Essential Oils and ALS

by Jodi Cohen

Essential Oils for ALS

People magazine recently reported that members of the Armed Services are twice as likely as those of the general population to develop amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, a neurological disease that impedes the ability of the nervous system to signal muscles leading to paralysis.

The article further claimed that “no one seems to know why” veterans are more likely to contract ALS, but mentioned that all of the veterans afflicted with ALS, including a young woman who was diagnosed at age 31, were in exceptional physical condition. The disease has gradually claimed almost every muscle she has. “Imagine yourself buried alive,” according the veteran, now 37 and confined to a wheelchair. “I can’t kick, scream or try to get free. I can only lay there alone with my thoughts in my head.”

One doctor interviewed in the article “theorized that some veterans might be genetically predisposed to develop the disease and that the stress and rigors of military service might amplify injury to the body’s nervous system.”  Similarly, one of the veterans afflicted with ALS “believed exposure to chemicals during the war contributed to his illness (epidemiologists have found an assortment of possible ALS risk factors such as repeated head injuries and exposure to toxic substances, heavy metals and pesticides).”

As I connected the dots on what I have been learning about how trauma, especially PTSD from military service, throws off our nervous system and immune system, along with how chronic inflammation from over-training contributes to brain inflammation and the onset of neurological diseases, like ALS, I felt compelled to share the likely triggers for neuro degenerative diseases, like ALS. Learn about Essential Oils for ALS.

Why Are Military Veterans Are Twice as Likely to Develop ALS?

I believe it is a combination of the following factors which both trigger brain inflammation and impede detoxification:

Toxic Exposure: Military are often exposed to toxic chemicals, herbicides pesticides, heavy metals, biological weapons and air pollution including burn pits, fires, sand, dust, and particulates that are hazardous to our health.  The body needs to function optimally to detoxify and inflammation turns off the detoxification process.

Overtraining: Excessive exercise, in conjunction with inadequate rest and other stresses, can result in acute inflammation that evolves into a chronic inflammatory response in the body and the brain, known as Overtraining Syndrome.

Chronic Stress Response:  Fighting in life and death situations elicits a chronic stress response that has been associated with the body losing its ability to regulate inflammation. Initially, the stress hormone cortisol down-regulates inflammation.  According to a recent study, “prolonged stress alters the effectiveness of cortisol to regulate the inflammatory response because it decreases tissue sensitivity to the hormone. Specifically, immune cells become insensitive to cortisol’s regulatory effect. In turn, runaway inflammation is thought to promote the development and progression of many diseases.”

PTSD Both physical and thought driven stressors trigger a stress response in the body.  Victims of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), can experience  uncontrollable thoughts, flashbacks or nightmares about a traumatic event, such as the horrors of war and combat, which throw the body into a chronic stress response, shutting down immune function (Read More HERE) and contributing to systemic inflammation.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): These sudden traumas or head injuries that disrupt brain function are so common in the military that they were called the “signature wound” of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and can be triggered by active combat, explosive devices, falls and vehicle or motorcycle accidents. TBIs elicit an inflammatory response that can persist for years and may contribute to neurodegeneration.


Essential Oils to Support Brain Healing

Brain experts like Datis Kharrazian and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt both have commented on how food and supplements are not enough to heal brain inflammation.  This might be due in part to the challenging of getting these remedies absorbed into the right tissue in the brain. Food, supplements and even pharmaceutical drugs have to travel through the digestive tract and are then processed through the liver.  If a client suffers from gut inflammation or infections or impaired digestion, nutrient absorption and assimilation can be compromised.

In order to access the brain, particles need to cross the blood-brain barrier, which acts like a filter restricting everything but incredibly small molecules from gaining access.  Research shows that Lipid solubility seems to help facilitate passage through the blood-brain barrier, as even very small water molecules cannot make it through.  This may be one of the reasons that fat soluble substances like essential fatty acids and liposomal remedies, like liposomal melatonin, are more easily assimilated and effective at accessing and activating the brain.

The brain is primarily fat and fat likes fat.  Fortunately, essential oils are both fat soluble and have molecules so small that they are known as volatile, because they can literally circulate in the air where our noses detect them as smell.

Topically applied Essential oils can be powerful tools for helping to anti inflame and detoxify the brain.  To learn more about detoxifying the brain, CLICK HERE.  For more information on how to calm brain inflammation, CLICK HERE.

Specific Oils for Supporting Brain Detoxification

Anti-Inflammatory:  Brain Balance Anti-Inflammatory™ can be topically applied to regions of the brain to help turn off brain inflammation so the gut and the body can communicate and heal.  This blend contains several essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory properties.  It is designed to reduce inflammation, re-balance the brain, and encourage regeneration of damaged or stressed cells and tissues that have been chronically inflamed or acutely inflamed.

Lymph™:  The lymphatic system needs to be functioning optimally in order for toxins to be removed from the brain.  If you think of the body like a hydraulics system where congested tissue downstream prevents optimal flow upstream, congested lymphatic vessels in the neck will impede drainage of toxins from the brain.  To enhance lymphatic flow and drainage, generously apply Lymph™ around the sides of the neck.

Parasympathetic™:  Similarly, if an infection is impeding blood and lymph flow out of brain, pressure can build up and toxins and lymphatic fluid cannot drain effectively.  The glymphatic system moves alongside the arteries and then drains alongside the veins. So if you have congestion or inflammation in this tissue or in the veins in the neck, that can impair the drainage of toxins from the brain.  Toxins or infections in the mouth including amalgams, root canals, infections from wisdom tooth extractions or other dental or gum disease can lead to infection on the sides of the neck impacting the function of the vagus nerve to trigger the Parasympathetic rest and digest state.  The vagus nerve travels down both sides of the neck and infections in that vicinity can be taken into the nerve and impede the ability of the nerve to trigger the parasympathetic state.  Topically applying Parasympathetic™ blend on the vagal nerve behind the on the neck can help manually override the infection and help reset the autonomic nervous system for optimal drainage from the brain.

Circadian Rhythm™:  Melatonin is the key hormone to help us fall asleep.  It is typically released by the pineal gland in response to darkness, but modern toxins and artificial lighting can impede this release.  Circadian Rhythm™ blend can be applied around the base of the skull (apex of head, above ears and back of head) to help trigger the natural release of melatonin.  It should be noted that in addition to helping us sleep so our glymphatic system can operate, melatonin also serves as a powerful antioxidant and a potent detoxifier of the brain.  Melatonin can help the brain detoxify from viruses, as well as heavy metals such as lead and cadmium and potentially mercury.

Like any detoxification effort, it is important to help facilitate exit route prior to mobilizing toxins.  If you mobilize toxins without opening up channels for elimination, including taking binders like chlorella to help eliminate toxins, you risk making yourself feel worse.  CLICK HERE to learn more about gentle detoxification suggestions.



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