How Essential Oils Work

by Jodi Cohen

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I am often asked how Essential Oils work.

While there are many theories, the one that makes the most sense to me is the idea that they help us return to our natural state of balance, known as homeostasis, so that we can heal.

There is a balance in nature – the tides, the seasons, the moon cycles all ebb and flow in balance.


How Essential Oils Work


Essential Oil bottles, bright backgroundI believe that our bodies were designed to maintain a similar natural rhythm. Unfortunately, modern life with its artificial lighting, artificial chemicals, genetically modified food, and intensified electromagnetic frequencies coupled with the lack of time spent outdoors and in nature interferes with our internal rhythm and balance. It makes it hard for us to sleep, to detoxify, to digest, to anti-inflame and relax.

When our bodies are in a balanced state, these natural processes flow easily without interference. The body can easily recognize or respond to a stressor, then return to balance.

Connecting with nature – either by consuming nutrient-dense whole food and minerals or inhaling or topically applying essential oils derived from plants — allows us to align with the balance of nature so our bodies can return to balance and heal.

This is similar to the idea of grounding or earthing and might explain the invigoration many of us feel from walking by the beach, swimming in the lake or ocean or hiking through the woods or the mountains. There is something about connecting to the balance of nature that puts us in balance.

The definition of balance is to ”maintain a steady state to avoid falling”. Falling into ill health, negative thoughts, depressed or anxious mood. As our thoughts shift, so does our balance (Click here to read more). But nature remains steady. Plants, trees, rocks – their energy remains grounded and constant. So if we can align ourselves with that grounded energy of nature, it can help us return to and stay in balance.

There is something in nature that holds that consistent frequency and consistent balance. This is where I believe the benefits of essential oil lie – helping our bodies reconnect to nature and our internal sense of balance.

Just as you can reboot or repair a computer, we believe the body’s software code can also be repaired and rebooted and plants and essential oils can play a critical role in the process.

You see, humans and plants are bio-familiar. This means that in essence we both use the same software codes, called frequencies, with each plant having its own unique frequency much as you would perceive a unique color.

Just as you can mix paint colors to match a wall, you can mix the frequencies of different plants through the use of their oils to match the frequency or code of a particular organ, brain or emotional energy. This is what we are doing with the Vibrant Blue Oil blends – blending the frequencies of different plants to match the frequency of the body, brain and emotions in balance.

It has been our experience that smelling or topically applying these blends to an out-of-balance organ helps to bring the organ back into balance.

It might help to think of teaching a child to ride a bike — you are supporting the child as you balance the bike and propel the child forward, all in the effort to help the child feel the sense of balance in his or her own body. Once the child internalizes that sense of balance, he or she can take off on his or her own.

The oils provide a similar floatation-device like support, helping to keep the organ in balance—repairing the code—until the body can remember how to maintain its own balance without any external support.

Often, it is a small alignment and the body can return to balance very quickly. This is often the case in young children. Sometimes, with chronic and prolonged imbalances, it takes longer for the body to find its way back and the daily application of oils can often play a powerful role in helping to maintain the daily balance necessary to shift chronic imbalances.

We believe in the powerful healing potential of oils to balance the body, the brain, the emotions and support different symptoms. We’re really looking at it through the lens of what systems are out of balance and what systems can help you return to balance? To help determine how oils can be return you to balance, take our quick self-assessment.


About The Author

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.

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