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Back to School Kit

By Jodi Cohen

A trio of vibrant blue essential oil bottles labeled "adrenal," "parasympathetic," and "immune support" resting atop a stack of books beside a bright red apple, evoking a sense of health and learning.

As we gear up to return to the classroom and more in person connection and interaction, I wanted to share a new kit to help keep your family healthy, happy and calm.

Our new Back to School Kit contains 3 powerful oils to help support your mental, physical and emotional health, including your immune health.


The autonomic nervous system has two states: the “fight-or flight” sympathetic state and the “rest-and-digest” parasympathetic state. The parasympathetic state helps to reset the immune system and switch off production of proteins that fuel inflammation.  Another key impediment to immune health is an impaired digestive system. If you are not absorbing and assimilating nutrients that are the raw materials to support the immune system, it is hard to heal. To ensure optimal immune function, you can apply the Parasympathetic® blend, which contains clove oil found to support immune modulation, to the vagus nerve (behind the earlobe on the mastoid bone) before meals to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system “rest-and-digest” state.

Parasympathetic® can also help calm your stress response, which diminishes the infectious power of viruses. Viruses can obtain a stronghold in the body when the physical and emotional terrain is out of balance.   To help calm your stress response and ensure optimal immune function, you can apply the Parasympathetic® blend to support immune modulation to the vagus nerve (behind the earlobe on the mastoid bone) before meals. When you apply it, take a few deep breaths, with the exhalation longer than the inhalation to fully relax and turn on digestion prior to meals.

Immune Support™ 

This blend traces its origins to the bubonic plague when thieves were stealing the gold teeth out of the mouths of the dead. When they were apprehended, they were offered a lesser sentence in exchange for sharing how they avoided the illness.

Their secret was this blend of hot oils that strengthen the immune system against flu, colds, and coughs as well as infections, viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, and microbes. In fact, research found that essential oils high in eugenol, like Cinnamon and Clove, gave the most protection against viruses.

Heat, including heat from hot essential oils, make antiviral and antibacterial immune responses more efficient. Much of your body’s immune response is designed to respond to a heightened body temperature, including antiviral and antibacterial immune responses. A fever-range temperature also allows your body to better remember germs it’s exposed to, making it stronger at fighting them off in the future.

Essential oils can safely bring the body’s internal temperature to 102°F, mimicking some of the major immunity benefits of a fever. Heat helps to kill the viruses, which is one reason why warm remedies, like chicken soup or hot tea, are given when we are sick.  Heating up the body for short periods of time to induce health is called hyperthermia and it is one of the reasons that healing technologies like infrared saunas, biomats and Epsom salt bathes are such effective healing techniques.

To prevent illness or nip it in the bud once it starts, apply Immune Support™ 2- 3 times daily on the throat (diluted) or the bottom of the feet. To keep the family healthy, rub the oil on the bottom of the feet prior to bed (kids can even be asleep when you apply it).


Anxiety activates your fight or flight system which triggers your adrenal glands to release stress hormones, like cortisol, to provide emergency energy and help keep you safe from harm. These hormones contribute to anxiety symptoms like racing heart beat that we experience as anxiety.

Anxiety also increases your need for energy in the form of  blood sugar or glucose.  This emergency fuel is released from your adrenal glands in response to a signal from your brain in the form of stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. These hormones actually break down your muscle tissue so those released proteins can be converted into glucose.

Every moment of anxiety means your adrenals are activating the increase of glucose in the blood so your muscles and your brain have more fuel.

In that way, the adrenals are providing you with the fuel needed to negotiate a stress. But this repetitively firing of your adrenals impedes your brains ability to calm the adrenals. The anxiety response, triggered by a thought or an event, signals the adrenals to turn on. The adrenals continue pumping out their hormones long after the trigger has been resolved. This hyper adrenal response characteristic of anxiety has far-reaching health implications — immune depression, digestive dysfunction,  cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Balancing the adrenal glands with Adrenal® can help calm these hormones and with them the anxiety symptoms. Smelling Adrenal® though the left nostril or applying to the adrenal glands (on the lower mid-back, one fist above the 12th rib on each side). Dilute to start or if any redness occurs.

Once you address the root causes of anxiety, you can move toward healing the underlying issues, not just managing the symptoms.

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About The Author

Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.