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6 Best Essential Oils for Tinnitus

By Jodi Cohen

A woman holding her ear.

Tinnitus is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears when no external sound is present. The sound may come from only one or both ears and can be soft or loud.

Tinnitus can result from head or neck injuries and resulting poor circulation or lymph flow, viral infections and inflammation, including sinus congestion, that damage the tiny hairs in your inner ear.

Essential oils for Tinnitus can help both relieve pain, dizziness and discomfort associated with tinnitus as well address the underlying issues that likely cause tinnitus.

Best Essential Oils for Tinnitus

essential oils for tinnitus, blonde girl holding earTopically applied essential oils work well to address tinnitus as they can sooth inflammation and balance the nervous system. Their analgesic and antispasmodic properties help relieve ear pain and discomfort.  They can also play a huge role in addressing the underlying issue of tinnitus – helping to drain toxins away from the ears and help heal Tinnitus.

Oils are uniquely suited to access and heal the brain as the brain is comprised primarily of fat and essential oils are fat soluble, allowing them to easily penetrate and assimilate into the system.  That said, I do not recommend applying essential oils in the ear canal, instead apply on the earlobe, behind the ear, or along the neck by the ear.

Specific oils for supporting Tinnitus include:

1.  Nerve Repair™

Nerve Repair™ can help alleviate pain and tinnitus related discomfort.  It contains Basil oil, an antispasmodic that helps calm the throbbing sensations in the ear that may accompany tinnitus. Helichrysum™, also contained in Nerve Repair™ and sold as a single oil, helps soothe inflammation in the nerves in the neck and ears and ease the resulting ringing sound heard, along with reducing any nerve damage that may contribute to tinnitus.  Helichrysum™ can also help open the neck channel so that excess fluids like lymph and blood can drain and relieve pressure that can accumulate near the ears.

2.  Parasympathetic®

Parasympathetic® can help override pain, heal nerve damage and fight viral infections.  Similarly, if an infection is impeding blood and lymph flow out of brain, pressure can build up and toxins and lymphatic fluid cannot drain effectively, presenting as pressure that can accumulate near the ears.  Toxins drain from the brain down the veins of the neck. Any congestion or inflammation in the neck can impair the drainage of toxins from the brain, including inflammation from toxins or infections in the mouth, as these drain along the trigeminal nerve to the sides of the neck.  Topically applying Parasympathetic® blend of clove and lime on the vagal nerve behind the earlobe on the neck can help heal the infection and reset the autonomic nervous system for optimal drainage from the brain.  In addition, clove oil contained in the Parasympathetic® blend contains powerful anti-fungal properties that can inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria inside the ear.

3.  Circulation™

Circulation™: Improving circulation may help increase the blood circulation which can help ear drainage and lessen the intensity of the ear’s ringing.  It can also provide relief from pain, as earaches usually result from an unbalance of air in the ears. Circulation™ blend contains Cypress which is used to stimulate blood flow which can be a key challenge with tinnitus.  Apply 2 -3 drops of Circulation™ on the back of the neck or behind the ears.

4.  Anti-Inflammatory™

If tinnitus is caused by spasms of the muscles or nerves in the ear, Anti Inflammatory™ can help calm the spasms and help regenerate and repair the tissues of the ear.  Frankincense™ also helps oxygenate the brain and inhibit the growth of bacteria inside the ear. Gently massage 2 -3 drops of Anti Inflammatory™ around the earlobe, behind the ear, and to the neck next to the ear.

5.  Lymph™

Lymph™ can help open the neck channel so that excess fluids like lymph and blood can drain and relieve pressure that can accumulate near the ears.  The lymphatic system needs to be functioning optimally in order for toxins to be removed from the brain.  If you think of the body like a hydraulics system where congested tissue downstream prevents optimal flow upstream, congested lymphatic vessels in the neck will impede drainage of toxins from the brain.  To enhance lymphatic flow and drainage, generously apply 2 -3 drops of Lymph™ around the sides of the neck.  Like any detoxification effort, it is important to help facilitate exit route prior to mobilizing toxins.  If you mobilize toxins without opening up channels for elimination, including taking binders like chlorella to help eliminate toxins, you risk making yourself feel worse.  CLICK HERE to learn more about gentle detoxification suggestions.

6.  Histamine Balance™

Histamine Balance™:  Decreasing congestion in the sinuses and airways help support ear drainage, as the Eustachian tube is connected to the middle ear.  Histamine Balance™ contains blue tansy and lavender essential oils which act as a decongestant, helping to clear air passages and aid in circulation in the head and ears, which can aid in reducing the intensity of tinnitus.


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About The Author

Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.