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Season 4, Episode 4: Structured Water with Eric Laarakker

By Jodi Cohen

A podcast cover for "Essential Alchemy: The Ancient Art of Healing Naturally" featuring a photo of Jodi Cohen, NTP, on the left and Eric Laarakker on the right. The background is purple, and the text mentions "Structured Water" with Eric Laarakker.

Our bodies are primarily water and the structure of the water in our cells influences our health.

This episode dives deep into the topic of coherent water, also known as structured water or water with a highly organized, crystalline structure, in which water molecules work together in harmony and help your body effortlessly fall into balance and heal.  From enhancing energy and vitality when consumed, to supporting a healthy microbiome in the gut and soil, to restoring mineral balance – the benefits of this structured water are wide-ranging.

Tune in to learn:

  • The science behind coherent water and how it differs from unstructured water
  • The profound impacts of coherent water on energy, hydration, the microbiome, and more
  • How the Aǹalemma Wand can easily restore the coherence of water, even in the face of modern-day toxins and pollutants
  • Practical tips for incorporating coherent water into one’s daily life, including bathing and caring for plants

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About Eric Laarakker

Eric Laarakker – veterinary acupuncturist/holistic veterinarian, teacher, founder of Healthcare_Academy Den Hoek

Eric Laarakker has been working as a holistic veterinarian and researcher, ever since he graduated as veterinarian from the Dutch University of Utrecht, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1992.During his study veterinary medicine, Eric Laarakker got convinced that besides Western medicine, also other treatment methods and visions – such as Chinese medicine – are essential to be able to heal an animal (and/or human) in its total aspect. Therefore, after obtaining his degree in veterinary medicine, he followed courses in Chiropractics, Osteopathy, Manual therapies, Phytotherapy, Classic homeopathy, Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, neural therapy and other energetic treatments.

The knowledge and broad experience in holistic veterinary medicine that he built up over many years has further developed and deepened his beliefs and visions in this field. Over the years, Eric developed a holistic protocol, in which many therapies complete each other. As a result of this holistic protocol many horses, small animals and humans were successfully treated, after being ‘given up’ by regular Western veterinarians and medical practitioners. Eric is as researcher closely involved with the international research institute Water&Light bv. Water & Light performs investigations on health and the quality of crops and food for humans and animals. At the Water&Light Laboratory a technology platform is created dedicated to the role of biophotonics, water, and light and system physiology in life sciences. The research is characterized by multidisciplinary cooperation with various universities and research companies. Its focus is on development of new concepts and breakthrough improvements in existing biophotonics technology (www.waterandlight.eu). In addition, he is as researcher/developer very active in developing products and new treatments methods in systemic medicine. Amongst others, he has – in collaboration with the Dutch NML Health company – developed the series of 100% natural health products by Phytonics (www.phytonicsmed.com ).

Eric is a teacher at several educational institutes and he gives lectures in the Netherlands and abroad. He is author of the book ‘Paardentypen’ in which he describes different characters of horses based on the 5 Chinese elements, published in The Netherlands in 2007. And he is the co-author of the book ‘Het tevreden paard’ meaning the contented horse, about horse welfare in practice, published in The Netherlands in 2009.Eric is an inspired man, devoted to continue his activities as veterinarian, researcher, developer and teacher. Besides that, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends and horseback riding with his Arabian stallion Hassan.

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Jodi Cohen: Hello and welcome to Essential Alchemy. Alchemy is defined as the power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. My hope is that the information in this podcast can help you transform your mood, your energy, physical health, or even some dots to help you shift your mental or emotional state. I’m your host, Jodi Cohen, a bestselling author, award-winning journalist, functional practitioner, lifelong learner, and founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, a company that sells proprietary blends of high-quality, organic, or wildcrafted essential oil remedies designed to help you return to your ideal mental, physical, and emotional state. You can find out more about me and my company at vibrantblueoils.com. And with that, let’s get started with today’s episode.

Hello, I am Jodi Cohen, your host, and I’m so excited to talk about Coherent Water and the Amela Juan today with the founder of the company. I’m going to butcher your last name, so I’m going to have you say your name for everyone.

Eric Laarakker: Laarakker. Eric Laarakker.

Jodi Cohen: Eric Laarakker is a veterinary acupuncturist, a holten ballistic veterinarian, a teacher and the founder of Healthcare Academy. He’s involved in the International Research Institute water and Light, and performs investigations on health and the quality of crops and food for humans and animals. Welcome.

Eric Laarakker: Thank you so much. Thank you for having me.

Jodi Cohen: So I’m so excited. I live in Seattle and know Gerald Pollock, so I’ve been obsessed with structured water, coherent water for a while, but it’s really hard and can be quite expensive. And so this fabulous product that you’ve created is incredibly affordable, incredibly easy to use, and really allows so many more people to access the healing benefits of coherent water. So I would love it if you could just first explain what is coherent water and what are the benefits of coherent water?

Eric Laarakker: Well, first I need to explain that the name Coherent Water is a theory. It comes out of the quantum physics and because actually nobody knows exactly what water is, what does, I can tell you one thing, water is the most intelligent thing I think on this planet, and I consider this a living creature by itself. You have to look at it this way. I mean, we look at water as H2O molecules who just move at randomly in a glass of water. But the truth is it’s completely different that when the molecules they move at randomly, there’s not a lot of power in it.

Eric Laarakker: So you need a lot of water. But if you manage to let all the molecules work together, they move in the same direction in the same way, then it becomes a lot more powerful. Let me explain you by, it’s not the same, but just for explanation, the difference between light, normal, ordinary light, and a laser.

If you have a normal ordinary bulb, then it gives photons, which gives you some light. Suppose you will have a five-watt lamp in your house. It just gives a little light. But if you would manage them to walk all the waves together, then it becomes a very strong thing, which is called a laser. A laser fire port can burn through the table if you know what I mean. So in the same way, that’s how we look at it. If you manage that, all the molecules work together, they form like a kind of crystalline structure, and this crystalline structure is capable of receiving and giving a lot of more energy. It’s like constantly in tune with everything around us compared with the first crystal radios, you had a Kalina crystal in it, which makes sure that you get the right frequencies out of, well, the ether, all the radio frequencies which are there. So if you manage to put all the molecules in a certain crystalline form, and then it becomes a lot more powerful because all the energy of the cosmos, all the good energies, I’ll put it that way, the positive frequencies will be enhanced. And so when you drink that, you get a lot of more energy inside of your body.

Jodi Cohen: No, a hundred percent. And when I looked at what ag was calling structured water, and Gerald Pollock’s fourth phase of water, he points out that water is, we are mostly water. And then also water is really not designed to sit still. It’s designed to be flowing in streams and moving and not flowing through metal pipes and not having weird chemicals added to it. So our water is really not the water that the earth kind of intended for us to consume.

Eric Laarakker: No, most waters that we drink, almost all the water have been damaged in their perspective. True.

Jodi Cohen: But I love what you were saying, that water, I don’t know what water is either, but it is intelligent and it can be restored to factory settings for lack of a better way of explaining it. So can you talk a little bit about, for those of us who are listening who are like, gosh, my water has fluoride, it is been processed. How do I try to do the best with what I have if I don’t live near a spring? How does this tool kind of help us?

Eric Laarakker: Well, first of all, I mean the two steps in it, and I personally like to clean it first on a chemical base, take the toxins out with a good filter, et cetera. Although after using this stick, the chemicals become less harmful. I still would not like to drink polluted water. But after that’s done, there’s one issue, that’s what we think, and that the memory, the structure of all these chemicals are still inside. So on the chemical point of view, bacterial point of view, it’s out, but still the memory of all it is still inside. And the alem one is a beautiful way.

Eric Laarakker: If you swirl it, then it becomes more or less neutral in this coherent state. Like I said, getting more beautiful information instead of all the chemical information, which is still inside. But I would like to emphasize that some people think that this Alem wand is good enough to drink dirty water. If you steer it, then it’s good enough. No, it’s not. I wouldn’t drink it out of a lake or something like that because you still have to first clean it with beautiful filters. There’s a lot of it on the market, so we like to use it after that or even before the cleaning system. So then you have the best of both worlds. You have beautiful cleaned where all the chemicals are, but also well structured. So there is no place for information on the toxins of the bacteria anymore.

Jodi Cohen: Yeah, someone kind of explained our body like an aquarium. If you think of an aquarium, if the water is clean, the fish thrive. If the water is dirty, they get sick. And so the more we are cognizant of what we put into our body and really drink, not just clean, I mean clean’s a factor. But you kind of mentioned coherence. Can you speak a little bit to how would you define coherence and what have you found between the correlation of coherent water and health?

Eric Laarakker: Like I said before, it’s the non-coherent water. That means all the molecules that just do something, which they look the same, but it just moves randomly, we call it dead water. There’s no energy into it. And the main important thing is what we think is all the molecules that work together, so they’re in the same phase, they move in the same direction, and it’s not like there’s and dusty form line form when you have a beautiful mountain crystal, it attracts a certain information, gives a certain information. Silicates do that. And that’s also why we use silicates anyway from the wand itself. It’s not normal glass because normal glass doesn’t work for it. But we think in one glass you have multiple, maybe thousands, maybe millions different types of crystals. So all day are in tune with different frequencies. And that makes a lot of difference in your body.

Because first I need to explain, your body is actually not 70% water. What we learn at school, it is in mass, but in molecule wise, actually 99% of the molecules in your body is water. So water is the main ingredient in life. All our body, I mean we’re just like a sea inside of us actually. We have all have the same mineral account as in the sea. So we are just like with a sea, with a skin on it. And when you drink non-coherent water, your body needs to work a lot. It needs to work a lot because that’s maybe the reason why people say you have to drink one and a half two of water. But in my opinion, it’s a little bit nonsense because if you drink good, coherent water, you don’t need a lot. Your body knows a lot more what to do with it.

Eric Laarakker: So you need to pee less out of it. I mean, if you drink a couple of glasses of water, you know, have to go to the bathroom very soon, and it’s because there’s a lot of waste in it. Yeah. But if you think about it in the old times, 10,000 years ago when you had to travel from one place A to B, and suppose there was no water down the road. So if you would travel for 10 days, you have to carry about 20 liters of water, which is a lot in the desert especially. You see the people and animals who live over there, they actually drink coherently by eating plants. Plants are capable of making coherent water out of water. It’s more in this crystalline structure, it’s far more efficient. Also, I see it over here. I have a couple of horses over here.

When they go outside in a pasture and you have a little bit of good grass over there, they drink far less water because it’s a lot more efficient. So the benefits of it all, I mean, is almost endless. There is no process in your body where water doesn’t play a key role in everything. I mean, the DNA structure has been held together by water structures if movement from inside of the cell,

outside of the cell, and reverse. Everything has been done by water. Water is the mean, the most important ingredient of life. If you drink coherent water. We did a lot of tests, a lot of tests, as you may know, first of all, in the beginning we started doing research on plants. Actually for years. We started off to do with biophoton research about 15 years ago when the famous professor, Fritz

Pop, who invented that in our body admits light biophotons.

And he made all kinds of measurement tools for that. We took over the whole laboratory, we brought it from Germany to the Netherlands, from Roy to the Netherlands with all the people who worked over there. And well, actually we were not even busy with water when we came together with, our main goal was what can we do, which is easy to help this planet further because chronic sickness has become a norm on this planet. I dunno over there, but I think in this country, 43% of 20-year-old kids already have a chronic disease. I consider that not normal evolutionary. That’s quite strange. So there’s something happening. I think it’s worse in us. Yeah, I think so too. We were just looking for what is the mean in grid. What can we do as cheaply as possible to give as many benefits for the health that we can find?

So then we thought, okay, we start to check out first on plans because it’s easy to have a faster turnover if you want to check it on humans and animals, they have a longer lifespan and it’s not so easy to test in it. So first we want to be sure. So we changed all kind of parameters. Well make a long story short, we ended up in the water. We even bought a whole greenhouse, a six-acre greenhouse just for testing just to see what happens. And then we found that one of the most important thing actually, besides energy in as broader sense frequencies, the microbiome is a very important role, but all of it is ruled more or less by water. So when we were very confident, we saw that the plants which we fed on like tomatoes, which we fed with the al lemon water that we saw that we had an increase of 50 to sometimes 100% of biophotons.

Eric Laarakker: So that means there’s a lot more life, a lot more energy in that tomato. They look the same though if you look from the outside, they look the same, but they taste a lot better. There’s a lot more taste in it. And we are not even used to the normal taste of vegetables anymore. And if you grow them with alma water, if you don’t use any toxins, they taste completely different. So then we made the huge step into testing and soil, and we saw that actually the microbiome, which is the amount of bacteria and other viruses, fungi, et cetera in the soil, that actually we could restore them after being used with glyphosate and stuff like that, that we could restore the soil very fast after using the ana lama water. So…

Jodi Cohen: Wait, you mean remineralize the soil?

Eric Laarakker: No remineralize but the microbiome. So put the right bacteria, fungi, and everything in the soil. I mean, this is the most important thing in your soil. You have the Issa, which are fungi, which are in the soil, and they help the plants to get more nutrition out of the soil. And you see that also there will be more nutrition in the soil because there is something which we don’t look at a lot, but it’s called biological transmutation. That means that the microbiome can change minerals into other minerals.

Jodi Cohen: What? Oh, alchemy of minerals.

Eric Laarakker: Yes. Did you ever think about how a chicken gets so much calcium inside to lay egg every day? They need to eat a lot of calcium. Actually it changes the silicates from the soil into calcium. So there’s not much known about it. But also we think that in your gut, these bacteria, now I’m going to change to your gut. So then we thought, okay, let’s do research on that level because we are a microbiome, as you may know in your gut, when you have a healthy gut, there are more than 1,200 different species in a gut. And all of them have their function and we know just a little about what their function is. You have like 1000 species on your skin. You have 60 species of bacteria in your bladder, 600 plus in your lungs, and they read somewhere that even now they found over 1000 species in your brain, and on your skin you have 1000 species.

Actually, we are a colony of bacteria. And the funny thing is that when we tested it on people by drinking the water, we saw an 83% of the DYS index in the ALMA group. So what we did was a double-blind placebo-controlled research on gut bacteria. So people had to deliver the stool, send it to the laboratory, see what the microbiome levels are, the differentiation in it, and then we saw that 83% of the enhancement in the VS index in the alma group and 36% of this vs index in a better situation in the placebo group. But, and 80, 62% got worse or stayed the same. So that means that there’s a lot of improvement in your gut bacteria just by drinking different water.

Jodi Cohen: If it resets the terrain. And what you’re saying is when the terrain is in balance, it does not need to take all these calcium supplements, it just allocates resources to give you what you need. That’s amazing.

Eric Laarakker: Yes. The issue is that I worked a lot with vitamins, minerals, and stuff like that, and it’s good to take them, but if your microbiome is not good enough, I mean a lot of it will go to the toilet if you know what I mean.

Jodi Cohen: No, I agree.

Eric Laarakker: But if you have a good microbiome, I’d like to explain it in the following. If you have a bucket, you open a tap, and when there are a lot of holes in that bucket, you get a put a lot of water in it to keep a little bit of level of water in it. But if you close the holes, you just need a little of it. So yes, I’m convinced that if you drink the right water, so if you have the right microbiome in your body, you don’t need as much vitamins and you can take a lot more good vitamins out of good food. And of course, good food is the most important thing in that way is even better than swallowing all the minerals and vitamins. And so a healthy gut equals a healthy brain, equals a healthy immune system equals almost everything in that perspective.

Jodi Cohen: You’re setting up the terrain because the terrain is 99% water. And if we can set up the water for ideal function, then you set up the body for ideal function.

Eric Laarakker: Yes, yes. So from that moment on, we started to do a lot more research on the human body. We did a glycan H study, and I dunno if you know what it means, but glycans are sugar molecules attached to proteins and the main antibody protein of the human immune system, the immune globulins, they can be marked with different glycans, which determines whether a protein of the immune system will be anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory. Now the balance between them is very important. If it shifts to the pro-inflammatory glycans, it’ll lead to low-grade systemic infections and that which underlies faster aging and disease in a body. So what we did, we had a group of people and they started drinking the water for I think it was two months, and we did a glyco age test before and after. And out of the 2120 of them, the Glyco age changed dramatically. So they had a reversed aging from between one and 12 years and an average of four years. So only by drinking that al lamb water, they had a reversed age biologically for four years.

Jodi Cohen: So basically what I hear you saying to simplify, there are a lot of manmade toxins that are kind of disrupting our natural terrain. This is basically allowing us to put water, which is the primary, it’s foundational for us in a structured way that kind of restores the terrain. It puts the body imbalance and then the body starts. Okay. So…

Eric Laarakker: Also on all levels, maybe I can mention one other research that we did, which I think is very special, is that about a TP and the mitochondria and almost the mitochondria did determine everything. Actually all the food, what you eat, the glucose has been changed into a TP and that’s the food of your body. Your brain uses a lot of TP, and your muscles and everything in your body use a lot of TP. And we found out it was also a double-blind placebo-controlled research that by only after two months of drinking the water, there was an enhancement of 23% of a TP in the blood. So even these little mitochondria inside of your cell, which used to be bacteria also. So from all sites, it’s very beneficial for your complete health, like you said, on the terrain. And that’s your microbiome. That’s the water. These are mitochondria, et cetera, immune system.

Jodi Cohen: So here’s what I love and what I want to talk about a little bit. You’ve made this an incredibly easy tool. Talk to me a little bit about what this wand is and how people use it so that they can start adding structured water to coherent water to their lives.

Eric Laarakker: What we created is what we call kind of mother water, and it takes over several devices and up to a year to get all the information in it. That’s why we call it Alma. Alma is the movement of the sun to the earth. And we have a season where we found out that even the frequencies of your liver today are not the same as tomorrow. It’s a living system. And so it takes us over a year to create the mother water, but that mother water wants to copy itself because that’s the way nature intended it to be. So it took us a while to figure out how we tested different materials, and then we came up with a quartz crystal. And quartz crystal actually is amazing. Those silicates, they can receive information, store it, and give it to the next level. So actually what you do is because of the model water, which is inside, when you stir in a glass or a jaw or whatever, then all the water will get almost the same structure as inside of that wand.

Jodi Cohen: Amazing. And you have people activated it in sunlight for a minute?

Eric Laarakker: To be honest, it’s not even per se necessary. The funny thing is we tested a lot of water devices and the biggest problem is stability. And that makes also the alma water completely different from almost all the other waters that we tested, is that usually, you have a lot of devices that swirl, that use magnets, crystals, and stuff like that. Nothing wrong with it, but the memory is gone after half a minute or a maximum of one and a half day. But this will stay for you to know all the tests that we did was with old water in a laboratory with human beings in the soil, everything. Sometimes we even use nine months-old water. And that’s extraordinary that water stays in that stable position. That’s why you can use the w. Well, actually mine, which I use now is three years old already, and I still have the same one. So that will make it stable in your glass if you know what I mean.

Jodi Cohen: If listeners are going to buy this, we’re going to have a link below and receive it in the mail. They’re so excited. They have their wand. How do they get started? What do they do?

Eric Laarakker: Just roll the water.

Jodi Cohen: Does it matter if it’s in a plastic container or a glass container?

Eric Laarakker: No. No, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, of course. I mean glass, I don’t like plastic containers because I don’t like plastic. Especially not the soft plastic bottles because you get this weak, this stuff in the chemicals inside from the plastic, but for the coherence, it doesn’t

matter. But come back to your question, do you need to put it in the sun? I love to do it sometimes, but it’s not strictly necessary to do it. It gives it a plus. You know what I mean? So it gives it just an extra energy. It’s not necessarily necessary. I mean, in the wintertime, we don’t have a lot of sun in the whole wintertime, so otherwise, I could not use it. But no worries, you can use it.

Jodi Cohen: Okay. And then another question we get often is just for water. Can people use it for their coffee for any liquid or just water?

Eric Laarakker: No, no. For any liquid. If you like wine, use it for your wine will taste a lot better. Jodi Cohen: Amazing.

Eric Laarakker: A friend of mine, loves beer, so he uses it in his beers. So it doesn’t matter as long as there is water inside. Okay. I have to correct myself a little bit. I mean, be careful. After you cook your tea, of course don’t swirl too long with it in the hot tea because it will heat up and then it will explode for being practical. So usually for coffee and tea, what I advise is to make a coherent before…

Jodi Cohen: The water.

Eric Laarakker: And then when it boils, it takes a little while and then it will go back to his coherent position. So maybe after that, you can swirl again very fast. That’s also a possibility. But to be honest, in my farm where I live, I don’t use it because we have a whole house, Alma, which is built in. So all the water for showering when I have a bath with all the water over here is coherent.

Jodi Cohen: Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. That’s the next level. The other question that we get often for, there’s a lot of 5G, a lot of frequencies in the states, and this seems to kind of help people mitigate the impact of that. Can you talk a little bit about how near water might help you be less affected by S.

Eric Laarakker: I’m a little bit careful to say too much about it because it’s also of course a political agenda in it. But first what we did was actually we did a lot of brainwave tests and when people drink lemon water, the funny thing is that straight after drinking the water in a couple of seconds, you see the brainwaves changing and that goes very fast. And I think it’s through the nerves vagus, which have a straight communication with your brain. So we saw a huge more coherence in the brainwaves. We even did it on twins, we tested it, a lot of tests on it also double-blind. And what we found is that every time the brainwaves change, then we let them call with a cell phone, put a cell phone on their head, and then you see a complete change in the brainwaves. It’s a little bit scary, to be honest.

I mean, everybody uses this cell phone, but if you look at it how the brains change after putting a cell phone on your head, it’s amazing. The good news was that immediately after drinking a glass of water, even when the cell phone was on the head, we saw the brainwaves changing back to normal. And so at least for the brainwaves, we dare to say that it’s very beneficial. And 5G, I’m very careful because it’s not even rolled out all the frequencies. So we’re not sure what all of this is going to do, but we know for sure, I mean, we’ve been testing the water on biophotons and plants and everything, which has been standing next to a wifi router for months. And still after using that, it thought that we had the same results, not using the wifi in it. So for most EMFs it helps a lot.

It means that you don’t feel it anymore. Right? Sometimes I even have the idea that you feel it a little bit better, but it makes you less sick. And why? I mean, the funny thing is when you start drinking the Alem water, you will notice that you become more sensitive, more or less, your body knows better for you what is good and what’s not so good for you. Your body starts rejecting some kinds of food which is not good for you. And people get more consciousness. That’s quite funny that people change in their behavior, everything. And I think it’s due to, because you get all the right good cosmic information in your body, so you’ll become far more conscious. And so like my children, they’ve been grown up with this water and they still like to play of course on a computer and stuff like that, and we let them, but if I put, unlike the Bluetooth of my phone, they feel it immediately in two seconds. You put on the wifi or the Bluetooth, and they nodes immediately. It’s less harmful. But it’s not that you don’t feel it anymore. I mean that’s the differentiation. But as far as I’m concerned, you should feel what is good or not good for you.

Jodi Cohen: No, I agree with you. And I’m wondering, for people who are listening, is there a way that they can see the published research that you’ve mentioned? Can they go some…

Eric Laarakker: More? Yes. Yes. On the website of Anem, most of it has been published over there on the research. I mean, we just finished a beautiful research in agriculture and actually we found that the CO2 uptake implants enhance a lot and they start giving more oxygen. They need less water, have far better resilience, and far better immune systems. And it’s got to be published in this study soon. So on any level, well, we see a lot of benefits for it. And it’s like you said, it’s easy to use. I mean, you can carry it. And that was our goal. It must be easy to use and it must be accessible to everybody.

Jodi Cohen: Carry it in your purse. Yes. Is there anything that I haven’t asked that you would like to share?

Eric Laarakker: Well, I just want to share that actually our main goal when we start doing this, I go back to what I started with is that we wanted to get something on the market, which helps and which is beneficial for all and not only for happy few, but it’s beneficial for the soil, which is beneficial for plants, which is beneficial for animals, for everything. And actually our main goal somewhere at the end of the line is that we want to get all the waters on this planet coherent again. So think about what would happen if, how everything would thrive, if all the lakes and rivers will be coherent again, the plants start to regrow and everything will be a lot healthier. So actually that’s our main goal in the future, that we don’t have any business anymore, that all the waters on this planet will be coherent.

Jodi Cohen: Amazing. And you can even do this in your pet’s water bowl, correct? Oh, like my dogs have a…

Eric Laarakker: Water. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yes. They have no issue. No issue. I mean, even people would use it for the cows tables, pick tables, whatever. I mean, especially with the whole house on a lemon, you can do a lot more. One thing I would like to say is use it in your bathtub.

Jodi Cohen: Yeah, I was thinking that. But with the…

Eric Laarakker: It’s amazing what happens. I mean, we’ve been in the midst of now of a huge research with people with cardiac problems. We just soak them in water and we see amazing results. Just lay down for half an hour in the alma water. And how I usually do it is when I open my bath, you put it just in your bath and leave it over there if it’s not too hot and swer a little bit and then take it out dried well. And then all the water in your bathtub will be coherent. And that even gives a surplus. And the reason why is I think that because it makes these harmonic tones around us, harmonic water is capable of making these harmonic tones harmonic. So all the information with an body comes out of your body will be a lot more harmonic. And of course, you have an uptake of what, half a liter? Liter, I think in half an hour. So from both sides. So I love to use it internally, but also externally. Also on our plants now, we just created a garden and LA so you can spray your plants with it. It’s beautiful. Amazing to see plants. Love it.

Jodi Cohen: Amazing. Well, thank you so much for your time, for your brilliance, and for this amazing, easily accessible tool. We are so excited to share this with our community. And thank you for everything.

Eric Laarakker: Thank you for having me over here. Thank you so much.

Jodi Cohen: Thank you so much for listening. I hope this podcast empowered you with some useful information and takeaways. If you liked this episode, please consider sharing a positive review or subscribing. I would also love to offer you my free parasympathetic toolkit as a gift just for listening. It will teach you how to activate the most important nerve in your body to turn on your ability to heal. This free toolkit includes a checklist, a video, and a detailed guide. If this podcast prompted any questions, you can always find answers at my blog at vibrantblueoils.com or my book Essential Oils to Boost the Brain and Heal the Body. Until next time, wishing you vibrant health.

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Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.