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Season 3, Episode 21: How To Make Your Body Healthy With Minerals with Caroline Alan

By Jodi Cohen

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word minerals? Most people think of browsing the aisles for a bottle of magnesium, reaching for a zinc tablet in the cabinet at home, or perhaps having a glass of milk for an extra boost of calcium. It’s true that vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential to your health… In fact, if there was just ONE thing you could do for your body – that would have the most untold effects – replenishing minerals is it! But do you know why?

In this episode Jodi sits down with Caroline Alan, co-founder and CEO of BEAM Minerals, to talk about why and how mineral depletion affects the body and how you can support true healing with plant-based fulvic and humic minerals. Caroline believes that replenishing minerals is an easy, effective way to help your body gain and maintain the healthy and happy balance it needs.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • [02:14] – How minerals affect your health
  • [06:23] – Why food is NOT enough
  • [07:19] – Did you know THIS could be in your mineral supplement?
  • [11:19] – An inside look at BEAM products
  • [14:10] – Understanding fulvic and humic molecules
  • [19:15] – Getting started with Electrolyze and Micro Boost
  • [21:57] – Happy lights for anxiety

About Caroline Alan

Caroline Alan is a health survivor and mineral enthusiast. On her own journey to health, Caroline found mineral replenishment to be a foundational element that is widely misunderstood. Her research into why minerals are important in human physiology and how they work in the body has taken her into a broad field of study including microbiology, molecular biology, cellular biology, quantum physics, agricultural soil science the study of plant decomposition and glyphosate toxicity.

As a result of her research Caroline has become committed to helping people understand how and why mineral depletion affects the body, the systemic nature of glyphosate exposure and specifically, how plant-based humic and fulvic minerals can support healing and optimal health.

Caroline is the Co-Founder and CEO of BEAM Minerals which provides plant-based humic and fulvic mineral supplements for people, pets and plants.

Caroline is also an engaging speaker and a regular contributor to Podcasts and health-focused events and programs around the world.

Check out Caroline’s products at BEAM here and get 20% off your order with coupon code VBO!

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Jodi: Hello, I’m your host Jodi Cohen, and I’m so [00:01:00] excited to be joined by my friend Caroline Alan, health Survival and Mineral Enthusiast. On our own journey to health, Carolyn found mineral replenishment to be a foundational element that is widely misunderstood. I completely agree. Her research into why minerals are important in human physiology and how they work in the body has taken her into a broad field of study, including microbiology, molecular biology.

Cellular biology, quantum physics, agricultural soil science, and the study of plant decomposition and glypho cyte toxicity. Huge issue. As a result of our research, Carolyn has become committed to helping people understand how and why mineable depletion affects the body, the systemic nature of glyphosate exposure, and specifically how plant-based Hume and Fulvic minerals can support healing and optimal health.

Carolyn is the co-founder and c e o of Beam Minerals, which provides plant-based Hume and phobic mineral supplements for people, pets, plants. Carolyn is also an engaging speaker and a regular contributed podcast and [00:02:00] health-focused events and programs around the world. And I’m so excited to have you here today to talk about all of these issues.

Caroline: Welcome. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me, Jodi. 

Jodi: Yeah, no, glyphosate is huge, and minerals are huge. I’m just gonna ask you, how do minerals affect our 

Caroline: health? You know what? The way I like to help frame this for people, it’s so important for them to understand, because most people, when they think about minerals, they think about the aisle at the Walgreens, where you see the bottles of calcium and potassium and magnesium.

Or maybe they take. Different electrolyte powder supplements or, their doctor told them that maybe they need to take zinc or different things like that. These are all minerals. Electrolytes are also minerals, but I, nobody, most people that I speak to don’t really understand minerals and why they’re so important and what they mean to me [00:03:00] as a human being.

Yeah, so the way I, they’re 

Jodi: plugs give us energy. 

Caroline: Exactly. And the reason that they give us energy is your entire body is made of cells. You have actually around the low side of an adult human is 37 trillion cells, so 37 to 150 trillion cells. And inside your cells are these energy generating units called the mitochondria.

Need two things to fuel their energy generating processes. One is minerals and the other is amino acids. Those two things. So in fact, what I actually really want people to get is if you took all the water out of your body, took all of the water out of your body, you’d be a little pile of minerals.

In fact, look around your room. [00:04:00] Everything is made of minerals. Everything that has substantial structure is made of minerals. So the issue that we’re dealing with is that our food supply is quite depleted of minerals, and that’s because it’s grown. Most of the foods that we eat are grown. Even the meats are grown.

Using grains that are depleted of minerals, because think about a plant. When a plant grows in the earth, what does it do to create the structure of the plant? It sucks the minerals out of the soil. So when you continually grow the same grow plants in soil, after a while that soil becomes mineral depleted, right?

That’s why you 

Jodi: do crop rotation, to let it heal. 

Caroline: Exactly. Exactly. And the problem is, it’s one thing to get things like, hummus and like when you do crop rotation, yeah, some of that gets back into the soil. [00:05:00] But to create something that’s really effective for mineral replenishment like these humic and fulvic minerals, it takes hundreds of years.

Jodi: And adding these toxin substances like Roundup and glyphosate, it not only depletes it, it causes another problem. 

Caroline: Exactly. And that’s, so that’s the other big issue. But, so what you have to remember is that most of us are operating it so in. In addition to also eating mineral depleted foods, we’re also drinking filtered and bottled water, which has no minerals.

So I don’t know if when you were a kid, if you did any sports, you didn’t ha no, your friends weren’t having. Like cramping, right? No, but now, of course not regularly come off the soccer fields. The ath, the young athletes, they’re all dealing with major cramping issues and all cramping in the body is mineral deficiency, all of it.

That’s [00:06:00] because we’re Dr. We’re so mineral depleted. In fact, the experts say that we’re all operating at about 40% of the minerals that we need, and that’s if you eat really well, 40%. So just imagine a light in your room and now dimm it down to about 40%, and that’s how your entire body is operating.

Just think of that.

Jodi: You mentioned and that’s if you eat really well, can a person get all the minerals they need from eating? 

Caroline: You cannot. Okay. Get all the minerals that you need now, nowadays, and that’s for a lot of reasons. Partly, back when we were foraging all those plants, they weren’t grown.

They were the soil was full of this IC and fulvic. And with minerals and also used to eat dirt Yeah. That we eat are well washed and all of that is taken off them. And plus nowadays you wouldn’t really want to eat [00:07:00] the dirt because it’s. Got glyphosates on it, so you need to wash your vegetables really well yeah.

Yeah. So you cannot, this is really important for people to understand. You cannot get enough minerals and electrolytes from the foods you eat, so what? 

Jodi: Yeah. And I love, one of the concerns I have is that the glyphosate causes leaky guts. So even if you’re taking mineral supplements, it’s not necessarily getting digested, absorbed, and assimilated, which is why I love your topical products.

I think that’s actually the best way to assimilate minerals. Can you speak a little bit about beam minerals and how they differ from other mineral 

Caroline: supplements? most people think about minerals as what I call megadose minerals. They’re minerals that are measured in milligrams, and they usually come in a capsule or a pill or a powdered form.

And one of the things that people don’t realize is that those, most of those minerals are made from rocks. [00:08:00] Shells bones and some salts. Now your body actually assimilates salts pretty well, but there is another issue with salts, which is that we are not saltwater beings, and using salts on a regular basis for electrolyte replenishment is irritating to the bladder and kidney, and it actually, It works.

It exacerbates your hydration issues. So it’s one thing if you have like heat stroke, you should take some salt immediately. Okay. You are really in deep electrolyte balance. You’re about to pass out. Salt is a good way to come back quickly. Not on a regular basis. So there’s this big movement about using salts and do it yourself.

Salt solutions for electrolyte replenishment. It’s actually not good for your body. How do you actually feel in your stomach when you drink salt water? It actually makes you queasy. It’s not actually an a good thing for our human gut. So now think about the rocks, [00:09:00] shells and bones. Think about the human gut.

How well does your gut break down those things? Digest them. Not very well. So here’s the thing about humic and fulvic. Humic and fulvic are plant-based. They’re made from plants. They are res, the result of ancient decomposed plant matter. Your body is a set of cells that evolved on this earth.

And like all other cellular systems across the earth, your system is evolved to utilize IC and fulvic as the mineral delivery and full system detoxification tools. These are, I call them Mother Earth’s technology. For mineral replenishment and full system detox. 

Jodi: No, I completely agree. And obviously I’m a huge fan of plants [00:10:00] and how they’re bio familiar with humans.

Can you talk a little bit like, I’m really curious, how do you derive the minerals from the plants? What’s the 

Caroline: process? Yeah, so first, so imagine where our minerals come from is imagine an entire rainforest back when the dinosaurs lived. Like millions of years ago, and over millennia, those rainforests decomposed into this mineral rich substance.

It’s about 10 to 12 feet below the earth. It’s black and it’s incredibly mineral rich. Incredibly mineral rich, and. We take that material, it’s a crystalline substance and we use a proprietary process that’s uses no chemicals and it’s extracts these two molecules. One is called fulvic and the other is called ic, and we extract them from the crystalline substance.

And the way that we do it is the beautiful thing about it is that the liquid that results [00:11:00] tastes like water. So it’s extremely easy to con consume and your body knows exactly what to do with it, which is just re a really awesome thing. 

Jodi: Yeah, no, I love that. I completely agree. I feel like the body knows how to heal when you like, give it the right tools.

So talk a little bit about how how you recommend people use your products, what products you offer so that people, 

Caroline: Yeah, so we have two, I’m gonna call two flagship products for taking internally and one of the, so we have these sprays that are great. One is we have Insulite, which is, I think back here.

This is our Insulite product, and this is a fulvic spray. I love that one. And I’m gonna talk to you about what fulvic, and then we have a couple of other, one is called Happy lights. Yes, that 

Jodi: one’s great. Honestly, for a instant 

Caroline: mood boost. Yeah. And then booboo lights. This is [00:12:00] incredible for any scrape or it’s incredible.

For bug bites, it works incredibly well on things like Poison ivy, poison oak. 

Jodi: Oh, I don’t have that one. I think everyone needs that for their 

Caroline: camping kit. Exactly, and then this is Respir light, so it’s great for opening the sinuses and when you’re dealing with any kind of respiratory issues. Would respite 

Jodi: be good for pre-exercise?

If you’re about to go run to just help 

Caroline: or, I would probably use install lights in that way. Okay. Yeah, I would, I’d probably use installs. We could, but we could talk more into how performance athletes use our products because they’re incredibly effective for performance athletes.

And I’m not sure how much time we have but yeah, the main thing about our products is the products that you ingest. The way I describe those is those are for the chronic depletion. Yes. So when you ingest them, they build up over time and replenish the body’s mineral stores so that you can turn [00:13:00] that dimmer on that light up, from 

Jodi: Right.

And the fact that they’re liquid, I think they assimilate more easily than food that you have to break 

Caroline: down. They totally do. The beautiful thing about our liquid products is that when you drink them, they require zero digestion. Absolutely no digestion. That’s, yeah, that’s the key. It’s completely ionized.

So that ionized means dissolved down to your chemi to the chemical components. They’re dissolved and then they’re suspended in water, so you never have to shake the bottle because they’re always completely suspended when you drink them. By the time they hit your stomach, they’ve already, some portion of them has been absorbed into your bloodstream and some portion is already being utilized by your cells.


Jodi: completely bioavailable. Can you just show on the camera what those ones are 

Caroline: please? Yeah, so this is the Electrolyzed product. Okay. This one is the Fulvic product, and I’m gonna talk to you about what the difference is. Okay. This is called Micro Boosts, and [00:14:00] this is the IC product. Okay, great.

Yeah, and they have, and they’re separated for specific reasons. The so let’s, let me give you a quick overview on fulvic and IC ’cause they’re amazing. Thank you. Okay, great. I’ll talk about fulvic first. Fulvic is a molecule. It’s much smaller than a cell, and it’s an intercellular transporter. It carries 60 times its weight of nutrients into the cell, and then it does what no other molecule on earth does.

It changes polarity. And when it does that, all the nutrients, mineral content, et cetera, fall off inside the cell. Now it’s available to the mitochondria for energy generation. Then it grabs biowaste toxins, free radicals, heavy metals, and carries those out of the cell. Now one of the things about the cell wall is the cell wall.

Us for things to cross the cell wall barrier usually requires certain [00:15:00] receptors. The fulvic, because we’re evolved to utilize it, it gets a free pass through the cell wall. Any channel that opens in the cell wall, the fulvic goes straight through both directions in and out. So it greatly enhances nutrient uptake into the cell and intercellular detoxification.

So it’s a, it is like the powerhouse of nutrient uptake and intercellular detox. 

Jodi: And my friend Sinclair Elia, basically, she talks about how it’s really hard to detoxify when you’re depleted and she actually has you add in energy boosting remedies like before you start any detoxification process.

Because, imagine if your car is less, on a quarter tank of gas, it’s, you’re not gonna be able to make that cross country trip like you really need to regenerate before you move forward. So 

Caroline: love that. And in fact, we work with a lot of detox practitioners who use fulvic in that way.

They use our electrolytes. They [00:16:00] get their patients starting on the electrolytes for a while, maybe two weeks, to energize their system and start that intercellular detox, and then they’ll use the micro boosts with their other. Detox protocols to remove those things fully from the body. So let’s talk about the humic molecule and how it works.

’cause it’s completely different than the fulvic. It has a, it has some really amazing capacities. The first one that I’m gonna talk about, ’cause it relates to the the nutrient uptake is it interacts, it’s a much larger molecule. It hangs out in the bloodstream. It’s much larger than a cell. And it’s extremely sticky because of its it’s a strong electrolyte, which is actually a technical term, and it also has a huge amount of surface area.

So because of that surface area, it binds with free radicals. It chelates with heavy [00:17:00] metals. It’s ex an extremely effective, heavy metal chelator. It gathers bio waste and it also remediates glyphosate in the system. One of the things that it does is it actually grabs the glyphosate.

Clings to it, and then it builds a film around that glyphosate and starts breaking it down. As soon as it has that film around it, it no longer has the glyphosate no longer has its negative effects in your gut. So it’s in fact, wow. I was just on a panel conversation at a conference just a couple weeks ago talking about glyphosate and remediation of glyphosate, and everyone on the panel agreed that humic and fulvic.

Are the most effective components for remediating and removing glyphosate. So let’s talk about that molecule. So you have this humic [00:18:00] molecule. It’s got it’s chelated with heavy metals. It’s bound with free radicals. It’s gathered by waste. It’s got the, some glyphosate molecules attached to it, and it’s remediate.

It’s breaking those down. At a certain point, that molecule gets so heavy it falls outta solution and leaves your body through all of the elimination channels. Now with detoxification mostly we talk about needing to have elimination channels open, as you said, once, first having the energy to do the detox, and second of all, having those elimination channels open.

The beautiful thing about Humic is that it doesn’t require, Your elimination, specific elimination channels to be open because it uses every elimination channel. So as what? A lot of time with detox, we talk about needing to have the liver cleared before you so you can do detox, et cetera. But the cool thing about humic is it uses every channel.

It uses your tears, it [00:19:00] uses your breath, your snot, it uses rubbing your hands together your sweat. It uses your urine and feces of course. So EV and whatever channel is open and available, it will use. So that’s fascinating. So 

Jodi: do you recommend people buy both products and use them as a one two punch?

Like how would, how do you suggest people if the people that are listening are like, I need that, where do they start? What do they 

Caroline: do? So the two products together, electrolyze and Micro Boosto, we call it the advanced. Replenishment set. Okay. ’cause the fulvic gives your body the energy and the, and enhances the nutrient uptake.

And that intercellular detox and the ic, the micro boosts, does the full system, gentle detoxification constantly. They both together provide or provide. 

Jodi: Would you phase one then the other, or can you combine 

Caroline: them? It really depends on the person. For most [00:20:00] people, and I’m gonna say that’s 99.99% of the people, you just take them together.

You start, you take half a cap of each and you’re done. You can take them together, you can take them on an empty stomach. They don’t break a fast. They won’t bother your stomach. So that’s it for the other 1.001% or 0.01% of the people who have autoimmune, who are very sensitive, they tend to have what are called herxheimer’s symptoms, which are reactions to detoxification for them.

They would start with the electrolytes for 10 days. Two weeks, and then they would start with the IC in a very small way maybe. And the directions are on the bottle and we have them on our website. The idea is to just give your body some energy and then to begin the, that gentle detox, full system detox.


Jodi: it’s just a half a cap a [00:21:00] day. Just once a day. Yeah. How long would those 

Caroline: bottles last? Those mo that two together, those last two months. 

Jodi: Amazing. Amazing. 

Caroline: So that’s a two month supply for one person. Okay. So those are the CR for chronic depletion. And I have to remember that all, which is most of us.

Yeah. And if you have, if you’re young and you have menstrual cramps, that’s depletion. I have so many women who use our minerals and then stop having cramping. Yes. So the sprays are for acute. Mineral depletion. So let’s say you have a cramp, let’s say menstrual cramps. So many women use this insulite spray for menstrual cramps.

You just spray it on your abdomen, spray it on your back. We were just at a show. A woman came, oh, she was like, she’s really? Oh, I just started my period. We sprayed it on. She came back five minutes later. Five minutes. She’s I can’t believe that it, yeah. 

Jodi: And can we talk because so many people are [00:22:00] struggling with anxiety about your Happy spray.

Which I love. I think it’s great. I think every kid who’s send your kid to college with this, it’ll help them. 

Caroline: I’m telling you. Yeah. It, you know what I say about Happy, happy Lights is Happy Lights. It’s a lighthearted product with serious effects. So I have dealt with anxiety in my life.

I’ve, raised was a single mother for a period. There’s and it’s just life comes at you. And there’s, especially now there is so much anxiety, which is also a result of glyphosate exposure and toxicity, by the way. It really it, 

Jodi: what I’m gonna totally make you delve deeper into that glyphosate is a, or glyphosate impacts our mood and creates anxiety.

Say more, please. 

Caroline: So what one of the things that glyphosate does is it inhibits the the [00:23:00] creation in your body of certain amino acids. And specifically ones that are absolutely needed for the development of endorphins and the kinds and serotonin. So when you have a serotonin imbalance, you end up with anxiety and depression.

So many people are experiencing depression and anxiety because they’re dealing with glyphosate toxicity. I would highly recommend anyone who’s listening, if you have depression or anxiety, that you go to find a practitioner who will get you tested for glyphosate toxicity. Wow. 

Jodi: Mom blown. Yes. Drop the mic.

That’s amazing. 

Caroline: I could geek out with anybody. Anyone who’s interested. If you contact our [00:24:00], you can set up a call with me to talk more. If you wanna geek out more about that, I can explain all the science behind that. 

Jodi: We might have to do a second session and geek out about that.

That is unbelievable. Okay, so for the purposes of time, for people that are listening that obviously probably want to geek out but are also like, tell me about how the Happy Spray can help with that. 

Caroline: So the way the Happy Lights works is it’s. The fulvic. So remember the fulvic is this very small molecule.

It’s much smaller than a cell. So when you spray it on and literally you just, this is how you use it, you just spray it and you breathe it in. Now what’s happening is several things. One, it’s going into your sinuses and you’re getting an electrolyte replenishment directly through the face, your skin of your face, and through your sinuses, that which are very permeable anyway, so that’s the first lift that you get is [00:25:00] just yes that’s 

Jodi: why I think essential oils work.

I completely agree with 

Caroline: that. Yes. The next thing is it has bergamot and they call bergamot nature’s Prozac. So as you well know, because you’re an essential oil person, your olfactory system is connected with your lower brainstem. And where are neurotransmitters in your body released or triggered in your lower brainstem?

So when you and what is depression or anxiety, it is a wash of neurotransmitters in your body. It’s a specific set of neurotransmitters that are flooding your body. Now the amazing thing is you can change that wash in three seconds, one 1000, two 1000, three 1000, and all you have to do is spray the spray, you breathe it in.

The bergamot goes through your sniffer, your nose. Yep. And it hits your olfactory [00:26:00] system, which hits your brainstem, and it triggers the release of serotonin. 

Jodi: I love that. So we have the acute you’re having a panic attack. Yes. You to calm down. And then also for the chronic, you buy the one two punch and kind of address the underlying issues.

These are amazing. Can you share more about how people can find your products? Learn more 

Caroline: about you. Yes. You can go to beam We also have Instagram. You can just look up Beam Minerals on Instagram. And just come and check us out. I think that we might have a discount code for you.


Jodi: I hope you do. I’m was gonna ask for that. We will put one in the link below. And is there anything that we didn’t talk about that you’d like to share? 

Caroline: I think the main thing that I wanna leave people with is if there is one thing, there’s one thing, [00:27:00] just one thing that you can do for your body that will have the most effect.

It is replenishing minerals, full spectrum of minerals in an effective way. It is the tool that your body needs to gain and maintain healthy, happy, loving balance. 

Jodi: I completely agree 100% because if you don’t have the energy to heal, it makes it a lot harder. This was amazing. Thank you so much for your time and 

Caroline: your wisdom.

Thank you so much, Jodi. I really appreciate you having me.


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Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.