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Essential Oils Keep Cellular Programs Healthy

By Jodi Cohen

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In many ways, the human body is a very sophisticated computer.  Like a computer, it needs hardware, software and voltage to function. Essential Oils for healthy cells can help your body stay in the state in needs to function.


Essential Oils for Healthy Cells

The hardware of the physical body is built from nutrient dense whole food.   The vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates serve as the raw materials for our body’s hardware structure of cells, tissues, organs and bones.  In a computer, when the hardware wears out, you replace it with a new one.  When a cell in the body wears out, the body makes a new one provided it has the appropriate raw materials (nutrition) and voltage (energy) to do so.

Both cells and computers require voltage to operate.  They also require software to direct the physical body.  Often, when the software is corrected, the hardware of the body falls into alignment.  This is one of the key principals behind the concept of energy medicine and the electronic frequencies that comprise the software blueprint of every cell in our bodies.

The software, or energetic frequency, of every organ has to both work together and work with the hardware of our physical body for optimal health to occur.  Often the software can either get corrupted or the signal can weaken, like when radio station gets muffled or a wifi signal goes weak. Both the integrity of software blueprint and the strength of the signal are critical for delivering information to the cells of the body and can present as an issue in the physical body.

Essential oils and the plants they are derived from are bio-familiar to humans and use the same software codes.  They can therefore be used to repair and balance the energetic blueprint of the body and strength of energy flowing to it to return the body to homeostasis for optimal regeneration and healing.

We know that there are many types of software for our computers.  For example, the software for typing a document is different than the software for creating a spreadsheet.  The same is true with cells.  Each different kind of cell needs a different instruction set to tell the proteins in the cell what to do.  For example, the instructions for the liver cell are different than the instructions for the brain cell.  These instructions are in the form of electronic frequencies and originate in the appropriate genes of the cell (within our RNA/DNA).

In a computer, software dictates electrical impulses that control the mechanistic action (such as powering off or on) of the hardware. Without software, the physical computer lacks function.

A stem cell contains all the genes of an organism. However, when a stem cell becomes a liver cell, it turns off the genes that have nothing to do with the function of the liver.  The appropriate genes for a liver cell send out frequencies to tell the proteins in the cell to do liver functions.  These frequency instructions can become confused in the same way that software in a computer can become confused.  For example, a virus can change the instructions from Microsoft Word just as a virus can change the instructions from a liver cell.  In each case, both the computer and the liver cell malfunction.”

As Jerry Tennant explains in his book “Healing is Voltage”,  “a perfect example of this in nature is the catch fly plant.  A healthy plant has beautiful pink/red flowers.  If this plant is infected with a fungus, the DNA of the fungus co-mingles with the DNA of the plant, prompting the plant to produce fungal spores instead of pollen.  The control of the cell’s function is now controlled by inappropriate frequencies (not dissimilar to cells being controlled by cancer or auto-immune factors)”

This is where essential oils can play an important role in keeping our cellular programs healthy and virus free.  Plants use the same frequencies as humans.  Oils extracted from these plants have these frequencies. If you match the appropriate frequency from the essential oil of a plant to the frequency of a healthy organ, you can reset the frequencies of the organs (similar to rebooting a computer or using anti-virus software on a computer).

Each Vibrant Blue Oils professional line blend is designed to reset the cells of a specific organ in the body and thus reboot the body’s software for optimal function.

Once you correct the hardware (with raw materials from appropriate nutrition), voltage (energy), and frequencies (from essential oils), the cells in the body can begin to heal.


Source:  “Healing is Voltage” by Jerry Tennant


About The Author

Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.