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Vibrant Blue Oils is the preferred practitioner source of for
pure, organic and wildcrafted essential oils blends.
Why would you settle for anything less.

What our customers say...

Praise Report….I rubbed Breathe on neck and chest…Went to bed…no allergy symptoms,no sore throat this morning……I’m loving my Vibrant Oils!

Lori Talmage

I have been having phenomenal success with your oils and my patients love them. I’ve decided to fully integrate Vibrant Blue Oils into my practice!

Dr. Rachel Yan — DC, CKPT, NTP, RWP

I was new to essential oils, and Vibrant Blue not only educated me but also showed me what was possible when it came to vibrant health… Now I digest better, sleep better, and don’t get sick when I travel. I love these oils so much that I bought some for my whole company, because I want everyone on my team to be as healthy and happy as possible, too!

Nathalie Lussier — Entrepreneur at

I absolutely love essential oils so I’m super picky about the ones I use in my home and with my family. Vibrant Blue are the highest quality oils I’ve ever used- the blends smell amazing, work beautifully, and even my kids love them. I love that Vibrant Blue provide deeper education on essential oils and health – I can’t wait to learn and try even more!

Suzi Istvan

I am loving the Circadian Rhythm. I was having terrible insomnia, I would wake up a bunch during the night, I wasn’t sleeping well. Using this oil I am falling asleep quickly, staying asleep and waking up feeling rested! Yay!!!! I could not be happier!!! Thank you!!!

Nicole Busto — NTP

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so confident in the quality of our oils that we proudly offer a
100% quality guarantee. We also provide unrivaled customer
service through a no questions asked
30-day product return policy.


100% pure, organic and/or wild-crafted, natural and authentic.

Vibrant Blue Oils is committed to delivering the highest quality pure, potent and effective essential oils from around the globe.

We work with small farms on several continents to organically grow plants in the ideal soil in their indigenous climate, harvest them at the optimal time of year then properly distill them in low temperatures with low/no pressure. Our unwavering commitment to quality is reflected in the healing power of our blends.


Combining nutritional therapy and aromatherapy to create unique formulas that balance the body and the brain to support healing of mood, energy, focus, pain and autoimmunity.


We work with small farms around the globe to organically grow plants in indigenous climates, harvest them at the optimal time of year and properly distill them in low temperatures.


We empower individuals and healthcare practitioners with the knowledge and tools to integrate essential oils into their lives so they can heal their bodies and their brains!

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