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"As a holistic pediatrician specializing in the care of kids with complex chronic illnesses, I am always seeking natural products to support and help heal my kids without side effects or interactions with the other medications and supplements they may be on. Vibrant Blue Oils does just that! I’ve started using Jodi’s Parasympathetic essential oil blend, and the results have been more spectacular than I could have hoped for. Here’s what the dad of a 12 year-old autistic boy with hyperactivity, silliness, dysregulation and chronic candida that disrupts his ability to focus and attend just told me this week: “After starting Vibrant Blue Oils’ Parasympathetic blend, we immediately noticed more calmness. His body’s hyperactivity improved a lot. He’s developed a wonderful resilience. He’s able to sit longer for work and not get frustrated or talk nonsense. He’s very motivated to do well in his work and even taking initiative to do things and stick with them, where he would have just given up before.” And here’s what the mom of a severely emotionally disturbed 4.5 year-old girl with horrible tantrums and rages said: “After the first dose, she was instantly calm for the first time in 2 weeks. She said she was tired, and went to me and hugged me and said she loved me.” No medication or supplement will give these results this quickly, without any side effects. I can see the vast potential of the Parasympathetic blend for all of my kids who have underlying gut dysbiosis, inflammation and dysfunction as one of the underlying root causes for their disease. I can’t wait to continue to use it for my kids with autism, ADHD, behavioral/sensory disorders, anxiety/depression, autoimmune illness, reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease – you name it! Thank you, Jodi – for bringing this powerful yet safe and gentle line of Vibrant Blue Oils to the world!"
Elisa Song, MD