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Creating Space to Heal

By Jodi Cohen

“Space the final frontier” was the opening theme to the popular 1970s show Star Trek. We used to watch that show every Saturday night with my mom growing up. At the time, I used to think of space as something that was outside of us.

I have recently come to realize that space is not something that only exists outside of you, but inside as well. That space can be consumed by our physical cells and tissues, along with emotions like grief, worry, anger and fear that we might hold onto because it feels too uncomfortable, frightening or overwhelming to actually allow ourselves to feel our feelings so that energy in motion does not move. It stays stagnant. And takes up space in your tissues.

You may start to identify that stuck emotion as part of your personality. For example, I would often call myself anxious because I didn’t know how to move the fear and anger so I just let it linger in my tissues and take up space.

This weekend I finally freed up some of that space that had been consumed with toxic emotions, and a miraculous thing happened!
It allowed more good things to show up in my life.

You see, the more you hold onto toxic emotions – like anger, grief, fear, sadness, even worry, anxiety and overwhelm – the more space that consumes in your physical, mental and emotional body, allowing less space to be available for new – and possibly wonderfully positive – emotions and experiences.

Just like a drawer that is stuffed with sweaters and can barely close cannot hold any additional clothing, when your tissues are operating at capacity housing toxic emotions, you may not be able to hold any additional emotions and experiences, including positive ones.


Verbal Fascia Release

This past weekend at Mastermind with several of my colleagues in the health space, I got to experience a technique called verbal fascia release where questions are posed using metaphors of color and shape to help you identify and release emotions that you no longer need to carry,.  As my practitioner friend and colleagues Sinclair Kennally and Michael Spandel noted “metaphor is the language of the body”.

They explained that when you ask the body specific questions, it allows the stored emotion to bubble up from the location where they are stored in your tissue into your consciousness so that we can more easily release them.  It is a technique that I had heard about before but never really knew why it worked, so I slightly discounted it when therapists tried to use it on me.  For me, once I understand why something helps, I am more likely to do it.  Like the supplements in my house (and I have many).  When I understand the benefit of taking them, I am much more likely to take them.  Many clients have a similar experience with Vibrant Blue Oils.  Once they realize that topically applying the essential oil makes them feel better, they start to carry them in their purse or keep them on their desk.

During my session, I realized that I was holding onto my grief at losing my 12 year old son Max in a car accident because I could no longer hold onto Max. On some deep unconscious level, I was terrified to let go of the grief over his death as if that grief kept me connected to him.

Michael guided me through an exercise where he asked to identify:

  1. Where in my body I was carrying the grief? – My heart.
  2. Did the grief have a shape? – a glass shaped heart about the size of my fist
  3. Did the grief have a color? – cobalt blue
  4. What outcome did I want for the grief? – I wanted to melt it

Once I articulated that I wanted the grief to melt, I could visualize what I thought was a glass heart, was actually made of blue ice.  I felt the ice begin to slowly melt and drip down out of my body and dissolve into the earth.

As the ice heart melted and the grief released, I began to sob uncontrollably as I realized to had been clutching onto this pain which took up so much space in my heart and instead of bringing me comfort, entrenched the feeling of sadness and longing in my heart.

Throughout the process, I was topically applying both Heart™ blend and Fascia Release™ over the front and the back of the heart.


Creating Space for the Positive to Come In

I could tell in the moment that the verbal fascia technique described above was powerful.  I immediately felt lighter and my daily ritual of gently massaging my sternum felt immediately less intense and painful.  But it wasn’t until the following day that positive opportunities started flooding into my life.

For months, I have attempted to book a hypnotherapy appointment with a highly regarded and extremely hard to get into hypnotherapist.  She sends a monthly email to several thousand people with the opportunity to book one or two appointments every month.  Trying to get an appointment has felt more challenging than trying to secure much sought after concert tickets, like Taylor Swift.  For months I have clicked the link to book the moment the email lands in my inbox with no luck.  But the day after the verbal fascia release, I not only succeeded in booking an appointment but was able to secure it on a rare day when I was not already booked solid with meetings.

Immediately following this win, I returned to the Mastermind and immediately connected with a colleague I had long admired and wanted to meet.  Not only was she delightful and warm, but upon hearing my story with Max referred me to a psychic who helped support her after the loss of her father.  She warned that this woman was in high demand and that it might take significant time and follow up to secure an appointment.  She connected us via text and much to my surprise and delight, I was able to secure a reading the following day which was both incredibly accurate and insightful in ways that further allowed me to release my grief.

Just as opening your heart and releasing your fascia allow for greater space in your physical tissues, creating this space seems to allow positive emotions, including joy, love and ease to flow in.  It’s not dissimilar to a physical traffic jam, where there is so much congestion, that your vehicle literally cannot move.  Once the blockage – be it an accident or closed lanes for road construction – is cleared, you have more space and everything flows.  I have found the same to be true for the flow of emotions and opportunity for positive experiences to come into your life.


Essential Oils to Help Create Space to Heal

While participating in the verbal fascia release mentioned above, I topically applied the following oils both before and after the fascia release protocol:


Heart™ balances the heart to enhance compassion and support, integrate and reset all the systems of the body, including supporting feelings of open-heartedness, expansiveness, receptivity while mitigating loneliness, sadness and grief.

The heart integrates and balances the physical, emotional, and mental body, providing blood to every cell and every organ.  It also serves as a complex information processing center, influencing brain function, the nervous system, hormonal system and most of the body’s major organs.

When any part of the body isn’t functioning at an optimal level, the heart has to work harder.  For example, when the body is in a state of stress, it needs more oxygen which increases the heart rate.  The heart is our body’s reset button, but a state of constant stress can fatigue the heart and compromise our ability to reset, leading to inflammation, infections, toxicity and heart disease.  By returning the heart to balance, we support the cardiovascular and circulatory system, regenerate the structure of the heart and helping to reset the homeostatic mechanism for the entire body.

Heart™ blend contains a proprietary blend of organic and/or wild crafted essential oils that helps you show love to others and yourself.  Research has shown that sweet smells, like those found in Heart™ blend, have been shown to reduce pain by activating the opioid receptors in the brain.


Fascia Release™

The issues are in the tissues, and before you can begin to unpack your blocked or stuck heart energy, you need to open up the space around your physical heart with fascia blend.

When you experience stress or heartbreak, part of you is resistance, which triggers you to physically contract, constrict, or pull away from a physical danger, a negative thought or an emotional aversion.  In the process, you constrict and physically guard your heart in preparation for attack.  When you do this, you internalize the fear without release or recovery.  In short, energy doesn’t flow and your body constricts – which locks the stress in your body.

Topically applying Fascia Release™ over the physical heart – with focused application and both above on the clavicle bones in sweeping outward motions and in a gentle vertical caress from your throat and the sides of your neck down over and below the heart – opens the space to allow energy and emotions to flow down and out of your system.  You can also apply over the back of your heart.


Affirmations for Heart Opening

Positive affirmations in combination with the topical application of essential oils and the following affirmations may help enhance heart opening:

  • “I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
  • “I am wanted and loved.”
  • “My heart is open to love.”
  • “I forgive myself.”
  • “I live in a state of grace and gratefulness.”


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About The Author

Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.