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Season 3, Episode 14: Excellent Health Begins in the Mouth with Trina Felber

By Jodi Cohen

“Good health starts in your mouth”… You may have heard this saying before but have you ever taken the time to think about what it truly means? Most everyone knows you should brush your teeth, but the reason why is so much more than to have a healthy smile. Think about it – your mouth is directly linked to every other aspect of your internal health!

Trina Felber, CEO of Primal Life Organics, started her natural skincare and dental company in 2008 and is known for disrupting the beauty industry by exposing hypertoxic personal care and cosmetic products. In this episode of Essential Alchemy, Jodi is joined by Trina to discuss your mouth microbiome and why oral care is so important to your overall health.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • [01:53] – Good health starts inside your mouth
  • [10:30] – Three essentials for a healthy mouth
  • [18:45] – Teeth whitening system with added benefits
  • [28:06] – Why is tongue scraping important?

About Trina Felber

Founder and Creator of Primal Life Organics. Life roles include: wife, mother of three, dental health and natural skincare expert, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Yogi, Paleo advocate, and educator. By nature, Trina loves creating products that heal, soothe, mend and repair the body and soul.

Trina is your Natural Health and Beauty Nurse and she is improving the way you feed your skin. She is a 34+ year nurse with a Masters in Nursing Anesthesia. Trina is the international best-selling author of Beauty’s Dirty Secret, skincare and health related speaker/writer and her food-based skincare products have been featured on TV stations all over the country including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. She is dedicated to helping others realize the dangers in everyday cosmetics and skincare, and spreading awareness for the importance of using plant-based, nutritional skincare products.

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Jodi: Hi, I’m Jodi Kuhn and I’m so [00:01:00] excited to be joined by my friend Trina Felber. She’s the founder and c e O of Primal Life Organics as a registered nurse with a master’s degree in anesthesia, Trina disrupted the beauty industry and exposed the Hyperoxic personal care products poisoning us by big cosmetics.

Started her natural dental and skincare company in 2008 and puts her nurse care. Into every product she makes. She is a multi-million dollar entrepreneur. Go you and the bestselling author of Beauty’s St. Dirty Secrets. She has made the Inc 5,000 list five years in a row and has been featured in Dr. Oz Paleo magazine, A B C B S N, bbc, Fox Affiliates, and on hundreds of podcasts worldwide.

Thank you. Welcome. 

Trina: Hey Jody. Thank you. I can’t wait to mouth off with you cuz we’ve done it before. Not on camera, really. 

Jodi: I know, I know. Well, one thing I, I heard you speak at Paleo FX a couple years ago and you did this amazing talk about [00:02:00] kind of the mouth microbiome and just spoke about it in a way that I’d never heard before.

So I’d love for you to share, some of you know, the health benefits of the mouth microbiome. 

Trina: Absolutely. Yeah. Most people don’t realize, um, I don’t know if you remember growing up or if you heard this growing up, but I did. I remember either my mom or the dentist saying, Hey, brush your teeth. Good health starts inside your mouth.

And I never really thought about what that meant. We just heard that saying, but nobody actually ingested it and was like, wait, what does that mean? Good health starts inside your mouth. What I’ve come to realize in my recent. Search is that if you don’t have good health inside your mouth, that is exactly where good health stops for you because your mouth is directly linked to every other organ and aspect of your health inside, internally.

And if you have the wrong bacteria, uh, inside your mouth, bad. Bad bacteria inside your mouth. [00:03:00] It’s creating acids, it’s creating plaque. Plaque is really a biofilm and it’s creating these acids that wear away at your enamel, so your enamel becomes really thin. Your teeth start to become really thin, and it also wears away and destroys your gum tissue.

When your gum tissue starts to get worn away, you start to get these weak junctions between the cells. Just like in your gut it you start to get these weak junctions where proteins and toxins can enter your system and cause inflammation internally. And the interesting thing about your mouth, And your gum tissue as opposed to when you drink or eat something, when you eat or drink something, your body has a protective mechanism called the liver where toxins and things that aren’t supposed to be in your body will go to your liver.

Your liver will detox, it’ll convert it to something that’s water soluble, so you can [00:04:00] excrete it or your gut will ex excrete it. Your digestion will. But in your mouth, when you absorb toxins that you’re exposed to all day long, whether it’s food, drink, or the air that we’re breathing, those toxins can get into your gum tissue.

Once in your gum tissue, which is very loaded, it’s got a lot of blood vessels in it, those toxins can enter your bloodstream and when they enter your bloodstream, They enter it at a point that it travels throughout your body, so this inflammation then can travel throughout your body, body to your heart, to your brain, to your kidneys, to your everywhere, and cause problems.

That’s why your mouth isn’t just linked. To your heart disease. It’s not just linked to, uh, early Alzheimer’s. Your mouth is linked to infertility. It’s linked to erectile dysfunction for men and women, diabetes, thyroid disease, all [00:05:00] sorts of things. 

Jodi: That’s amazing. I, you know, people talk about like metal amalgams and other toxins in the mouth, but they don’t really talk about, you know, just daily, um, your mouth has the wrong flora.

Can you talk a little bit about how people, um, you know, do’s and don’ts, like what they can? 

Trina: Yeah. How do you know, well, first off, how do you know if you have the wrong bacteria inside tobacco? Yeah. Right, because most people don’t know. But I can tell you that if you wake up with bad breath or you suffer from bad breath at all.

At all, even once throughout the day, that you have the wrong bacteria inside your mouth. We’ve been wearing masks. A lot of people have still been wearing face masks, right? Jodi’s laughing. Yeah. Face masks will increase the bad bacterial count inside your mouth. So even if you’re healthy and you’re eating good because of the environment, it’s all about the environment inside your mouth and what you’re [00:06:00] using.

The problem with our products that were being sold on the market is that they are acidic. And they are causing more bacteria, uh, the wrong bacterial growth inside our mouth. So you think that they should be good, we’re being sold, that they’re cleaning our teeth, they’re killing all of our bacteria. What they’re really doing is they’re causing cavities and gum disease because of what they’re, the way they’re formulated, they’re acidic by nature.

When, whenever there are acids inside your mouth, whether it’s from what you’re brushing your teeth with, mouthwash or what you’re eating, cuz there’s plenty of foods that are acidic, good foods. Coffee is completely acidic. Yeah. Co. Completely. So good foods can be acidic. Red meat can be, is acidic. Um, coffee, tea, red wine.

Um, anytime your mouth is acidic. Those minerals that are inside your enamel. I have a little thing here, my little prop it, those minerals [00:07:00] that are inside your enamel come out, so you lose minerals with acid exposure, the wrong bacteria inside your mouth, um, those bacteria create acid. That’s how they survive.

That’s how they live and, and procreate. Just like cancer cells, they love. They love the acidic environment so they create an acidic environment so that they can keep procreating and and destroy your good cells. So that’s the same thing that’s happening inside your mouth. Bacteria that is bad causes bad breath.

So anyone that suffers from bad breath, we were brainwashed into believing bad breath is okay. We just have to brush with something that’s got trickles in and s SLS and all the bad stuff in it, and mouth use mouthwash that has alcohol in it and will be fine. And the opposite is true. Bad breath is not okay.

It’s a signal to you that there’s an imbalance between the good guys in your mouth and the bad guys and the bad guys are winning. And if you don’t do something to stop that, you are gonna be losing minerals, denaturing your teeth, and [00:08:00] you’re gonna be wearing away your gum tissue. And it’s super easy to stop the process.

We just have to stop using the wrong products. Yeah, it’s a vicious cycle. Totally, totally. And so mouth washes don’t work, um, because they’re killing your good bacteria and the harsh ingredients in most toothpaste don’t work. Even natural products that you have to be very careful. Even natural products, while they’re better.

They’re not doing what you really need them to do to create this help. What you wanna create is this environment inside your mouth that is, um, think of a garden that’s really flourishing as opposed to the garden that has fungus and it has like bugs and it’s just you’re not getting good fruit. You want the garden that’s like got fruit galore, uh, or So what we need to do is get the good bacteria growing.

The best way to do that is to, um, I, I, so my story, let me go [00:09:00] into my story a little bit cuz this tells you a little bit about how I figured this all out because as a nurse, I got none of this In nursing school, doctors and nurses don’t get taught. I, and I’m even gonna go as far as to say most dentists don’t get taught what I’m gonna teach you.

Most dentists have no idea what I’m gonna tell you and how it really works to heal, heal teeth. Um, and primarily because, Dr. Wes a price is basically who I consider the founder of, um, of dentistry. And he discovered Dr. Wests a price was, uh, a dentist in the early 19 hundreds, and he discovered the link between sugar and cavities when 

Jodi: he was and didn’t he start looking at people who had healthy teeth and figuring out what they did right?

Trina: Yeah. So he would look at, um, people in the third world countries and he would notice that their teeth and their jaws, like their jaw bones were prominent very big. All of their teeth fit inside their mouth. They weren’t getting them pulled because they didn’t fit. They had [00:10:00] big teeth and they were white.

And when you take another look like, look deeper than that, they’re not obese. Yeah. They don’t suffer from diabetes. Or heart disease and, you know, they’re, they’re, they’re relatively healthy. And so he was like, why, what’s going on? So he discovered that the link between diet and dental health is extremely important.

And then dental health to overall health, that’s the link between overall health is inside your mouth. So let me go back a little bit. So when my daughter, um, Mia was two years old, she had a molar that came in that had this natural. What looked like a cavity, and so my husband, we took her to the dentist and the dentist told us that in utero when that tooth was being developed, I must have had some sort of infection or viral infection or stress or something where when that tooth was being developed, it had a natural defect, which was a natural cavity.

I had no idea that could happen, [00:11:00] but he said that the defect was pretty significant. He said most likely the tooth was gonna have to be pulled within one year, but his resolution was, let’s put a temporary filling in it. The temporary filling will be a bandaid. Uh, it’ll fall out every two to three months, and every time it falls out, we’ll just decide if we put another temporary filling or if we pull the tooth.

So as I was leaving the dental office, Well, I’ll never forget, he says, don’t worry, mom. He knew I was upset. I know that every tooth with a meridian is connected to an organ, and as soon as you pull the tooth, that connection is severed. And I didn’t want that to happen. So I was upset. And he said, don’t worry, mom, we put a temporary filling in it.

Now we just hope for the best. And I thought, there is no way that this mom is gonna hope for the best. Yeah. So I went home. Started researching and that’s when I found Dr. Wena Price and all of his research, and I came away with three takeaways from him. [00:12:00] Three takeaways. For a healthy mouth, you have to have an alkaline environment inside the mouth.

You have to brush with things that are alkaline to neutralize the acids. And to put minerals back in the teeth. Remember, when you’re eating something that’s acidic, or the bacteria is creating acids, it’s wearing away at your enamel and it’s causing damage to your gum tissue. But during an alkaline environment, your good bacteria.

Thrive, alkaline and bi and alkalinity kills the bad bacteria, breaks down plaque. It can actually destroy that hard coating the plaque and it’s gonna put the minerals. If minerals are present, minerals will go back in into your teeth. So it must be alkaline. How to know if what you’re using is alkaline.

It has to, I I say baking soda. Baking soda is the best indicator. It’s food, you know, it’s food grade. We use it in baking. Baking soda is the best indicator that what you’re brushing with is alkaline. The [00:13:00] second thing that Dr. Wesley Price, when I, when I did his research, I walked away saying, Has to have minerals, has to be alkaline, has to have minerals, because if I don’t have minerals in what I’m brushing with when it’s alkaline, those minerals, if it’s not alkaline and there’s minerals, those minerals are either gonna be, you’re gonna spit them out or you’re gonna ingest them, and they’re gonna go all the way through your body and then you’re gonna dispose of them.

But if it’s alkaline, it has the right minerals, you’ll be brushing those minerals right back into your enamel. So it has to have the right minerals, uh, and the. Your teeth are made up of calcium and phos primarily, but they also have manganese and silica and man magnesium and many other minerals in them.

They’re primarily calcium and phos, but it’s a lock-in key. So if you lose a manganese mineral in a certain spot, you can’t replace it with a calcium. You can’t replace it with a fluoride, you can only replace it. Technically so that it’s strong, you can only replace [00:14:00] it with the mineral that was lost. So, clay, when I, when I was reading his research, clay is what I found that has minerals in the ion form and a plethora of Mel uh, minerals, not just calcium and phos.

It’s, it’s got plenty of calcium and foss, but it has a lot of other minerals that are needed by your teeth to keep them strong. So, I use a blend of three different clays. The three clays then have all the minerals. So while you’re brushing, you’ve got three clays, a blend of baking soda, and I now added hydroxyapatite.

That’s a new, uh, a new ingredient that. Is the same composition as your enamel. So it is calcium and foss and brushing with that along with three clays. And baking soda is an environment that’s gonna allow your good bacteria to take over, kill off the bad stuff, and then put the minerals back in your teeth.

And then I, I, I make it, um, either peppermint. Or spearmint, or we flavor ours with [00:15:00] essential oils. And the essential oils help support good bacteria and kill off bad bacteria. They help whiten as well. All of this will help whiten your teeth, rebuild your enamel, and then your your good microbiome. When you have a healthy microbiome inside your mouth, you don’t wake up with bad bra, like you get that balance back so that you don’t have to worry about.

You know, gargling with alcohol or, um, using breath mints, which do the opposite of what they’re supposed to, and gum and things like that. 

Jodi: You know, it’s really funny. I don’t have any cavities, but my gums are like a horror movie to the point where my dentist wanted to refer me out to a periodontist. And so I wish I, I hadn’t thought of you.

I had heard, um, this company, scor has this. Binder biotoxin, which is clay. Mm-hmm. And someone said, just, um, swish it around your mouth once a day and see if it works. My dentist couldn’t believe she was blown away. She’s like, I don’t know what you’ve done, but you know how they like measure and they’re like three, four, whatever, like [00:16:00] 

Trina: are.

Well the last part of the, the equation, so there were the two that alkaline and it’s got I minerals. The last part is detox. Oh. So your gum tissue is loaded with toxins. Like when we think about what our mouth is exposed, you’re exposed to everything and heavy metals and uh, you know, especially tap water, if we are exposed to any tap water at all.

Tap water has a lot of heavy metals. It has a lot of drug waste in it. Um, but the environment that we’re breathing, you know, we’re exposed to so much, it can get into your gum tissue. Clay binds. Um, to those toxins and can pull them out so that your tissue can actually be clean and then the healing can begin.

Like when you think about mucked up, anything, anything that’s mucky you, you can’t heal very good. You can’t heal. It’s gotta be cleansed, it’s gotta be clean. And then you can get more blood flow and then detoxification can happen. They can get rid of the waste and more oxygen can be delivered. So when we’re talking about gum tissue, um, The third part of that is the clay, but the other important [00:17:00] aspect of your gums is making sure that you’re nur giving them nutrients that they need.

Your gum tissue is epithelial cells, so it’s just like your, um, your skin on your hand or your body. But the difference is that the environment that your, your, your gums are in is alcohol or is gonna be acidic most of the time cuz the foods that we drink, your saliva is supposed to keep your mouth more neutral and it’s supposed to protect, which is really our basic protective mechanism.

Um, our immune system starts with our saliva. 

Jodi: Isn’t that interesting? When you’re sympathetic dominant, you have less saliva, 

Trina: right? 100%. Yeah. And your saliva, so the, the, the, the pathway of making nitric oxide mm-hmm. Your saliva. Good bacteria in the mouth and good bacteria in the gut. If those three things are not there, your nitric oxide production is almost non-existent.

Your nitric oxide, nitric oxide, vasodilates, increases blood flow, [00:18:00] increases oxygen. So you think about your heart health. Erectile dysfunction, infertility, brain fog, all of these things, your immune system, all of these things are dependent on nitric oxide. Everyone walking around with a mask on and bad breath is not producing adequate amounts of nitric oxide.

You’re gonna start to see the fallout out out of that, not just inside your mouth, but is your immune system’s gonna become depleted and then you’re gonna end up with inflammatory problems that can. You know, make their head as anything. It could be diabetes or thyroid disease or cancer or anything. You know, so it’s your ma you know, it’s extremely important.

The bacteria inside your mouth is extremely important. And we wanna make sure, um, I do have, and Jody, I’m gonna send you one of these cuz we just revised them slightly and I know, I think you’ve got an older version. Yeah. But this. Teeth whitening system and it does more than teeth whiten because of the lights.

So it [00:19:00] has a blue light has 16 blue l e D lights. 16 Oh. It’s laser therapy for your mouth. And then you can do both. You can kinda see both red and blue. Yes. So you put this your MM in your mouth and um, I’m gonna talk you through what each one does. So, uh, let me start with the red because, um, you’re talking about receding gums.

So anyone with gums that, um, are receding. When you go to the dentist, they say your gums, you know, you’ve got the score, um, or bleeding gums. You know, bleeding gums are assigned, that you’re having issues, bacteria inside your gums. The red light therapy does the same thing for your gum tissue as red light therapy does for your skin.

It’s set at the wavelength. Or the nanometers, um, appropriate for gum tissue. Let me turn it back on. Um, but red light increases blood flow, so it’s gonna increase the diameter, which brings more nutrients in oxygen and waste products can be delivered or removed. Increases blood flow, um, reduces inflammation [00:20:00] inside the gums.

And also increases collagen production, which is also gonna be what is probably lacking as your gums are receding. Your gums and your bone tissue, your jaw, both need collagen in order to be, um, healthy. So the red light therapy, I tell people, use red light if you have issues with your gums. The blue light is really cool for inside the mouth, so the bacteria that’s harmful, that causes bad breath gum disease.

And, uh, cavities has this little piece to it. Harvard did a study. They found that the bad bacteria inside the mouth has this little red part to it. I call it the heme part, that when exposed to blue light, this, this part explodes. And when it explodes, the bacteria die. So what. What’s really cool is putting this inside your mouth light doesn’t just hit the surface, but it can penetrate.

So how cool [00:21:00] is that, that it could penetrate between your teeth and into the pockets of your gum, where the bacteria like to hide and you could zap the bacteria and kill them with blue light. So that’s what the blue light does. So if people have problems with plaque buildup or bacterial, Problems inside their mouth.

Bad breath. I tell them to start with just the blue light. If you are someone that, everything seems pretty good. You, you know, you, your teeth aren’t sensitive, you don’t have problems with plaque, you don’t have gum issues, then I tell them to do the treatment that has both the red and the blue. So you’ll get 16 blue, 16 red at the same time.

Um, But the gel, the gel that comes with it that I created is peroxide three. Cuz peroxide’s not a good thing for your mouth. Um, especially if you have amalgam filling fillings, the silver fillings, there’s a video, and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but there’s a video on YouTube. It’s gassing. Yeah, the vaporizing [00:22:00] too.

And it shows what peroxide does to silver fillings and it vaporizes. So then you breathe that in, and now you’re loading yourself with mercury. Wow. But I, I created the gel. Um, our gel is made with an olive oil base, soothing to your gum tissue, soothing to your teeth, not gonna hurt at all, even if your teeth are sensitive.

And then it has two clays in it, so that while you’re. You’ve got the mouthpiece that’s holding this on the, it’s like kinda, it’s, yeah. Very similar. 15 minutes. Yeah. The olive oil is gonna help with the cleansing of the gum tissue and the cleaning of the teeth. The, the clays are gonna help with remineralizing your teeth.

Your enamel is the thickest part of your tooth. What happens as we get older is we lose so many minerals from the surface that we start to see the dentin. So your teeth become transparent and you start to see the dentin underneath, which is off color. It’s usually grayish or [00:23:00] bluish. And the, the. The way peroxide works is that it pulls the fluid, the moisture out of the dentin, because if it does that, it can make it more opaque and your tooth will look white.

But what you’ve just done is destroyed the infrastructure, so now you have weakened the tooth inside here, and you are more prone to cavities and fractures of your tooth. So the best way to whiten your tooth is to remineralize the, the hard rep enamel part. The thicker your enamel, the whiter your tooth.

So it has two clays in it and hydroxyapatite. So while you’re doing your treatment, you’re gonna help, this will take time. This isn’t an overnight thing. You’ll, we’ll remove surface stains very quickly, but rebuilding the enamel takes a little bit of time. So, with the kit, Let me see if I’ve got my box with the kit.

You, you get the teeth whitener device and then you get, I have two gels missing cuz I’m using them. But, [00:24:00] um, you get 10 gels that come with it and a charger and um, each gel has two treatments, so you get 20 treatments. We recommend doing five treatments. A week, there’s 16 minute treatments. The light goes off after 15 or 16 minutes, um, 15 minute treatments, five times a week for four weeks.

And then after that, uh, we have the gels that you can purchase and do two treatments a week for life to keep your teeth in your gums healthy, and you can choose red light only, blue light only, or a combination just depending on what your needs are at that moment. How much is the kit? I’m gonna give you a special offer on the website.

The kit is $550, um, way less than what you would pay in a dental office for peroxide. Yes. But, um, I’ll give Jody a link and be sure to click through her link cuz you’ll get 60% off so you’ll be able to buy the kit for 1 99 97. 

Jodi: That is a deal. I love you. I really wanna land on what you were [00:25:00] saying is that a lot of these cosmetic processes.

Processes, you look better, but you’re actually deteriorating your health. What this is doing is boosting your health and also improving the physical 

Trina: insurance. Yeah, yeah, totally. You look better for a very short time. Yeah, you look better for a little bit of time, but then you know your teeth might look white, but y you’re starting to get sick from the ramifications of it.

And then ultimately, like with Par, Side and, and things that are leaching minerals, you know, your teeth are gonna eventually start to break or chip, or you’re gonna end up with cavities and root canals and all sorts of issues like that as 

Jodi: well. Yeah. And it just goes downhill from there. I’m curious. I’m, I’m happy to be like a, a Guinea pig for this because, um, I know, I, I, I know how close I am to the edge of my, you know, gums bleeding.

I’m happy to try this and see if it helps restore, like, I, I would be thrilled if I could rebuild gum tissue. Yeah, 

Trina: totally. I’ll send you my l e d so then you can, you know, tell everybody [00:26:00] Yeah. How you do. And then my other one, um, is the dental detox kit. I’ll send you, and I know you’ve used my tooth powder and stuff, but this is the kit that I put together.

I always got asked, you know, where do I start? What do I use? So I put together an entire kit that has everything you need for 60 days. Um, and I always tell people, please don’t use anything that’s not in this box for your, unless it’s the l e d. Um, because if you use another brand, even if it’s a natural product, a natural brand, many brands don’t formulate their products the way that I formulate mine.

Yeah. Like 

Jodi: palms, you know, they seem to cause they don’t have fluoride, but, 

Trina: but, but you know. One of the big no-no ingredients are, is glycerin. Glycerin is in so many te uh, toothpaste. It’s in regular toothpaste, but it’s also in natural toothpaste and glycerin. What it does is it puts like a saran wrap coating on your tooth, so you can’t get minerals in them.

It literally puts a saran wrap coating it. It desensitizes the two, so you don’t know that you’re losing [00:27:00] minerals. Um, Odine, um, uses something else, but it’s similar. It’s a, an ingredient that is, it’s not gonna hurt you. You could probably swallow glycerin and you’ll be fine. It’s not toxic, but it’s, it’s detrimental to your tooth.

So that’s why, um, natural companies will put it in there. It makes your teeth feel smooth and it makes your teeth feel not sensitive. But the problem is, is you’re not gonna get minerals in here. You’re not gonna be helping your tooth. At all for the long term. So what happens when you start using a product like mine?

If you were using a product that has glycerin, it will erase the glycerin. And if you have areas that are mineral depleted, Your sensitivity might go up slightly. So what I tell people to do is just take a little bit, this is the larger size of it, but take a little bit of the powder, dip it on your finger, and then just place it anywhere where you might have a sensitive tooth.

You could do this ju um, Jodi too. Just putting it on your gum [00:28:00] tissue, like just Yeah, that’s a great idea. It’s a little bonus. Mm-hmm. And then it’ll help remineralize it faster. Talk 

Jodi: about tongue scraping. I do that. I love it. But I I’m just curious, like, tell people 

Trina: the benefits. Yeah. Tongue scrapings amazing.

If you’re not doing it, then you’re just basically leaving, um, a, a flower bed of, uh, bacteria. Ba basically think of your, your tongue as a flower bed or a garden. And, um, at, if, if you don’t get rid of the, the stuff that’s growing on top of it, then your taste buds, which are, you know, what makes you taste things, uh, will never be able to function properly.

You’ll never get the best benefit. But that to that white coating on your tongue is, um, is the bacteria. That is bad. It’s gonna create acid. So even if you’re brushing and you’re doing everything right, you’re blush brushing and flossing and putting good oil on your gum tissue and doing an L e d. If you’re not scraping your tongue and you have a white [00:29:00] coating that is creating acid, so you’re still gonna have that acid mouth.

This is the reason that masks over your mouth all the long. Creates a problem is that it creates that coating on your tongue and then that branches out into your, um, gum tissue. So scraping it, it takes, I would say I’ve never really timed it, but I would say between five and 10 seconds to 

Jodi: scrape your time.

Even, even less. And I, I always do it when I wake up. I don’t, how often do you recommend doing it 

Trina: a day? I, you know, if I can get you to do it once a day, I’m happy. Yeah. Twice a day is better. So I just tell people like, look, I’m not trying to overwhelm anybody, so if you just do it once a day, You are better than not doing it.

If you do it twice a day, it’s literally three swipes. Yeah. On your tongue. I just, I brush my 

Jodi: teeth and then I, I do it and I’ve, I’ve, I really 

Trina: like it. Yeah, and that’s what I tell people. Um, and I have a whole protocol if anybody, so, um, I’ll give you the links for this as well. That way they can get a discount on the detox kit.

If anyone is [00:30:00] interested in getting the l e d, you don’t have to do both. You will ultimately get the opportunity to purchase this as well when you ordered the l e d. Um, but the, the copper tongue scrapper, it’s a copper tongue scrapper in here, and as long as you wipe it. Um, so it’s dry and not sitting in water.

This tongue scrapper will last you a lifetime. Yeah, you’ll never have to replace that. Um, so it’s really cool. And then you’ll get, um, biodegradable floss picks as well. They’re made with cornstarch. I’m, I’m very in tune to Mother Earth. She gives me what I need to put in my products, so I always try and.

Give little back to her. So this is biodegradable, the um, bamboo toothbrushes biodegradable as well with activated charcoal in the bristles to detox and cleanse a little bit more. And then the gum serum, which we kind of touched on, it’s an olive oil. Oh, here it is. It’s an olive oil base with 11 essential oils.

You use this instead of mouthwash, and all you do is drop one, two, or three drops [00:31:00] right on your finger. And I like to put it right on my gums. And then I’ll get a little bit more and put it all over the tissues of my mouth. And even on my tongue, I’ll even do my tongue with it. And it, and it, you 

Jodi: know, the one, the one oil we might wanna recommend, um, something for the lymph, like our lymph oil or even cast oil.

Cause you know, you’re, Yelling fire. Yeah. You’re make sure that things can 

Trina: drain. Yeah. And you’re mobilizing all those toxins, so Yeah, totally. Totally. And I love, uh, like your limp and the adrenal. Those are like my two favorite. I’m like hooked on the adrenal. I so am I, 

Jodi: so am. I 

Trina: don’t know if I need it or not, but I still use it because I love it.

I, I just, Love a smell. 

Jodi: We know it’s really interesting. I, I do yoga every day and I, we always have balance. I’ve noticed if I smell it before the balance exercises, it’s so much easier to kind of feel centered and grounded. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And, and I love everything. Thank you so much for that amazing education on the mouth and what we should be doing.

Please tell [00:32:00] people how they can find more about you, uh, learn more from you. 

Trina: Primal life Organics. I should come up so I can even see my shirt. I, yeah. Uh, primal life is the website. My support team, if anybody has any questions, you can reach out. Uh, it’s and, um, we’re on Instagram, we’re on Facebook, we’re on most of the.

Platforms, you know, there’s so many, but we’re on most of the major platforms. Instagram and Facebook are probably our most interactive. Um, but yeah, we’re here for you. I’m here for you. I’m, you know, I’m, I just wanna help people understand really, if you’re, if you’re taking care of the inside of your body, but you’re not taking care of your mouth, you’re never really going to be able to heal properly.

So good health 

Jodi: service and giving back to your original story about the dentist, let’s just hope there’s a lot you can do. You don’t need to hope, you know, like when. My dentist was like, I think we need to send you to the periodontist. I’m like, well, what are they gonna do? Are they really even gonna fix it?

No, they’re just gonna use sharper Knives. I’m like, that does not sound fun. I, I have a better [00:33:00] plan. 

Trina: Did I tell you the end of that story? I can’t remember. Oh, no. Wrap it up. Oh yeah. I always see, I forget the punchline. I forget the, can’t forget the end. So the tooth that was, Supposed to be pulled within a year.

Yeah. My goal when I started making my tooth powder, cuz the whole reason I made my tooth powder was for my daughter. So the whole goal was if I can get that tooth to one year and one day I win, I only wanna get it past one year. That tooth fell out naturally at the age of 12 and that original filling that was supposed to last two months, lasted 10 years and was in that tooth, and her tooth had.

Remineralized over that temporary filling to support it and prevent any bacteria from getting inside. So that tooth lasted the life of the tooth with the original filling still in place. 

Jodi: You know, it’s really funny. I have two baby teeth in my mouth. I’m 53. Um, I have not let them pull ’em, and I only have one wisdom tooth that they wanted to pull, [00:34:00] and I’m like, let’s just see it.

It’s totally fine. It grew in naturally, so yeah, you, you know, everything is a starting point 

Trina: and you, you have options. Yeah, you do. You have options and as long as you have knowledge, you can make the best decision. And that’s what my goal is, is just let people understand, you know, go home, look at what you’re using if you’re not at home, or pull out your toothpaste right now.

And if it doesn’t have baking soda, it doesn’t have Clay Hydroxyapatite, you know, then you’re missing those three com components that really. Really you need to, and it’s so easy when I talk about like the mouth detox kit, people will tell me that their teeth are super sensitive. They’ve had sensitive teeth for years, years, years, years.

They’ll use it for three days and their sensitivity’s gone and they can’t believe it. They’re like, oh my God, I’ve suffered for this with this for years and my after three days. So it happens very quickly because the way it’s formulated, it’s formulated so that those minerals can get in. Otherwise, you’re just exactly.


Jodi: No, this is [00:35:00] great. Thank you so much for your time and for your wisdom. This was fabulous. Well, thank 

Trina: you and it was so good to see you and chat with you again, Jody. I miss chatting with you. 

Jodi: I miss you too. All right. Thank you.

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