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Season 3, Episode 24: How To Get Started On Your Stunning, Healthy Skin with Rachel Pachiavas

By Jodi Cohen

Imagine walking out the door with radiant glowing skin, feeling rejuvenated, free of acne & wrinkles… Sounds amazing, right? If you’ve ever experienced this then you know that healthy skin can be a real mood-booster. Unfortunately, with all the skincare products on the market these days, knowing exactly what you are putting on your skin can be quite difficult.

Rachel Pachiavas, COO of Annmarie skincare, works hard to increase awareness on organics, chemicals, and the skincare industry. In this episode of Essential Alchemy, Jodi and Rachel take a deep dive into what the amazing Annmarie skincare company has to offer – the ingredients, products, values and protocols that make it so great – and how you can get started on healthier, more vibrant skin!

Tune in to learn more about:

  • [01:39] – The Origins of Annmarie Skin Care
  • [06:15] – Ingredients You Can Trust
  • [10:12] – An amazing skincare ritual
  • [15:00] – Is It Safe For Pregnant Women Or Children?
  • [17:08] – What Rachel Loves Most About Annmarie

About Rachel Pachiavas

Rachel is COO of Annmarie Skin Care, a skin care line that creates clean and effective products utilizing organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Her favorite parts about her job include research on ingredients, formulation, sustainability efforts, and working to increase education on organics, chemicals, and the skin care industry as a whole. She believes we should all have a say in what goes into and on our bodies—pure food, clean water, non-toxic skincare & medicine alike. In her spare time, Rachel may be gardening, renovating & designing her house, blending essential oils, playing in the yard with her Akitas, or just mellowing out in her house with a cuppa tea, a good book, and  some music with her cat, Koko.

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Jodi: Hi, I am your host, Jodi Cohen, and I’m so [00:01:00] excited to be joined by my friend Rachel Pachiavas, who is Anne-Marie Skin Care’s, COO she spends her days working behind the scenes in many facets of the business, product, research, development, customer retention, marketing, branding, style budgeting, and working to increase education on organics.

My favorite topic, chemicals and the skincare industry as a whole. With her love and passion for ingredients in skincare, community organizing, and healthy lifestyles. She hopes to always bring thought, love, drive, and growth into the team and the culture of Anne-Marie Skincare. Welcome, Rachel. 

Rachel: Thanks, Jodi.

Thanks so much for having me. 

Jodi: Anne-Marie is my favorite skincare line, and I would love to share kind of the origin story, if you can talk about how it got started. 

Rachel: Sure. Yeah. So Kevin and Anne-Marie, husband and wife, they had a video blog, Renegade Health, and they went around just, advocating for healthy living and healthy lifestyles.

And [00:02:00] they talked a lot about what they can consume and different tips and tricks. And people started asking them what skincare they used and what skincare reused. And so she was like, okay, let me look. And so she started looking at what she had. And she realized that she really didn’t feel comfortable recommending me these products and went down a rabbit hole of what is in these products.

And it set them on this journey to find a product line that they can recommend. And They looked for a while, met with different manufacturers, found out a lot about the industry and how you can put things in your products without labeling it. Just a lot of things that they didn’t align with.

And then one day she went into a spa and she tried a line, and the way she describes it is that it was alive and active and it smelled incredible with the essential oils and the feeling that she got was. Sensational. And so they connected with the formulator of this product line and formed a relationship and [00:03:00] eventually they partnered and she became part owner, the formulator, and they created Ann Marie Skincare.

And that’s how it got started over. 10, 12 years ago now. 

Jodi: Yeah. And you guys are just the gold standard. I really love like not only I think does it not have anything toxic so you’re not adding to your toxic burden. But I really feel like it’s Beneficial like you use completely.

Talk a little bit about the ingredients. 

Rachel: Yeah. So to your point, we definitely go through a very strict auditing process. All of our products go through Made Safe Verification. Made Safe is a third party verification program that’s constantly screening for different ingredients and how they’re combined with other ingredients and what they can cause in your body and also in nature.

So aquatic life and toxicity to the planet. So that’s one aspect that they’re super clean. But then also to your point, we’re using really high quality c o two extracts and seed [00:04:00] oils and the purest essential oils and surfactants that are non-toxic and actually adding moisture to your skin. So we’re using ingredients that are adding so much back in.

To your skin when you’re putting them on. 

Jodi: And I really love, like you’re so customer focused. I’m just curious, how did you formulate and figure out what people needed and how to show up and really fill a void that I think for the cosmetic industry being so vast and broad, you really have created products that, that no one else is making.

Can you talk to me a little bit about that? 

Rachel: Sure. I think it’s like an, maybe it’s an ongoing process and a journey where we’re constantly talking to our customers. We have a great team of, in our customer care, and then our retention team who are just always having that one-on-one human conversation with our customers to find out what they want and what they love, what they don’t [00:05:00] love, what ingredients they love.

We’re constantly serving our customers, our top customers, to find out what their needs are and then, Also, I think it helps that people at the company, myself included, I do a lot of the product formulation with our formulator. I’m obsessed with skincare and so I’m driven by ingredients and skincare.

So I think if, if I wanted to be a carpenter or something, we probably wouldn’t be researching all the ingredients. But I think it really lends to I guess the creativity and the excitement that we put into our products that everybody on our team is so thrilled and excited about ingredients and skincare and clean skincare.


Jodi: I’d love to hear more about Clean Skincare and how people, our listeners can figure out what is the best product line for them. ’cause I know you really customize it to different skin types. Yeah, 

Rachel: so we have a few different collections. We have our restore collection, which [00:06:00] is probably our bestseller, and it’s targeting more of aging, dry, mature skin types.

And we recommend that for those skin types. And then we also have our balance, which is more of normal combination, and I can go through products in each of them if you want. And then we have our purify, which is more for oily skin. And then we also have our Soothe, which is formulated for sensitive skin.

Then we also, that’s in our signature line. We’ve also created our Wild Alchemy collection over the years, which is a little bit more of a potent collection. It’s a little bit higher price due to the extractions that are in it due to the ingredients. We’ve visited quite a few of the farms. In France and checked out just like a lot of different things about the ingredients that go into the Wild Alchemy collection, and let’s talk about that 

Jodi: fun.

Tell me about some of the ingredients and what they do and just we’re getting into plant medicine a little 

Rachel: bit. Yeah, totally. And so [00:07:00] these, we haven’t visited these farms are the ones I’m gonna talk about. But the first thing that comes to mind, just because I feel like it’s so important to talk about activated ingredients because someone here is natural skincare and they’re like, oh, does it actually do anything?

It’s yes it does. So we use ingredients like ceramides and ceramides are in a lot of skincare, but. They’re poorly derived. The processing is extremely toxic and the load that it puts on your skin and in your body can be detrimental. So we found, this took us two years to create our fruit ceramide eye serum because trying to get the verification in the paperwork and make sure we found the right ceramide and we found a pineapple ceramide that was super pure that we can include.

And it’s the same thing with our other ingredients in this collection. We have a bioactive, a complex that kind of mimics the effects that you would receive if you were using retinol, but you can’t use retinol because, you can’t if you want to, but it’s very harmful for your endocrine [00:08:00] system and it can be extremely toxic to you.

Or vitamin C, we found one that is not petroleum derived, that is stable, that doesn’t cause damage to your skin, that isn’t causing ill effects to your health. So using very activated ingredients like those I’m trying to think other ones. Stem cells, plant cells. Oh, 

Jodi: stem cells. I, it’s so funny, a total aside, but I had hot flashes for two days.

And found there’s this stem cell hops that you can use. Gone, yeah. Stem cells are, do you wanna talk about what those are 

Rachel: in the plants? Yeah. So we’re using one in our that are orange derived and then we also have another one. But the processing of it, I would, yeah, I’m open to hearing more about it ’cause I am very new to it.

But it’s extracting. So to stay F D A compliant, it’s extracting the most potent parts of this plant that are providing the activity and [00:09:00] providing the benefits of what this plant does. And it’s so concentrated, it’s putting just specifically that piece into the skincare. 

Jodi: That is amazing. Which of the products have the stem cells so that people who are listening that are like, oh my God, I want that.

I want that. Now 

Rachel: I have to think about this. And so our citrus stem cell serum has, oh, okay. That’s 

Jodi: my favorites. I love that. Really? Yeah. It’s 

Rachel: really good. And then our goodness. I feel like our fruit ceramide eye serum has no, that has sake peptides and that also has stem cells from a fruit. I can’t recall the name of it off the top of my head, but that one is a magical serum.

I actually put it on the name again. It’s the fruit ceramide eye serum. Yeah. Okay. It’s a little bottle and you can, you use it as an eye serum. I get it a lot. So I use it everywhere I want, but you can use it around your eyes and then like your frow frown line or [00:10:00] whatever. Oh yeah, I’ve got that.

I have it. So yeah, 

Jodi: that’s why I’m like, oh yeah. Whenever 

Rachel: familiar. I know. Yeah. 

Jodi: Tell me about for our listeners who might be more, 45 plus. Tell us about the product line and what the protocol, how you use it morning and night or throughout the day. Sure. 

Rachel: And I’m gonna give you the extended ritual that I would recommend, just, and you can omit what you want.

So I would start with a cleanser. We recommend our cream cleanser, which is our Aller cleanser, and you wanna do that morning and night. It’s pH balance. It’s really gentle. It smells delicious and amazing and lemony. So you’ll cleanse with that. And then after your cleanser, you’ll wanna use a toning mist.

So our nili toning mist is the one we recommend in this collection. Jodi loves that one. And then after toning, we’ll move into hydration, which we’ll recommend our anti-aging [00:11:00] serum. It’s one of our bestselling products. And you don’t wanna skip this step. A lot of people just go straight to a moisturizer, but you wanna make sure you include your hydration because your skin might be dehydrated and not just dry.

So you wanna make sure you’re balancing both of those things. So use your anti-aging serum and then after that you would move into your eye cream. If you wanna incorporate an eye cream, we have our antiaging eye cream. And then from there we have our, and those have plant cells in them. They have three different kinds.

And then from there, our anti-aging facial oil, which is another bestselling product. And this one is so potent. It has jojoba. Sunflowers seed oil. It has urban fusion, so all of our products I didn’t mention are infused with herbs. So they’re never just a basic oil acting as the base of the product.

No wonder 

Jodi: they’re ’cause they’re really powerful. I didn’t know that. That’s amazing. I. [00:12:00] That’s really nice. You’re getting a double whammy. 

Rachel: Yeah. And they’re sitting for up to 30 days at a very low temperature, and there’s about 20 to 30 different herbs in each formula, depending on the formula, so that it’s tailored to what you’re trying to achieve.

And so that’s making up the base of the formula of this product and the anti-aging oil. And then from there, there’s broccoli seed oil, chia seed, goji berry, carrot seed, like there’s so many very BTU fruit. High antioxidant, potent oils in this product. 

Jodi: So that would great for the skin. ’cause you’re healing it from the inside out.

Yeah, outside in and inside out. 

Rachel: So that would be like your go-to regimen. And then I would include, an exfoliant once a week and potentially a mask once or twice a week. So the kale and micro exfoliant, it’s amazing. It cleanses your pores and removes impurities and it smells great and you can [00:13:00] use it once or twice a week.

And then also the Illuminating Pearl mask would probably be my go-to. Have you tried that one? I have, yes. Ugh, so good. 

Jodi: Yeah, no, it’s great. All of your stuff is great. And you know what else I really love about your company is you have such an amazing culture and you’re so clear with your values. Can you speak a little bit about.

Some of your values and how that kind of how that became such a powerful part of your company and your culture. 

Rachel: Yeah. So our core values internally, and we’ve made them external as well, is honesty, wild and beautiful. And so internally they may mean one thing, we’re honest with ourselves and each other and we’re transparent.

It means the same thing externally as well, where we are transparent with what we talk about with our products. We never. Not disclose ingredients. We, I think transparency is the best word for that honesty piece. And then wild. So [00:14:00] internally we have like our whole culture, core values listed, but wild internally.

It’s that we have uncomfortable conversations if we need to. We push the mark. We constantly are pushing each other in ourselves. Direct communication. We’re just wild and innovative in the way that we think. In the way that we want to, connect with customers, connect with more skincare, like everything in that sense.

And then externally wild, our values, we define them as, using wild ingredients and doing our best to use wildcrafted ingredients being wild in our processing, doing things differently. Challenging the status quo in that sense. And then beautiful. I feel like I get out of breath so often being pregnant, it’s, oh my god.

Jodi: No. Super valid. 

Rachel: Yeah, it’s crazy. I like walk down the street 

Jodi: and you’re born and you you’re back to normal. 

Rachel: Yeah. So [00:15:00] again, is your stuff 

Jodi: safe for a pregnant 

Rachel: woman? It is. Yeah. So there’s. Yeah, there’s not anything that I haven’t been able to use. It’s interesting and I’ll get back to Beautiful, but it was interesting when formulating one of our products, the concentrated boosting elixirs, I was looking into different retinol alternatives and I was gonna use a retinol and it’s not made safe because it causes disruption to an embryo into your hormone system and it can cause birth problems.

And I was just like, oh my goodness. It’s crazy. We don’t think about these things because we’re not always pregnant, but it’s like, why are we using it anyways? If it does that, and that might 

Jodi: be why we can’t get pregnant, because if it’s disrupting our endocrine system, it’s gonna disrupt our hormones and probably make it harder.

Rachel: Totally. Yeah. So yeah, everything. I use everything in our line and currently too, there’s nothing that I can’t use or that I don’t use, so that’s good. Do you have stuff 

Jodi: that you can use on the little 

Rachel: one? I think so. I would use our coconut body oil. I’m already like processing [00:16:00] what I would use.

I would use our cleansers too, although we probably won’t cleanse our baby very frequently, but, yeah. 

Jodi: No, but I mean if you think about it, like all of the diaper creams, all of the things that they tell you to put on your baby, including the disposable diapers are not very clean, gnarly. 

Rachel: Yeah, I went down a rabbit hole, like looking through everything and just being like, what is this?

Like why is that in there? Like we were just looking at baby wipes the other day, so we’re just gonna make ours. We’ll buy the, the ones that you wash and then we’ll make a little formula. The botanical hydration mist, I can imagine. ’cause I make that at home as well. Just blending it up and that would be really nice on a baby’s bu.

It’s very pure, very fresh, chamomile. Yeah. 

Jodi: In their skin. It’s funny, I actually don’t recommend oils on children under 18 months. ’cause their skin they’re such little sponges, I’m just like, let’s just keep it light and let them thrive on their own. But yeah. 

Rachel: Nice. Oh, I love that.

Yeah. I’m in for a whole [00:17:00] journey. 

Jodi: Bet. A lot of great products are gonna come out of that. 

Rachel: Totally. Yeah, definitely. You 

Jodi: don’t know what you don’t know. So tell me what’s your favorite part about Anne-Marie? What do you love most about being a part of the company? 

Rachel: I feel like it changes.

It goes back and forth. I really love just our team. Yeah. Like I love them. Like it you need that ’cause you talk to people who don’t have that. And sometimes I, maybe I take it for granted. I feel like I appreciate it every day, but. I talk to people who don’t have that and I’m just like, oh my God.

That would suck to go to work and not connect with people and not just love all of them at that level, so that’s probably the biggest motivating factor for always being excited to go to work. Go to work, go to my computer at my house. No, and I think, 

Jodi: For the listeners, like you have such great high touch customer service, I think people feel very [00:18:00] supported and very nurtured.

It’s not oh gosh, the package never got delivered. Not my problem. People are very supportive and 

Rachel: and they’re empathetic and they. They like, understand they’re also customers of other companies, so they, they definitely want things to be great and they all like care to that level, which feels really good.

Like being at the company for 10 years and seeing the team we have now and how deeply they care and how they’ll dive into something just to make it great. It feels really good to be a part of. So I’d say That’s number one. And then the second would definitely be the fact that, I feel like I’ve tried a lot of skincare and I don’t wanna be biased because I work Emory Skincare, but it’s probably the best skincare line I’ve ever found.

The cleanest it’s 

Jodi: hands down, 

Rachel: most effective. Yeah, it’s great. I love it. 

Jodi: No, and I went through, oh my gosh, the, so many changes, like when I was young and trying [00:19:00] to all the acne things. I made so many mistakes. I wish you had been around in the eighties. 

Rachel: Same. I remember the first time I tried Emory Skincare, I was on my journey and I went to Australia.

I was making all of my own products at this point. I lived with a naturopath. And then the one thing I wasn’t using natural was my eye cream. I was still using I won’t say anything terrible about it, but you can imagine how not great it is La Prairie. And like I was like, I need a good eye cream because I’m vain.

And then I was on the Raw Food World website and I found this eye cream from Emory Skincare and I was like, oh, I’ll try this. And I tried it and I was like, this is fantastic. And I just loved it and I fell in love with the product. And funny story, I actually reached out to Anne-Marie and I was like, I wanna get your products into my aesthetician’s office.

And they met. I don’t know if that worked out. I don’t think it did. But then fast forward like six months, I go to a meeting [00:20:00] to work on a campaign and it’s at Kevin and Annemarie’s office at the time. And I was like, wait a second you guys. And then we became friends. 

Jodi: That’s so funny. Is that how they, is that how you 

Rachel: started working for them?

Yeah, so I met them. I was, it was a campaign in California for labeling GMOs, and I started working for the campaign. And Emory and Kevin were super involved in it as well. They were just starting Emory Skincare, so they couldn’t, take on any leadership roles, but they’re like, we’re happy to host, we’re happy to help.

Like we’ll be here as a support. And they were. And yeah, we became friends and I house sat for them and Cat sat for them. And then I think it was probably like six months later when Anne Marie found out she was pregnant. They’re like, Come help us. Oh, that’s amazing. Yeah. 

Jodi: And that also brings up like they’re, not testing on animals and your no cruelty policy.

Like I think that’s fairly innovative in the industry. 

Rachel: Yeah. [00:21:00] Yeah. We, and we have to make sure our suppliers are as well, our vendors are ingredient suppliers and all of our wholesalers, everybody supports that same mission as well. So is there 

Jodi: anything we haven’t talked about that you feel like the listeners should know about Anne-Marie Skincare or about your experience with the company?

Rachel: I dunno, I feel like your listeners are pretty in tune with avoiding toxic chemicals. I would think if you are not and you’re just on your journey, I would say there is a reason I guess I hear I think of my family and I think of people who don’t, they don’t think there is any difference and we just see this rise in disease and Just disease, I guess I’ll say.

Say that. ’cause there are a lot of diseases that are being caused from chemicals that are just released on the market. And I would just say be wary. Look into companies that you use. You might think it’s clean, they might [00:22:00] say it’s clean, it might not be clean. So do your research and spend time looking into the ingredients and contacting the companies too.

Jodi: And how can people learn more about Anne-Marie Skincare and about you? 

Rachel: Yeah, so you can go to our website. It’s annemarie and we have a lot of resources too. Our blog is huge. We have a lot of different articles on skincare ingredients, chemicals, diy, like everything. It’s amazing. And then we also have a few resources on our homepages.


Jodi: if people are listening and they’re like, they wanna go to the all you can meet buffet and eat everything. Where, what product do you encourage people to start with? 

Rachel: I would say, if you’re swapping out something that you use that’s not so great, start with the one that you use the most of.

Start with the three that you use the most of. So don’t just buy a mask because you’re not gonna use it every day. So start with something you can completely throw away your cleanser at home and your moisturizer, and get the cleanser, the [00:23:00] serum, and the moisturizer. And whatever cleanser you decide to use, whether it’s a gel or a cream, or one from the Signature of the Wild Alchemy Collection the serums are pretty self-explanatory on our website.

Like we talk about the benefits of each of them and which one would be best for your skin type. So I would say just choose your cleanser, your serum, your facial oil, and start with those three. You’d probably say that’s the best. 

Jodi: Great. Thank you so much for your time and your great insight. We really appreciate it.

Rachel: Yeah, thank you for having me.


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