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Season 1, Episode 3: Impact of EMFs on Your Parasympathetic with Lloyd Burrell

By Jodi Cohen

With Lloyd Burrell, you’ll learn what are EMFs and which devices emit them, the impact EMFs have on the parasympathetic nervous system, and strategies to protect yourself and your family.

  • What are EMFs and which devices emit them?
  • Impact on parasympathetic nervous system
  • Strategies to protect yourself and your family

About Lloyd Burrell

Lloyd Burrell is on a mission to raise awareness about the dangers of electromagnetic fields from cell phones and similar devices and share solutions. He is creator of the EMF Health Summit, creator of The Healing with Vibration Summit, author of the EMF Practical Guide and founder of the website which has had over 4 million visits since its inception in 2009.

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About The Author

Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.