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Season 1, Episode 3: Impact of EMFs on Your Parasympathetic with Lloyd Burrell

By Jodi Cohen

A promotional graphic for the podcast "essential alchemy: the ancient art of healing" featuring an episode on the impact of emfs with guest lloyd burrell and host jodi cohen, ntp.

With Lloyd Burrell, you’ll learn what are EMFs and which devices emit them, the impact EMFs have on the parasympathetic nervous system, and strategies to protect yourself and your family.

  • What are EMFs and which devices emit them?
  • Impact on parasympathetic nervous system
  • Strategies to protect yourself and your family

About Lloyd Burrell

Lloyd Burrell is on a mission to raise awareness about the dangers of electromagnetic fields from cell phones and similar devices and share solutions. He is creator of the EMF Health Summit, creator of The Healing with Vibration Summit, author of the EMF Practical Guide and founder of the website ElectricSense.com which has had over 4 million visits since its inception in 2009.

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Jodi: Hi. Welcome to The Parasympathetic Summit. I’m your host, Jodi Cohen. And I’m so honored to be joined today by Lloyd Burrell, who is on a mission to raise awareness about the dangers of electromagnetic fields from cellphones and similar devices and share solutions, which is the most important part.

He is the creator of the EMF Health Summit, the Healing with Vibration Summit, and the author of the EMF Practical Guide. And one thing that most people don’t know is that EMFs can impact our autonomic nervous system and our ability to drop into the parasympathetic state. So, welcome Lloyd. Thank you for being here.

Lloyd: Thank you so much, Jodi. It’s a pleasure.

Jodi: Could you start off just if people don’t really understand what EMFs are and how they affect you? Could you just share your story and how you got into this, please?

Lloyd: Yeah. I always say EMFs found me. I didn’t go looking for EMFs. So, one day, I had a reaction to my cellphone. This is 2002, so everybody didn’t have a cellphone then. I’d only been using it about five years, and it was just really bizarre.

I didn’t quite know what was going on initially. And it went from this bizarre to unpleasant to just unbearable sensation within a few short calls, people calling me because I was running a rental business.

And so, lots of symptoms, all kinds of different symptoms, kind of immediate symptoms and like medium-term symptoms and long-term symptoms because people say, well, how did you know it was your cellphone? Well, because I was in so much pain. I got the cellphone next to my ear, and I got the hothead.

I got the hot ear. I got the prickly skin, tingling skin, and that’s like in the face, and all this evolved over time. And I’ve told this story many times and often to doctors, and I say, lovingly, it got so bad. I actually went to see my doctor.

And the doctor couldn’t do anything, and he sent me to other specialists, and they really didn’t have a clue what was going on and it’s put me on this course because not only was it the cellphone I was reacting to, I started to react to everything electrical.

Jodi: High electromagnetic sensitivity.

Lloyd: Yeah, but this was a time when nobody was talking about this. So, nobody said to me, oh, you’ve got electromagnetic sensitivity because it was just unknown. So, 2002, it was like prehistoric times. And I was yeah, cellphone, computer, TV, radio in the car, even the corded landline and my life became a living hell basically.

And I’m smiling when I say this, but it wasn’t funny at the time. And it lasted about ten years. It took me about ten years to really figure it out. And that’s where I am today.

I can honestly say I have figured this out. And this is what I talk about, the dangers but very importantly, the solutions. And that’s what I’d like to share with the people who are listening and talk about some of the science as well.

Jodi: And can we talk about because I’ve heard another range of symptoms like from fatigue to ringing in the ears, sometimes to nosebleeds. Could you just for the listeners who might not be as electromagnetically sensitive but are still suffering, could you share some of the things they might be experiencing?

Lloyd: Well, yeah, so the kind of symptoms typically or the kind of experiences I was experiencing initially, it’s this hot head if you’re using a cellphone because it’s not just cellphone obviously. It’s lots of devices that can do this. But the hothead is pretty classic, the burning sensation around the ear.

And then, over time, these symptoms evolve and neurological symptoms. And so, what we mean by that is headaches. Headaches are a big one, massive fatigue. I was suffering from massive fatigue, like go to bed, sleep 12 hours, get up just feeling knackered all the time.

And then it’s kind of the weakest link thing with these EMFs because they impact — as far as I can see and I’ve really spent a lot of time researching this — every tissue, organ, bodily function we have, and they go for your weakest link. So, whatever that might be, that is the symptoms.

Jodi: They’re opportunistic.

Lloyd: They’re opportunistic. Yes.

Jodi: Yeah. And the other symptoms that I’ve had was kind of racing heart and prickly skin.

Lloyd: Yeah. So, arrhythmia, tachycardia, that’s all documented. A whole book on this just came out at the end of last year, which is sensitive, of course, because all this information, particularly with 5G, the powers that be.

When I say powers that be, honestly, I mean, this is a whole another topic where our governments in cahoots with Google, Amazon, Facebook to keep this all like, so nobody knows about it and make out that people like me are crazy.

So literally, I thought I was crazy when this happened because there was no information back then just because there was no information out there, particularly, and the internet is not what it is today. But today, there is information. It’s really difficult to find information on this and understand what’s going on. And even the science, really to understand the science.

Jodi: Yeah, no. Which is one of the reasons I’m so grateful that you’re here and speaking out on it. I’m wondering since this is The Parasympathetic Summit if you can speak a little bit to how EMFs can impact our autonomic nervous system and especially throw us out of kind of the parasympathetic state.

Lloyd: Yeah. So, EMFs impacts us in so many ways. And one of the things is people say, oh yeah, but there’s no science on this. And honestly, there is so much science. Again, it’s not talked about. And it is kept under the rug, so to speak. So, just firstly, if people want to read about the science, then BioInitiative Report, 2007, which brought together over 2000 peer-reviewed studies — subsequently reviewed in 2012.

They reviewed another 1800 studies in the intervening period between 2007 and 2012, 1800. So that gives you an idea of just how quickly this is evolving and how many studies are taking place despite the fact it can be difficult to get funding for a lot of the research they’re doing because, obviously, it’s not the cellphone industry that are funding this.

Although they are and trying to get the studies to say certain things like EMFs are safe, but there is actually not a phenomenal amount of research on this whole autonomic question, autonomic parasympathetic question, which we’re talking about today.

As I said just before we started, I wrote a whole book on this with like 500 scientific references. Yeah. Over 500 scientific references, and I barely talked about the autonomic nervous system and this aspect of it. And it’s not because it’s not important. It’s just because there’s so many different ways that EMFs impact our health.

So, for people listening today, then how do EMFs impact our autonomic? So just very briefly, and I’m sure you’ve talked about this in the summit. What is this autonomic nervous system doing?

Well, it’s actually really important. It’s like going on in the background, and it’s what takes care of digestion and respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, all these vital bodily functions we just take for granted, and it’s doing all this, and we’re just like getting on with our lives.

And so, there’s two aspects to it as you know. There’s the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic. And the problem is that the EMFs are impacting this parasympathetic mode. We need both the sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic for––

Jodi: It’s stressful. So, it keeps us in the sympathetic state and doesn’t allow us to shift into parasympathetic.

Lloyd: Yeah, it does. So very simply we can say it’s a stressor. So, the EMFs actually impacts our vagus nerve. So, we know this. We’ve got some science on this. The vagus nerve is super important. I’m sure you’re talking about this a lot on your summit.

Jodi: A little.

Lloyd: So, it’s connected to basically every organ in your chest area. It’s this really important nerve, and what we know, what the science is telling us, the studies on this is that EMFs dysregulate this. Actually, Russian studies tell us that radiofrequency, microwave radiation dysregulates this vagus nerve.

So that’s the first aspect. It also impacts glucose metabolism. We’ve got studies on that. This is important for regulation of the vagus nerve also — structural alterations in the synopsis of the vagus nerve. So like just the basic structure of the vagus nerve is actually impacted again by these electromagnetic fields.

And just to be clear what I mean because it sounds a bit vague, but yeah, your cellphone, you Wi-Fi, your smart meter perhaps, and lots of other devices in your home because I would like put money on it that most of the devices in your home or many, let’s say many of the devices in your home to the people that are listening and watching, many of these devices are smart devices.

And what that means is they emit radiofrequency radiation all the time. We don’t even know it. And so, we have these EMFs. This radiofrequency radiation is one category of electromagnetic fields.

One of the aspects is it’s impacting us in so many ways. We got a study out of Seoul in Korea that it changes the central nervous system cells and induces cell apoptosis. You’re shaking your head, so maybe you know about that one too.

Jodi: No. And our mutual friends, Dr. Christine Schaffner and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, they work with the sickest of the sick, and that’s the first thing they do. They find that if they cannot give people a Faraday cage and kind of asleep sanctuary that is EMF free, people will not heal because it’s just––

Lloyd: This is right. And they’re obviously ahead of the game, and not many doctors, not many clinics are doing this. So really ensure what we can say is that these EMFs, these devices, which we’re using, which we’re taking for granted, which we’re not even giving a second thought, and I can talk more to give you more detail about these EMFs because it’s not just the wireless, which I’ve been talking about, the Wi-Fi, the cellphones and the smart and so on. It’s also wired.

Jodi: It’s the smart devices. It’s everything.

Lloyd: It’s all that, but it’s wired also. A lot of people, and experts are talking about EMFs. They’re not talking about wired, and this has been overlooked.

So, actually, your electrical wiring in your home is emitting also different forms of electromagnetic fields, three forms actually, just your electrical wiring: electric fields, magnetic fields, and dirty electricity, which are these kinds of in-between frequencies between the low-level 60 Hertz here in the US. I’m in France, 50 Hertz we’ve got, so 50 cycles a second for me, 60 cycles a second on your electricity, electrical wiring.

And this dirty electricity, which there is not that much science on it, but the science that there is, is really frightening because it’s been done on children, how it’s impacting children. So, we’ve got these other frequencies, which are in our homes, which we call dirty electricity which are impacting our health.

What I’m saying is that all this is impacting our autonomic nervous system preventing for us from going into this parasympathetic state, which is so important for health, preventing our bodies from like when we sleep even, EMFs impact us when we sleep.

Jodi: Which is really when we’re supposed to be healing. And if our cells are in this alarm state, we can’t heal.

Lloyd: Exactly. And for me, this is major. And so, we’re all living in these homes, wonderful homes with all these luxuries and everything. And our bodies are not able to go into this parasympathetic state because you’re either in one or the other. You’re either in sympathetic, so you’re in one or the other. Okay.

Jodi: Yeah. You can’t be in both at the same time

Lloyd: You can’t be in both at the same time. Okay. And our bodies have been prevented from going into this parasympathetic mode, and notably, there’s a lot of research on how it inhibits the production of melatonin, which is super important, this master hormone created by the pineal ground mainly when you sleep, not only when you sleep, but mainly when you sleep.

Jodi: It’s also made in the gut, and it’s important for detoxification. It’s amazing. Yeah.

Lloyd: Right. So, it creates this chronic stress response quite simply when we’re exposed to these EMFs, which are keeping you in this sympathetic mode when you should be in parasympathetic mode. It’s a driver for inflammation. EMFs are drivers. All these gadgets, all these electrical wiring, all these things that we’re using, all these things which are rather marvelous and wonderful, it’s all a driver.

Cumulatively, it’s all a driver for inflammation and what I call dis-ease. I don’t really like the term disease. I like to say dis-ease. I say your body is no longer at ease and in harmony with the planet, the universe, and this wonderful world that we live in, which we need to be connected to. That’s what we should be connecting to, not connected to our cellphones and all these other devices.

And also, the vagus nerve, one really important point I want to make is the vagus nerve is there to quench inflammation. Yeah. And when we’re zapped by EMFs, then it cannot do its job. So, there’s just so many reasons why the EMFs are really important for this talk that we’re having today.

And I was looking through the topics that you’re talking about for your summit. It’s really good, by the way, and the day-by-day breakdown. And I was thinking, wow, I mean, EMFs are relevant to every single aspect. So, for instance, detox, you can’t detox if you’re being zapped by EMFs, or you can, but really difficult.

As you said, Klinghardt and other people that are ahead of the game, that’s what they’re doing first, get rid of the EMFs, mitigate the EMFs, then your body can detox. Emotions and mood, we know that EMFs cause anxiety and depression. There are studies on this. People living near cell towers are way more subject to anxiety and depression.

Jodi: It’s because of the increased inflammation in the brain.

Lloyd: Because of the increased inflammation in the brain and all the factors also, pain and inflammation. So, it’s this driver for inflammation, which I talked about. Immunity and gut health, you’ve got two days on that. EMFs contribute to leaky gut. And the gut is a seat of our immune system, so that’s really major.

Stress and energy, what I was just saying. We got the blood glucose thing. We know it impacts that. We know it impacts our blood. We’ve got started. We can do live blood samples studies on that. We can actually see that real-time and how it impacts our bodies.

When we sit in front of a computer, EMFs are impacting our body, even without any RF-Sim, without any wireless. Most people have got wireless too. And brain health, obviously, one of the little statistics I like to cite is the INTERPHONE study 2010. Thirty minutes a day on your cellphone increases your chance of getting a brain tumor by 40%.

Jodi: And with COVID, all of our kids are on their devices all day long, which is why I’m so grateful that you have some solutions to share. Could you talk about what people can do because I’m sure they’re very aware of the issue now and they are concerned how can they––

Lloyd: Well, let’s hope. And there’s way more to the issue than that, obviously, but that’s really a very quick summary and what’s relevant.

Jodi: And you have an entire summit too that they can access.

Lloyd: I have an entire summit, yeah, where we talk about this for hours on end, all the aspects of this. But yeah, in terms of solutions, and obviously, there are many solutions. But the first thing I like to share is really I like to talk about cellphones, talk about solutions with cellphones. I don’t like talking about cellphones most, but solutions to cellphones.

So, my number one recommendation, I always put this out there, and people say, yeah, Lloyd, we can’t do that. So, my number one recommendation is just don’t use a cellphone. I know it sounds hard, but believe me when you’ve experienced what I’ve experienced when you look at the research, and this is coming out every day. We’ve got studies coming out every day on this.

We’re talking about cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, you name it. It’s there. So, it’s not cast iron proven, but it’s really a very convincing body of evidence behind this.

Jodi: What do you think of like the case of the Pong case and the kind of shielding cases? Are they worth it?

Lloyd: Well, so there’s various things you can do, and that is one of them using these specific cases. Yeah. So, Pong case, which I have tested, is a cross-case also.

Don’t use just any case because if you’re using a regular case, that can actually make it worse because it can smaller the signal, and the more you smaller the signal, the more harder is for your cellphone to work. So, the thing to remember with all these frequencies is––

Jodi: Oh, I’ve never heard that. That’s helpful.

Lloyd: Yeah. For instance, if you’re in a car, that is one of the worst places you can use a cellphone because it’s a bit like a Faraday cage, so it can get out only through the windows may be, and it depends on what kind of glass you’ve got.

So, whatever makes your cellphone work more, you have less bars, and literally, your cellphone can ramp up the radiation like more than a million times. So, this technology is incredibly sophisticated.

Honestly, bravo to the engineers. They are doing a really great job in serving the public. But obviously, people are not looking. Cellphone companies are not openly looking at the health effects because they are looking secretly––

Jodi: Well, Clinton passed the telecommunications act. And basically, there’s a clause that you can’t even talk about the health consequences. There was a cell tower that was going to be built in front of our house, and we fought it, and we defeated it using other techniques, but we weren’t even allowed to bring up health.

Lloyd: So yeah, the Cellphone Act 1996, that’s correct. You cannot require that a cellphone be dismantled on health grounds, which is kind of––

Jodi: You’re not even allowed to mention it.

Lloyd: Rather strange, but you are allowed to say it’s unsightly and that you could get it taken down for that reason if you get enough people behind you.

Jodi: It’s unsightly, and there were other areas that they could. I mean, it was crazy. It was a very expensive case, but we won.

Lloyd: Yeah. So, it is possible.

Jodi: And then they put up 5G everywhere, so it didn’t matter.

Lloyd: Well, no, so let’s not be defeatist. And really, because it’s acute, there’s an important point to make here from your comment is EMFs are cumulative. And the point that you just made is like what a lot of people are thinking.

So, thank you for making that. It doesn’t matter. We got the cellphone tower down. It doesn’t matter about getting rid of the Wi-Fi, my Wi-Fi, because these neighbors got Wi-Fi, not true.

Distance is your friend. So, it’s like the Wi-Fi which is near you is way worse, which is your own Wi-Fi usually. It is way worse than the Wi-Fi, which is the neighbor’s Wi-Fi or whatever.

And so, it’s cumulative. So, the more sources there are because you can’t feel it, but your body can, your cells can, and it impacts our cells obviously. And it’s what it’s doing, impacting our cells in many different ways. So, distance is your friend. Avoid using a cellphone, my number one recommendation, which nobody will listen to or very few people. So how can you use a cellphone safely?

Yes. These cases. No, not just any old case because it does smaller it. Using airplane mode as much as possible, being really careful. So that is kind of a blanket term, but being really careful that you take off wireless, all wireless connectivity.

So that means cellular connectivity. That means Wi-Fi. And that means Bluetooth and possibly GPS as well. Does that sound complicated? Yeah, it is a bit, really. They don’t make it easy. There should just be a button, a proper button on the outside of the phone. You just press that to deactivate it, but they don’t do that.

So, airplane mode needs to be your friend. And distance is your friend also. So, it’s about using your cellphone if you are using it, keeping it as far away as possible.

Jodi: Especially during sleep. Like, I always heard like at least six feet from your head when you’re sleeping.

Lloyd: I’d love to say six feet you’re safe, and this is one of the things again that I hear and makes me scream a little bit is that people are saying, do this, and you are safe. Do that, and you are safe.

We can never say we’re safe because, as we’re talking about at the beginning, so I do talk about science, but I really feel these EMFs, and I don’t get the debilitating symptoms, but I don’t just feel EMFs. I feel all kinds of energies. I’m very sensitive to energies.

So how can we say that six feet is safe? It’s not. These frequencies are going around the earth. It’s safer, but honestly, the safest thing to do is to switch the thing off, put it in a metal tin, like a biscuit tin, these metal tins which you buy biscuits or whatever or coffee or whatever in it.

Jodi: Yeah.

Lloyd: A metal tin is free, or you can buy one as well. I call it a Kilton. And that’s the safest thing to do with a cellphone. And again, back to distance is your friend, what does that mean? It means, yes, speakerphone is safer than this. And it also means using an air tube headset or using a headset, an SYB, Shield Your Body.

And I particularly like what they do because they test everything they do. And it’s actually Martin Blank, Ph.D. son, who’s behind this. And they test very thoroughly all the devices. And they actually have a little gadget, which you can put onto and connect with any wired headsets.

Jodi: What do you think of those earbuds? Like those scare me, those little AirPods, the Apple AirPods that all the kids wear.

Lloyd: Right. So, I’m glad you raised that. So, all these devices are using usually Bluetooth. When we say Bluetooth, what do we mean? Radiofrequency microwave radiation. Okay. It’s radiation, microwave. Yeah. Like your microwave oven. In fact, exactly like your microwave. The same frequency, 2.4 gigahertz. So very bad news.

So, you’re putting a device which emits 2.4 gigahertz post-radiation, which our bodies are not evolved to live harmoniously with. You are putting that right next to your brain. How can that be safe?

So, all these devices, all these Bluetooth devices are to be avoided, but particularly all these Bluetooth headsets, pods, whatever you want to call them, anything which you’re putting in close proximity to your brain, which is 70% water or more which you know what happens when you put anything––

If you put something in a microwave that’s got no water content, it won’t do anything. If you put something with water content in, it heats it, and this is what you’re doing. It heats it. We’ve got the thermal effect and so on. But lots of adverse biological effects before you get the seminal effect.

So that’s really why I like to just share that firstly on the cellphone, and I could go on. There’s more tips on cellphone, more advanced tips, but that, in a nutshell, is it.

Jodi: That’s terrific. And then what other advice like I’ve heard, moving your bed far away from the wall, so you don’t get the dirty electricity, using like a Christmas light timer to turn off your Wi-Fi at night. What else do you recommend?

Lloyd: Exactly. So, yeah, absolutely. So, the Wi-Fi tip, that’s an absolute nobrainer because who needs Wi-Fi at night? I mean, come on. You are sleeping. Why would you have the Wi-Fi on? You just have the Wi-Fi on because you never thought to switch it off.

But once you begin to think about the thousands of studies, the brain tumors, the cancer, the Alzheimer’s probably later on–– So many people are getting Alzheimer’s and these diseases which were unheard of even 20 years ago. Is it all EMFs? No, obviously not. It’s EMFs plus all these other toxins.

Jodi: It’s a perfect storm, but there are other pieces of the puzzle. Yeah.

Lloyd: For me, they are a significant piece of the puzzle because EMFs are what I call a super toxin or perhaps even the mother of all toxins. And that’s to say you’re exposed to all these toxins, these chemicals and these in the air and the food we eat and so on.

Jodi: They’re kindling, and EMF is the flame that ignites it.

Lloyd: Exactly. And we’ve got these synergistic effects when we introduce, and it goes, boom. Yeah, it just explodes. So yeah, the Wi-Fi, having on a mechanical timer. It costs something like $10 from Amazon. So, it switches it off like at night or whatever those night hours are, midnight to 6:00 a.m. when you can actually be sure that you’re not using your Wi-Fi.

Jodi: That’s what we do. Yeah.

Lloyd: It’s cheap, and it’s easy. Why do I say that as opposed to like going in because you could go into the settings, and actually there’s a timer in the settings, which you can do this on most modern routers now? But the problem is, as soon as you get an update, then it tends to revert back. So, the safest thing is that little timer.

And then with regard to your bedroom, the bedroom is really important as you know, and I’m sure you’ve got people that are talking about the bedroom on your summit because sleep is just not just something you do to kill time at night till we got some daylight. You can actually go out and do what you want to do. It’s like when your body––

Jodi: Sleep is the most important thing to your health, and you need a sleep sanctuary.

Lloyd: You need a sleep sanctuary, and you need to sleep. And really this is where EMF hygiene–– So I always say don’t obsess about EMFs, but if you’re going to obsess anywhere, obsess about it in the bedroom. And so, you don’t want a cellphone anywhere near your bedroom. I like it in that Kilton way down the corridor, kick it outside even.

But you do not want it anywhere near where you’re sleeping, nowhere near. Okay. So, what do I do to wake up in the morning? You get a little alarm clock, a little battery alarm clock. That I will allow, but really, honestly, anything electrical in your bedroom is a no-no, and that includes electricity in your wiring.

And one thing that I like to lay down the gauntlet, so to speak is to ask people to go to their breaker box and switch off the electrical power for your bedroom circuit. When you do this, you will have less magnetic fields, electric fields, dirty electricity.

I was going to say zero. We can’t guarantee that because the way electricity works, sometimes we get an imbalance and actually even if you switch off in your bedroom, we still have some residual on there. But the important thing here is I’m sure that people are going to be saying this.

The most important thing is to listen to your body. Perhaps listen to what I’m saying, and other people are saying, but above all, listen to your body. So. when you do this, does it work, or does it not work?

Lloyd: And if you find after one night, two nights, well, I can’t sleep at all, then that’s the time to call in an electrician and get this figured out. What’s going on because that shouldn’t be the case. But otherwise, you give it a week.

And honestly, after one night or two nights, many people are reporting to me that they’re sleeping like a baby because we are eliminating essentially these magnetic fields, electric fields, and this dirty electricity really easily.

And that’s a seven-day test. Once you’ve done the test, the next step is to install a device which does this automatically. And there’s various companies which are doing this now, and this is kind of a bit of a growth industry, and it’s a good one. I like this. And so, either it’s doing it automatically, or you’ve got a little button, and you can do it.

I live in France. We have a company in Germany called Gigahertz Solutions. So, if people from Europe are watching this, contact Gigahertz Solutions. They have a device that does it automatically. So, I go to bed, switch all the lights out, and there’s no electricity on my wiring.

It closes automatically. It’s rather wonderful, but it doesn’t work in the US, unfortunately. So, that is really ideal. And then when I switched the electricity on, it comes back on again. It activates the circuit because what’s happening with everybody else who doesn’t have this? Who doesn’t have a device––

Jodi: And even just unplugging things like the toaster, the blender, all the things that you’re not using.

Lloyd: Unplugging things, but the problem is you’ve got–– Most people have a bed, and behind the bed, they have a light switch. And in that light switch, there is electrical wiring, obviously, running into that light switch.

And so, you have there. According to the Institute of Building Biology, this permeates out to the room between six to eight feet. That’s what they say with their meters. But as I say, I say it goes out further than that. So, you do not want this at all. So that’s why it’s important to look at this aspect.

And honestly, with a cellphone, honestly, the three go hand in hand: the cellphone, the Wi-Fi, and this bedroom work. If you can do that, then your parasympathetic mode, your autonomic nervous system, is going to have a field day and just go beautifully into the parasympathetic mode.

Jodi: Right. Well, and also in the US, we have these smart meters that emit things too, but you can get a little cage for less than $100 to just put on it, so it kind of limits the radiation.

Lloyd: You can. And so, I have like a protocol for dealing with EMFs, and I call it UMM. I like saying UMM because it’s kind of this––

Jodi: Which is a good frequency––

Lloyd: It’s a great frequency, but UMM actually means U for understand. And that’s what we’re doing here. That’s why we’re talking about this to understand all this, to understand all these frequencies, gigahertz, these hertz, and this dirty electricity and all these terms. That’s what you’re beginning to understand.

The second thing is to measure. At some point, you need to measure because you can ask experts on how dangerous is this and how dangerous is that, but a true expert actually, he’s not going to say things off the top of his head. He’s going to come in with a meter. He’s going to measure, and that’s what you need to do.

Jodi: A building biologist is what they would use.

Lloyd: It can be a building biologist. It doesn’t have to be. Honestly, I love the Institute Building Biology. I love the work they’re doing. But there is some really great EMF consultants out there, which are not building biologists. There’s another one Patrick Vandenberg, which I think is geobiology. I forget. Excuse me, Patrick.

But yeah, so building biologists is a reference, absolutely, word of mouth, failing that. But even then, it’s not like an either/or situation. You can get the EMF expert in, but I still say have your own meter because everything you bring into your home, and I do this, everything I bring into my home, I’m testing it.

In fact, I test it before I bring it in, and I’ll try and buy locally. And I go to the shop, and I like to go just before the closing when I’m not going to disturb everybody and like they unplug everything. And I test because if there’s like the corded phone and cellphones and everything, loads of people, it won’t work. There’s too much going on to get a clean reading.

And we unplug, plug, and see if that thing is actually generating because, unfortunately, we can’t rely on manufacturers to share. They’re not obliged, legally obliged, to give this information about devices, about radiofrequency radiation. It depends on what country you’re in, but generally, they’re not obliged.

And so, this is a sure way of knowing is to actually measure and the third part of the UMM, so understand, measure, and mitigate. And that’s what I shared with you some tips on how to mitigate with the Wi-Fi, with the mechanical timer in the bedroom, and so on.

And there are so many ways to mitigate. There are three ways broadly. The first thing is to turn off that thing, whatever it is. I said to you, just turn the cellphone off. The second thing is to increase the distance. Distance is your friend and the third thing, last but not least, and this is actually always the last resort in my book, is to shield. And so, you’ve got like two categories of people.

Jodi: Yeah, you can shield with a cage. You can shield with window filters. And I want to actually add a fourth one, which is to raise your own frequency, which is kind of the point of The Parasympathetic Summit.

And you can do that with essential oils. You can do that with walking in nature that has the Schumann resonance. I find shungite, a crystal that you can buy on Amazon for nothing that helps to kind of mitigate. So, just lowhanging fruit things.

Lloyd: Absolutely. Yeah. So shungite is great. I’ve got some shungite here. And this is like supercharged shungite because it’s wrapped in silver. So, there’s all kinds of things you can use, and really, it’s about reconnecting with nature and yeah, essential oils, nature. It’s nature in condensed form.

There’s so many things, the grounding. In terms of inflammation, inflammation is a biggie, obviously. So many people, or like 60% of Americans, have got inflammation. Grounding in one to two seconds, you’re actually reducing inflammation.

Jodi: Yeah. Take a walk without your cellphone. You don’t need to give it up.

Lloyd: Take a walk without your cellphone. That’s what I did, as I said. Before I came on, I took a walk without my cellphone, but so many ways. Yeah, as you say, raising your vibration is another aspect which is super important in connecting with nature.

Absolutely. And it’s like a disconnect, reconnect. Disconnect with all these EMFs, all these technology, and all these gauges and reconnect with what’s essential. And that is the beauty of nature.

Jodi: Yes. This was so helpful. Is there anything that you wanted to add that we didn’t touch on?

Lloyd: So, the only thing I will say lastly, really, which is important, and thank you for asking is children because that’s the reason I started talking about this is because I realized how dangerous it was.

I’m a father. My kids were young at the time. And then, I read the studies on how children are more vulnerable to these devices, to these frequencies, to electromagnetic fields than adults.

So, children are not just little people. Like their immune systems aren’t formed, the bodies aren’t formed. Their skulls are smaller or thinner. In short, they’re way more vulnerable to these frequencies. Children should not use the cellphone, people.

Children should not be using tablets and laptops on laps and things like that. They shouldn’t be using tablets. I know they do. They are giving them out in schools like schools which think they’re ahead of the game and really––

Jodi: Smart schools.

Lloyd: Yeah, smart schools, but it’s not. It’s really bad news. So, that’s obviously another big topic, but very briefly, yeah, don’t give your kids a cellphone, please. And Wi-Fi is a no-no. If you do have a modern router in your home, you don’t want it anywhere near your kid’s bedroom.

Jodi: And I know you have a lot of free information. Where can people find more about you and more tools?

Lloyd: Yeah. So Electricsense.com. Sense is written S-E-N-S-E as in common sense. And there’s just literally thousands of articles on there. It’s grown and grown and grown, bi-monthly interviews, podcasts all about EMFs in houses, all about EMFs, and lots of free information, free reports.

Honestly, if you want to delve into this topic, that’s the place to go. And just don’t be overwhelmed by it because there is a lot to take in and just kind of come and go and one step at a time.

Jodi: Well, as you pointed out, it’s additive and cumulative, so anything you can clear off your plate is really great. This was amazing. Thank you for everything you do.

Lloyd: Thank you, Jodi.

Jodi: It was a privilege to be here with you.

Lloyd: Thank you.

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