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3 Key Benefits of Essential Oils

By Jodi Cohen

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Essential plant oils are uniquely suited to help you relax before meals, as well as activate and balance nerves, hormones, biochemical and bio-energetic systems of the human body to assist with the treatment of other nutritional concerns. Learn more about the Essential Oil benefits in this post.


Essential Oil Benefits

1. Inner Brain Stimulation: The aroma from essential oils stimulates olfactory nerves (nerve sensors for smell) which reach the inner brain through nasal pathways. Nerve fibers run from the olfactory membrane into the inner brain — the hypothalamus — which contains important, self-regulatory centers that regulate warmth, waking, sleeping, blood pressure, breathing, digestion, elimination and fat and water metabolism. Most important, essential oils can stimulate the pituitary gland, the master regulator of all hormones. Researchers found that the plant hormones found essential oils had such an amazing effect human hormones, and especially the functioning of the master gland, pituitary gland, that they called it “Pituitary Therapy.”

2. Nervous System: Research revealed that applying essential oils to the skin could stimulate the nerve endings in the skin which connect to the vast inner network of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. By traveling from the skin surface inward to the deeper body systems, these precious oils can help balance the functioning of the nervous system.

3. Hormone Activation and Blood Circulation: Research also showed that essential oils, with their plant hormones, can be absorbed by the body and function as hormone precursors that can activate our own hormones that may not be functioning at their full capacity. In addition, plant hormones absorbed through the skin can enter the blood circulation, improving it and the blood chemistry.



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About The Author

Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.