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Season 3, Episode 19: How EMF Energy Makes Your Body Vulnerable And Harms Healing with Brian Hoyer

By Jodi Cohen

EMFs are everywhere – and even though they can’t be seen, they can definitely have a major impact on your health. From the electricity in your walls, to pulsating lights and wireless frequencies, even our homes don’t shield us from their power. It’s time to get back to our roots – and find ways to limit our exposure.

In this episode of Essential Alchemy, Jodi is joined by Brian Hoyer to talk about EMFs and how energy can throw off your body’s ability to heal. Brian is one of the world’s TOP EMF mitigation specialists and the founder of Shielded Healing. It is his goal to help modern humanity recreate electromagnetic environments that more closely mimic our ancestral habitats. 

Tune in to learn about:

  • [03:14] – EMFs and your environment
  • [13:35] – How we become off balance
  • [19:47] – A perfect storm
  • [24:25] – When is natural energy problematic?
  • [29:42] – Get a headstart on EMF mitigation

About Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer is one of the world’s top EMF mitigation specialists and a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. He began his dive into health when he became a father, wanting to provide the most optimal growing environment for his family. This desire led Brian to train with the Klinghardt Academy, and eventually become a certified Geobiologist.

He founded Shielded Healing in 2017 with the goal of helping modern humanity recreate
electromagnetic environments that more closely mimic our historic human habitats. His work has helped connect the EMF mitigation world with the health and wellness industry.

Brian has hand selected and trained an elite team of EMF professionals, chosen for their health and wellness lifestyles, and like-minded perspectives on freedom. Shielded Healing travels all over the U.S., guiding people in creating ancestral healing spaces in their homes and offices. They offer consultations to customize EMF shielding for homes and businesses from the ground up in new construction and remodel projects, including hotels, and schools.

Brian and his team are the favorite EMF consultants for many notable names in the Wellness and Biohacking Community, including Dr. Mercola, Dr. Ben Lynch, Ben Greenfield, Luke Storey, professional athletes and celebrities. The Shielded Healing Team works closely with functional medicine doctors, hospitals, and clinics around the world to provide EMF shielding solutions and building protocols to reduce their patients’ EMF exposures.

Brian is a husband, father of 4 children, and loves being part of innovation and designing healthier products and environments. He’ll soon be launching a new website called The Shielding Shop, that will provide EMF products that are all fully tested, used and recommended by Shielding Healing.

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Jodi:  Hello, I am your host, Jodi Cohen, and I’m really [00:01:00] excited to welcome someone I’ve been friends with for quite some time. Brian Hoyer, and he has been evolving in this evolving world of EMF. He is one of the world’s top EMF mitigation specialists and a fellow functional nutritional therapy practitioner. He began his deep dive into health when he became a father. How many kids do you have now?

Brian: Four. 

Jodi: What are their ages?

Brian: 13, 10, almost eight year old, and then a two-year-old.

Jodi: And he wanted to pride the most optimal growing environment for his family. You founded SHIELD Lead Healing in 2017 with the goal of helping modern humanity recreate electromagnetic environments that more closely mimic our historic human habitants. And you’ve been hand selected and trained an elite team of EMF professionals. You offer consultations to customize EMF shielding for homes and businesses from the ground up in new construction, remodel projects, hotels, and schools. 

And you also have this amazing class to help people figure out a DIY class that we can talk about.

Brian: We’re trying to help people where they’re at. ’cause a lot of people aren’t ready to just have a professional come in and scan the whole place and come up with a whole plan right away.

We do travel to all the contiguous United States and then sometimes we’ll get out to Hawaii and we’re trying to plan a trip up to Alaska and we go to Mexico sometimes. But usually we can get to any place in the contiguous United States ’cause I’ve got about five people trained to go all over and we hit every place about once every other month or once every three months on the East Coast and West Coast. And we have people stationed all around the United States.

Jodi:  Tell me a little bit about your background and how you got into what you do.

Brian: My background, as stated in my bio, is that I started off as a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, and I had a practice in California where I was seeing about 50 regular clients and doing in-office testing with all the neurolymphatic reflex points. And I learned Dr. Klinghardt’s autonomic response testing. And so I was incorporating all of that into my practice and building these customized protocols for people to help balance their digestion and hormones and basically everything just building these customized protocols. And with that certification, you tend to want to do continuing education

And when I did the Klinghardt training for the autonomic response testing, which is a type of muscle testing system, that’s I think it’s probably the most accurate way to muscle test. He’d had this lecture on EMF and just made this statement about half of his practice has children with autism and in his experience that the children will not get better unless they do these steps to take care of the EMF problem. And those things like turning the Wi-Fi off at night and moving the bed away from geopathic stress zones or mitigating the geopathic stress zones.

And fully shielding the entire bedroom and installing filters for the dirty electricity. There was all these points that you have to hit and you have to do all of these things or else the patient doesn’t get better.

Jodi:  And so it that’s not every autistic patient. Just to clarify, it’s ones that happen to be in geopathic stress zones.

Brian: It’s every one of his patients he noticed, especially with the children with autism. But yeah, there’s people with chronic Lyme and mold… But he would always have as a prerequisite that you have to take care of this first. Otherwise, I won’t work with you. I don’t know if that’s still his policy, but he had that in place for a while.

Jodi: Basically I do think the point being that you have to look at the environment as well. 

Brian: If you’re doing all these things and the supplements aren’t working. And this is what I started to notice in my practice is that I would get people better like spending like six or eight weeks on a gut healing protocol, optimizing their digestion as soon as they get off the supplements. Even though they’re still eating the same way, things would start to come back, the stress would creep in and I started to experiment with shielding the EMF and doing things that way. I would notice that they wouldn’t need the supplements anymore. Sometimes they could just heal without a lot of the supplements. 

If you want to jumpstart the healing, I would definitely use the supplements.

There’s some really powerful things you can use, including essential oils to help balance the organs and get everything moving in a really quick way, but in order to maintain that, addressing these environmental stressors can even boost the effectiveness of all of the things that you’re doing with supplementation, digestive enzymes oils, like whatever you’re doing. If you have a better environment that’s not bombarding you all the time while you’re sleeping, then all the therapies that you’re doing tend to work better

And so I was looking around for other professionals to recommend, ’cause I didn’t know much about this. I’d only started to research on my own. And nobody was doing those steps to make the perfect environment, which is what I wanted. Because as a nutritional therapy practitioner, I’m trying to get people back to an ancestral diet and more of an ancestral lifestyle. But everything that you’re putting into your body needs to be natural, whole food nutrient dense, but they weren’t in an ancestral environment to healing

So my thought was, we’re working so hard to get all this stuff into the body that’s ancestral, like what humans have eaten for thousands of years or whatever. But yet we don’t have an ancestral environment. And so like we have all of these crazy stressors that are modern stressors that are just bombarding us and causing dysfunction in the body. And so how do we fix that to match a more ancestral environment, and there just wasn’t anybody doing that. So I decided to look around and search, and I found a clinic from Austria, a naturopathic and environmental medicine clinic that was doing a workshop in the United States. And I went to their training, got certified with them as a geobiologist, and started my journey with that. Implementing these solutions and taking it to higher levels and more shielding that better matches our ancestral environment.

Brian: We added in light. I don’t think I was testing much in artificial lighting when I did your assessment in Seattle a few years ago, but now we’re actually testing lighting with these cool spectrometers that we have. And going around and trying to match the outdoor light with the indoor light and changing the lights inside the house to better accommodate, like healing indoors

Because let’s be honest, a lot of us spend a lot of time indoors, especially in the winter. And the lighting environment is huge for combating things like seasonal affective disorder, vitamin D deficiency, and all sorts of things. Even a lot of mitochondrial dysfunction because of not being exposed to near-infrared light nearly as much in the winter versus when you’re outside a lot more in the summertime.

Jodi: So you identified a need that needed filling and you dove in to figure out how the environment can either support your regulation or dysregulate you.

Brian: And that’s essentially the philosophy of it is with anything we do. Let’s think about this in terms of foundational ancestral tenets, and that’s really the baseline of what’s healthy for humans, because that’s how our bodies have developed over thousands and thousands of years to be in an environment where this certain type of food is available and our bodies adjust to that

And what kind of environment did we have? How are we walking on the ground? Was it barefoot? Were we getting connected to the earth? There’s many modern things where we’re disconnected from the earth with rubber sole shoes, building our houses up off the ground. And driving in cars instead of on a living, being like a horse where they’re connected to the ground.

And so we’re disconnecting ourself from this beneficial energy from the earth and introducing all these wireless frequencies and pulsating electric currents that are actually causing stimulation in a more sympathetic response, a more fight or flight response in the body. The idea is okay, how do we get back connected to the earth and how we’re supposed to be on this planet? How do we block out a lot of the artificial frequencies, whether it’s electricity from the walls or in the harmonics that go along with that electricity and the wireless frequencies and the magnetic fields and the artificial pulsating light that we have, and also making sure that we have the right spectrum of light. 

The model is, what does nature provide us and what have we messed up on this planet? And how do we use technology and shielding techniques to recreate the environment that we are supposed to be in. I think this really made sense to me after thinking about, one day we were at the zoo. And my wife was a zookeeper. We were looking at all these animals and there was these spider monkeys in Lodi, California at this zoo that she was working at as a zookeeper. And there was people feeding them hot dogs. And as a zookeeper, she would have to be like, you can’t feed them that, that’s not their natural diet. 

And and it created this idea in my mind, what if we had a human exhibit? What would our natural diet be? And what would we be looking like? And I think right now what it would look like is just a living room and everybody connected to their Wi-Fi and their cell phones with the blue light blasting. And that’s completely different than what a zookeeper would want for our species. Historically, for thousands of years, we would’ve been barefoot, grounded to the earth, sun on our skin, and we wouldn’t have any of these frequencies around.

And so that picture of a human exhibit in a zoo, what is the natural environment? Zookeepers work so hard to provide more natural environment. What they would have in nature. Eating the right diet. Creating trees and limbs and habitats that they can actually climb on that mimics the natural environment so that they can still be who they are of their, as in the essence of who they are as a species. Monkeys need to be monkeys, they need to climb.

Jodi:  Let’s first talk about what throws us outta balance, like you mentioned EMFS and electricity. Can you talk a little bit about what that does to us and how you un unpack that.

Brian: I like to split things up into natural frequencies versus unnatural ones. Basically the natural frequency of electricity is the DC energy that you get from the earth. And this is a one-way direction. It’s just straight, flat, consistent, constant flowing energy. Like when you’re barefoot on the ground, you’re getting that constant energy going up. You’re actually releasing negative ions and discharging any static electricity that’s built up on the body now with with the manmade electricity, which is alternating current, that’s not found in nature anywhere. 

And so it’s alternating current instead of going one direction, and no pulsing, no constant, it’s going. Alternating up and down and forward. So there’s three directions to it and it’s pulsating at 60 hertz. And 60 hertz actually interacts with our bodies because a lot of our brainwaves go from about 10 hertz all the way up to 60 hertz. The Schumann resonance of the earth is about 7.87 to up to 30 hertz and it varies throughout the day and the night. And that kind of helps our body set its circadian rhythm.

And along with the light cycles and the magnetic cycles of the earth and moon and sun. And so there’s all these natural things that are occurring, but the unnatural thing is these pulsations, and I like to give the example of thinking about the way that the human body responds to electricity. Like when you think of an extreme, like you get shocked by an electrical outlet. Like electricians know that if you grab something, you have this muscle contraction that happens and it’s hard to let go if it’s on, it sticks to you and your muscles are contracting. 

Or when you restart a heart, you pump voltage into the heart, it contracts the heart, and that’s how you get a heart to restart. So there’s this contraction. That happens with this pulsation and it can be involuntary. So our bodies are very, very much responding to these pulsating currents of electricity in a way that’s not natural. And when you contract a muscle, you use up calcium, the magnesium is supposed to relax the muscle. So if you constantly have this contraction and relaxation that’s happening because of pulsing, then you’re losing calcium and you’re losing magnesium. And I’ve often thought that, man, maybe the reason why like over 80% of the world population is deficient magnesium is because we don’t really have that much in our diet and we’re losing a lot of it because of all this EMF pulsation that’s happening that’s making us lose it on a cellular level.

Jodi:  And just even the imbalances, like to your point that we’re taking all the right supplements and we’re sleeping, we’re moving, we’re eating, and something’s still off. What are we missing?

Brian:  This mineral balancing thing and magnesium affects sodium and there’s all kinds of other interactions that happen with any one mineral depletion. It doesn’t mean that you’re just gonna be imbalanced in one mineral.

All the minerals are connected in various ways in the body, and so it can start to really cause some major dysregulation when any one environmental stressor is depleting even one mineral or one vitamin or whatever it is. There’s some other side things that happen. Typically people who are exposed to a lot of EMF have lower melatonin production. And I think a lot of that has to do with the oxidative stress that’s created from the voltage hitting the cell membrane and creating this molecule called peroxynitrite. And that’s an inflammatory molecule, it’s found in high levels for people that have multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders. They have all of these chronic conditions that people are dealing with often have a component of high peroxynitrite levels in certain parts of the body. 

The melatonin actually helps to diffuse that whole situation by dampening that inflammatory response. And there’s just all of these intricate things that can happen just because of one type of exposure or multiple types of exposure. And EMF is one of those things where there’s all different kinds of EMF that you have to consider. And really there’s no one solution that fixes all the types of EMF because it includes visible light all the way down to wireless frequencies from your phone and then also the electricity in your walls. And each one of those things has a different solution. You can’t do the same thing to protect yourself. Turning off your Wi-Fi doesn’t fix your light environment. Fixing your light environment doesn’t fix the electricity that’s coming onto you and buzzing your cells from the wiring behind the walls.

Jodi:  The one thing I wanted to add, I’ve heard that it’s like a perfect storm that EMF exacerbates mold growth and parasites and all these other problems. When you have EMF in the mix, it just compounds it. Metals in your mouth react.

Brian: Everything, especially the metals, your whole body’s conductive and resonates with these frequencies in different ways. And it depends on the size of your organs too. ’cause the. All of these frequencies have different lengths of the waves. So there’s some waves that are like the size of your head and that’s gonna resonate a lot with your head and actually go pretty much all the way into the center of your brain. 

So there’s a certain frequency that’ll resonate with the myelin sheath of your brain. Certain ones that’ll resonate more with the liver and the pancreas, or the gallbladder or the spleen. And it can go down and even to the cellular level your skin actually provides a pretty good protection for a lot of those higher frequencies that are smaller wavelengths and resonate more with smaller tissues and organs. 

But in general, the human body is about anywhere between four and seven feet tall. And so the frequencies that resonate most with that are really smack dab in the middle of the FM radio. And so a lot of people don’t realize that cell phone frequencies can resonate pretty well with the body up to about three gigahertz. But the radio is the radio stations that you get from your FM radio, like when you’re changing stations in your car, those resonate the most. And if you’re really close to any of those towers, then you could have some really major things going on in your house, ’cause a lot of things in your house are about the same size as your body. 

If you have a metal chair or eight foot tall walls with metal beams in it, there’s all kinds of things that can resonate with those frequencies and when it resonates, it creates a field that comes out from it, a certain distance.

And so the most practical example would be like, if you remember those old bunny rabbits on the television set and you would go to get close with your hand to them, the reception starts to get better. That’s because your body is picking up that signal and resonating that frequency out a certain distance. So as you get close to the antenna, it’s showing you that, hey, your body is acting like an antenna. And when you start to touch that antenna that’s on the TV you’re becoming part of that antenna and helping the reception to be better.

Jodi:  My grandparents used to take aluminum and attach it.

Brian: You can put aluminum on there and that’s one of the reasons why I question, and I don’t really recommend a lot of the shielded clothing that’s out there is because it’s like putting aluminum on the antenna. You’re an antenna already and then you’re surrounding yourself with metal and it is blocking some of the frequencies, but there’s these other resonant frequencies that are collecting that energy and retransmitting the objects frequency back into the body, sometimes even stronger than the original signal

And if you wear shielded clothing, I like it better for when you’re traveling at an airport or airplane because the frequencies they’re using are higher frequencies. Like on an airplane they’re using 2.4 gigahertz. That’s a little bit higher frequency. That’s not gonna resonate as much with the shielded clothing. But when you’re out and about, like at your house or in town, you’re gonna have hundreds or thousands of different frequencies that are resonating onto that clothing. And then retransmitting very close to your body and penetrating into your tissues and organs.

That’s why some people feel better with it and others feel terrible at the same time. And the only difference is they’re wearing the same clothes, but they’re in a different environment. Some people might be in an environment where they have higher frequencies they are exposed to, and other people that might feel bad wearing it may have lower frequencies that are actually resonating and creating a more of a problem.

Jodi: Thank you for clarifying the difference between natural and unnatural energy. When you came to our house, there was some natural energy. If there are streams that are flowing in a certain way, sometimes natural energy, if your house is out of alignment, can be problematic. 

Can you talk about that a little bit? 

Brian: This kind of goes back to what our ancestors discovered, they didn’t have any of the manmade frequencies around that were causing problems. And so they were much more sensitive to natural elevated frequencies and fields that could impact their own bodies and also the bodies of livestock and pets and things like that. 

There’s some areas of the earth where the magnetic field is stronger. And more what I would say, noxious fields where there’s more metal in the ground and it’s compressing, or there’s water that’s pushing through different types of metal, creating a battery-like effect and coming up from the earth. And those intense areas are very problematic. Especially at nighttime because they get charged by the sun during the day and then they give off different types of radiation depending on what the material is from the ground during the night. And your body at night is meant to be.

Nighttime and sleep is meant to be a repair mode for the human body. And so it’s like you’re checking into all of your body’s frequencies without any interference from outside frequencies. And so if you think about it like what happens at night, the sun goes down, so you don’t have any of the natural light frequencies that your body’s being stimulated by. And also our ancestors, they would go into perhaps a cave or a stone structure or a mud hut. And they would actually be the natural resonances of the earth would be dampened in that environment. And so that’s even less of stimulation from the outside world, even the natural energies. And so any natural energy in excess that you’re getting coming up from the earth is also problematic. 

So you wanna be in a low energy space while you’re sleeping and so that your body can tune into. Something in my brain is putting out a pain signal or some kind of frequency ’cause our bodies actually communicate via these electrical signals and when there’s interference, it’s harder to know what’s going on in the body ’cause there could be a false signal coming from any manmade source or even a natural source, like if there’s a lightning storm going on. And there’s a lot of documentation historically about people getting sick during thunderstorms as well.

Jodi: What about where the bed is and if there’s some kind of underwater stream that’s in that area and how that throws you off?

Brian:  You can measure with the classical way to measure according to environmental medicine in Europe is to measure it with these copper dowsing rods.

And basically it’s more scientific than it is. Because you’re standing there with these two electrodes, basically these copper rods, and your body is conductive. And when you enter into a field, the polarization changes and the copper rods tend to attract toward one another. When you have a more intense field that you’re exposed to, walk over and you can detect underground water currents that are going, that’s what a lot of these people do to find wells and oil. 

A lot of the big oil companies will actually hire somebody that’s really good with the copper rods to go and find out where to drill the hole for oil or for water and they’ll get it, they pay ’em hundreds of thousands of dollars just ’cause they know right where to dig the well. And that’s what a lot of our team members do. Besides all of the manmade stuff that we’re testing for, with all of our equipment and everything, we’re testing for these stress zones, especially on the bed where you’re sleeping. But also where you’re spending a lot of time during the day and then mapping it out. 

And we can either move the bed or we have a DIY solution that we guide people through to make these copper rings that actually create a deflection field and and essentially create a bubble around the bed, you just have two pieces of copper and a figure eight, and as that energy comes up, it resonates on that copper figure eight structure that you’ve built, and then it resonates back that same frequency to the ground, and then you can test it with the rods and it doesn’t come together anymore in that area.

Jodi:  What I’ve heard so far is that energies can throw off our healing. There’s not a one size fits all solution. It’s not like everyone should wear the shielding clothing.

But you do have a system for helping to educate people about what’s going on so they can home assess and do some things themselves and then have resources to hire out. Can you talk about your course and how that’s structured?

Brian: The course is called The Electric Pollution Fixed Course, and I partnered up with Nick Pineault the EMF guy to offer that course. And Nick is very well versed on EMF research and he interviews a lot of EMF scientists. The side that 

I bring into it is all the practical solutions. Me and my team were on the ground, doing 30 to 40 EMF testings at people’s homes and businesses per month. And so doing 30 to 40 per month, we’re really in tune with the products that are out there. We’re testing saunas all the time. We’re testing light panels, we’re testing all these kinds of biohacking equipment and so we know and lighting, so we know what the good products are and what the ones that can be improved are. 

Oftentimes we’ll work with these companies to improve products, whether it’s something that you use in therapeutically or just a household item. But the course actually walks you through all the things that you can do on your own. Before we even get there, which actually makes our testing in a person’s house go a lot better. And then it goes a lot faster. You can really zero in on, here’s the ultimate solution for your house because you’ve already taken care of all the stuff internally. That’s the problem. 

But the issue that we have run into the last few years is that we’ve come to a point in human history where everybody who cares about health and wellness needs to do something to shield their bedroom at night. And that’s because we have increasing amounts of wireless.

It’s not getting better, it’s getting worse all the time. There’s more and more frequencies and it’s coming, bombarding us from the outside. No matter what you do on the inside, there’s always gonna be these outside sources that are bombarding you and you have to do something about that. About 60% of what you have to do for EMF mitigation is inside the home. And so it’s taking that big chunk and giving you a headstart on all of that

And it’s it makes it so we can really zero in when we come in with our $20,000 worth of equipment that we’re bringing into people’s homes to test this. Most people can’t afford to buy the equipment and learn it all themselves and do that. So that’s the service that we provide and come up with a plan for them to, through shielded healing to basically mitigate, especially the bedroom, but also do as much as we can throughout the house. Every home is different. We’ll find wiring errors, things that electricians have done in the past that are creating a magnetic field over like a whole half of the house or sometimes the whole house.

Jodi: I remember you found that in mine, my circuitry in my bedroom wasn’t grounded and I had to bring in a new electrician to totally fix it.

Brian: It’s very common, actually. Probably one out of three homes we have to get an electrician involved to, to fix something minor. One or two out of 10 there’s something major that we need to really work with them on fixing and electricians. We’re lucky because we have enough knowledge that we’re able to show in the National Electric Code which thing is wrong in, because the National Electric Code, if electricians follow that to a T, then you’re not gonna have many issues for magnetic fields in the house. But the caveat to that is that you’re always gonna have electric fields just because of the materials that they use.

They’re using this plastic Romex that’s not shielded and from voltage leaking out. So the voltage basically covers the whole room and you’re surrounding yourself with these pulsating frequencies in 99.9% of homes in the United States. The only exception is if you live in some condo in like a high rise in Chicago or New York, or possibly LA or Dallas or someplace like that. And they used metal conduit to hold the wires in, and then that conduit’s grounded, and so there’s not any electric fields leaking out of that. So basically what we recommend to do is either use a canopy around the bed that can be grounded to block those electric fields from coming onto your body, or we have a system of shielding paint that we recommend that’s grounded and that blocks all that electricity from coming onto your body and stimulating you all night long while you’re sleeping.

Jodi: How do people find out about this course, which sounds like a great kind of gateway to learning more and working with you?

Brian: You can find it at electrapollutionfix.com. And we’ll have a coupon code for your listeners for a hundred dollars off the course. The course retails for $297, so it would be $197 with your coupon. It goes module by module, there’s homework. And you can get your family involved in a lot of the things, one of the things we do is have you take a slow motion video of all the lights in your house to see if your lights are flickering. 

What we found is that a lot of the issues that people have that are electrosensitive, or people that’re just trying to optimize their health, a lot of people are really aware of blue light, that it’s bad at night, but not many people have been understanding that flicker is a huge issue as well.

I really helped bring that to the forefront about four years ago when I started measuring with this German made meter here. And it measures flicker and you can hear that’s the 60 hertz from the light above me and this is another light source over here and another one. That’s the sound of the flickering happening, and they convert it to an audio signal so you can actually hear it. But that’s a neurological stressor. If you think about strobe lights and epileptic seizure. But a lot of us have these lights all around our house. We’re wondering why we’re getting headaches when we go to the office or we’re at home in this certain area

If you can just do the slow motion video on the lights, that’ll give you a clue as to if they’re flickering ’cause you’ll be able to visually see it flickering in slow motion. That’s an example of one of the homeworks where you can really get your family involved, which is important because getting the family on board with everything you’re doing. There’s gonna have to be a few changes that need to be made, and we really want people to have success. And that’s a huge thing if you have a skeptic in the house, we have a whole module on how to get skeptics on board and each module is about a different type of EMF, what to do if you’re in an apartment, if you’re not in a permanent situation, what to do if you’re building or house, that sort of thing

And we just go through everything and it’s a self-paced thing and we’ve had really stellar reviews so far.

Jodi:  Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance and everyone can learn more. We’ll have all the links below and thank you for the generous discount.

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Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.