headed and energetic.”


“You really are so sweet to reach out and want to know about your customers! I have had the pleasure of speaking to you twice over the phone when I needed some advice. You left such an inspiring impression on me that I will always remember. I tell anyone that is interested about you and how your oils REALLY work. And I also remark how you respond to inquiries and truly want the person to know how to use the oils properly. You are not just some website that sells oils. You are sharing your gift and informing people that there are ways oils can make a difference in so many ways.  THANK YOU!!!”


“Our two favorite oils that we always have on hand are the Histamine Balance™ and Parasympathetic® blends. Using these two together stops my daughter’s hiccups in under 5 minutes! Before she would have them for 20 plus minutes, nothing ever worked. I also love the Rose™ blend so much. It smells oh so pretty and makes me feel like I can conquer a task that I am feeling uneasy about without worry!”


“I really love your oils. I just ordered the Hypothalamus™ and Thyroid Support™. When I first used both I immediately felt a difference. What was really interesting is when I first put the Thyroid Support™ on my neck, I felt something opening up inside. It was pretty strong and a little overwhelming at first. But it showed me that things are starting to heal. Having worked with oils for almost 30 years, I can tell that yours are a very high quality. The Thyroid Support™ oil has the most wonderful scent. I do feel like I am getting better and getting my old energy back.”


“I have very much enjoyed your blog. Every time I start waiting I end up going into two or three other articles. I really like that you wrote about the small intestine issues of boundaries. That really hit home for me as I always put everyone first way ahead of myself. Also, I liked your article on the leaky gut syndrome. It’s funny how it all works together.”


“I’ve been using the Pancreas™ blend 1x a day for a few months now. Even with just doing it once a day I am noticing definite improvement in blood sugar imbalances, something I have struggled with for 15+ years. I’m hopeful that I can continue to see progress in this area, as well as other with your EO’s.”


“Love your emails.  Love your enthusiasm.  I’m very proud of you. I am in awe of you.  Thank you for having the courage to tell your story. You are brave. I wish you continued success.”


“I love all of your oils! My favorite daily oil is the Lymph™ blend, I use it daily. I notice a big difference in how my body holds water and it is helping balance my hormones, which I have struggled with a long time. I also just bought the Hypothalamus™ oil and I love it because it is has boosted my energy!!!”


“A few months back, I learned of your company after listening to an online interview with you. I was so impressed with your knowledge that I followed-up by visiting your website.  After perusing the incredible array of products you offer, I decided to try the Lymph™ first. One word: Amazing! In fact, it worked so well that I had to switch to a stronger binder than the one I originally started with. Realistically, I know that I have quite a bit more detoxing to do to get my health back on track. However, I say that not with pessimism but with pure optimism knowing that with the continued use of your various oils I really do have an excellent chance of finally regaining my health.  I am so grateful to have found your company and so appreciative of your priceless contribution to the natural health community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”


“I love your Parasympathetic® oil.  It really does calm you down & helps me go straight to sleep or get back to sleep when I wake during the night.  Thank you also for all your posts, they are very informative.”


“My favorite oil is the Parasympathetic® blend. I use it regularly. Of the many, many emails I receive promoting products, yours is one of the few I open and read. You share great tips and are a resource if information. Clearly part of Vibrant Blue Oils’ mission is to educate and inform – and ultimately empower. Thank you for creating these wonderful oil blends and for sharing what you’ve learned with so many. Powerful stuff!”


“Your Sleep™ oil has made a huge difference for me. I fall asleep more quickly and generally have a more restful night’s sleep.”


“I love these oils. I have tried others, but find to be these a cut above the rest.  They are organic; they are easy to apply especially with Jodi’s easy instructions on the website and with flyers that come with the products and with her very helpful lectures on-line; the website is comprehensive and easy to use; they are combined and labelled for special usage and I find this psychologically helpful, as I believe what the label says it is useful for; I also like the pre-made kits for certain issues.”


“I have been dealing with Lyme disease, CFIDS, bloating, sleep disturbances, and migraines.  I have had multiple treatments , with multiple long-term side effects. I like these oils, as they have no side effects and have been around for centuries.  I think they are helping me with my issues. I recommend these to everyone.”


“I discovered you after I visited Seattle! Your Hypothalamus™, Parasympathetic®, and Sleep™ blends benefit me enormously for my morning, afternoon, and evening rituals. I enjoy your informative website, blog posts, and interviews on various platforms”


“I use (and love) many of your blends. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease a year ago, and had significant neurological problems. Your Anti-Inflammatory™, Parasympathetic®, and Hypothalamus™ blends have been extremely helpful…to the point that those symptoms are for the most part gone. I have added the Intestinal Mucosa™ blend and have seen a great reduction in my leaky-gut symptoms as well.”


“The blend that is nearest and dearest to my heart, and the one that I believe has ultimately been the most beneficial to me, has been the Lung Support™ blend. My youngest daughter died 6 1/2 years ago, it was a body blow that surpassed even my diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent surgery, chemo and radiation 3 years prior to her death. My grief was devastating and the pain and loss visceral. I know that by the time I was diagnosed with Lyme, I had become toxic with grief. There is no objective measure of grief – so all I can say is that your Lung Support™ blend has been extremely helpful to me as I began the work of clearing the toxicity which so devastated my health, and continues to help now as I’m learning to experience and then release my grief as it ebbs and flows in my life. I can’t thank you enough.”


“After nearly two decades of extreme stress, my health practitioner recommended Parasympathetic® for me. The first time I applied it, I felt amazingly relaxed. Even with a long list of to-do’s remaining for that day, I sat on my sofa spacing out.”


“As a woman now in my 40’s, I’ve struggled with constipation since childhood. Large Intestine™ essential oil blend is one of my go-to’s to help me stay more regular. All it takes is one drop a day!”


“Histamine intolerance has long been a part of my life. Now I instead of taking over-the-counter antihistamines or prednisone, I reach for Histamine Balance™ essential oil blend when I start feeling symptoms. It feels great to treat my symptoms safely and naturally. “


“I was drawn to your oils after I read an article you wrote about grief…..it really resonated with me. I was at a physical & mental all-time low and had lost my husband a few years prior. I ordered Lung Support™ and used it daily over both lungs & on the heart chakra. Slowly things eased and I truly feel this was a piece to the puzzle to getting me back to better health. After the success of using this oil, I read another article that also resonated with me….about parasympathetic oil; and I had felt, in my gut, that my nervous system was “broken.” That word was what best described how I felt. That area had to detox and did so with a reaction of a rash & itching…so I mixed it with coconut oil and I could use it. This is presently an ongoing thing as I use it, but again, I feel that it’s an important piece of the puzzle back to better health. Thank you Jodi for what you have created.”


“First, I want to thank you for all of the work that you have put in to making these amazing products! I found you through a summit about 6 months ago and have been following and using your products ever since.”


“I have been using the Sleep™, Calm™, Circadian Rhythm®, Liver™, Thyroid Support™, Adrenal®, Estrogen Balance™, Intestinal Mucosa™, Large Intestine™ (I’m sure I’m forgetting some!) and my most favorite right now is Parasympathetic® (I carry it in my bra and use it throughout the day)!


“I remember it like it was yesterday….  I was sitting in a large conference room with a ton of people. Sure they were friendly enough, but I was so anxious. I remember my heart was pounding and I felt so awkward and didn’t know what to do with myself.  Folks were passing around their essential oils to ground and center them. I passed them up because the brand was one I didn’t trust. Then a friend offered me to try Vibrant Blue Oils. She rubbed a little on my mid back.  The event went on and something shifted in me. I almost didn’t notice it. I felt calm and still. I was aware but not freaked out. I was even, dare I say it, relaxed! “What is that stuff?” I asked. “Adrenal® – it balances your fight or flight system.” After that, I was hooked.”


“I work as a mental health counselor and hypnotherapist. I use Vibrant Blue Oils in their capacity to help release stuck emotions, calm down overactive sytstems, help clients sleep, and healing and spiritual attunement in breath work. I feel confident using it because it is generally not contraindicated with their current medications. My clients always leave feeling a physiological shift. This stuff just works. “


“I absolutely love your oils and they are the highest quality I’ve ever used. I’m so happy with your products and you have so much more variety. I’m especially having a wonderful experience with your Histamine Balance™. I have multiple food sensitivities that have gotten so bad that I’m reacting to almost everything I eat. Since I started using your Histamine Balance I’m able to eat foods much more comfortably and with much less of a negative reaction. I know it’s just a temporary solution until I can figure out how to get to the root of what’s causing these sensitivities, but it’s helping make me much more comfortable in the meantime. Thank you so much for making some wonderful and amazing oils!!!”


“I have had challenges with sleep and I have found that the Sleep™ essential oil from Vibrant Blue Oils help. I absolutely love the aroma and diffuse it nightly while also applying to the nape of my neck. It is helping me get a better night sleep, I believe. There are others that I also enjoy but mostly Sleep. Thanks for making such pure and lovely essential oils Jodi.”


“I’ve used a lot of your oils, especially the Liver™ & Gall Bladder™ which has helped. I’ve also used the ones to help with sleep.”


“My partner, Jessica, found your oils via one of the endless podcasts or books she has read on health. I specifically was drawn to your Heart™ oil and we both loved it. I found it penetrated and strengthened me on a physical, spiritual and emotional level when used it according to your instructions. We have a rather large collection of oils and herbs in our home and your oils are definitely a high quality product and we intend on using them again.”


“I have 14 of your blends and have been purchasing them since about 2014. I really enjoy them.”


“The Gall Bladder™ blend was a game changer for me. For several years I used it nearly every day and it really supported my digestion and kept my gall bladder pain at bay.”


Lymph™ blend has been GREAT! I love that oil and have used it daily for years (I use it diluted). Lymph™ oil helped me to handle rebounding better. I couldn’t rebound without feeling strong lethargy, but when I used Lymph™ oil I got better drainage and better energy. I don’t rebound anymore, but I apply Lymph™ oil for a nice energy boost after my shower. It is a refreshing and uplifting oil blend.”


PMS Support™ is not a blend I use often, but when I need it, it really helps me shift from an overwhelmed, or super frustrated, emotional, PMS funk. I have shared this oil with two close friends and both have told me it greatly helps their PMS experience as well.”


Anti-Inflammatory™ is wonderful to have on hand (I need to remember it more!), and Pancreas™ and Intestinal Mucosa™ have been good to have.  It’s odd because gall bladder never appealed to me much, but I used it because it was so helpful.”


“I just started using some of your oils this year. I learned about them from a podcast from Wellness MamaWe started using the Histamine Balance™ blend and it has been awesome for allergies this year. This spring and summer has been rough for allergies in Colorado and my daughter has never had seasonal allergies before but was showing signs of them. We used your Histamine Balance™ blend as directed and she instantly was better, noticeably better. She asks for it at the slightest sign of an allergy. Thank you for such a great product!”



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About The Author

Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.