Did You Know You Can Reboot Your Brain…

It’s completely possible to reverse brain disorders such as dementia, autism, ADD, ADHD, chronic migraines, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia and memory issues naturally?

Did you also know that if your brain isn’t well, you’ll be highly susceptible to a myriad of other health issues, such as Hashimotos, MS, arthritis and even cancer?

Stop Suffering in Silence!

You, your loved ones or your clients DO NOT have to continue to suffer in silence…there is hope. Keep reading to learn more…

We are about to reveal breakthrough medical information that has never been made available, including:

• How toxins pose significant harm to the brain
• How stress and inflammation switch off your immune system
• Why it’s almost impossible to stop inflammation of your brain
• The 1 trick that WILL stop brain inflammation
• How detoxification efforts can be causing your body more harm than good

Please be advised: This information may save you tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills

What if we told you that brain issues are actually at the root of many common health concerns including:

• Dementia
• Lyme
• Neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and ALS
• Autoimmune issues, like Hashimotos, MS or Arthritis
• Anxiety
• Depression
• ADD/ADHD, Behavior or Emotional Issues
• Brain Fog, slow thinking or slow response time.
• Memory issues, forgetfulness, or poor word recall
• Fatigue
• Migraines and headaches
• Gut inflammation or Leaky gut
• Chronic infections

What if we also told you that….

• Cleaning up your diet is NOT enough
• It’s impossible to heal your gut without healing your brain
• Detoxification can be more harmful than helpful if not done right
• Sleep plays a critical role in reversing brain disorders
• Your mouth and gums could be what’s preventing you from healing
• Your body will hold on to toxins if there are parasites in your body

Would you listen if it meant you could potentially:

• Completely restore your brain health
• Reduce neurological inflammation
• Reverse chronic illnesses such as auto immune conditions, mood disorders and Lyme disease
• Improve your sleep and quality of life
• Not only heal the brain, but help the brain optimally function
• Help you, or a loved one, experience more joy out of life

Without you having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on specialists or continuing education?

About Us…

Hi, we’re Dr. Christine Schaffner, board certified Naturopathic physician and Jodi Cohen founder, Nutritional Therapist and founder of Vibrant Blue Oils.

Typically, we would charge thousands of dollars for the same information we’re sharing in this class… because we want more people to experience healing.

Our Brains are in Trouble…

Neurological diseases and brain-related health challenges have skyrocketed over recent decades

• Psychiatric disorders affect over 26% of our adult population and over 20% of our adolescent population
• Over 40 million people suffer from anxiety and more than 20 million people have depression
• 1-10 Americans take an antidepressant, which has tripled in the past decade
• 1.7 million suffer from brain injuries each year
• Alzheimer’s will affect 30%, and some experts are saying up to 50% of people over the age of 85
• 9% of our 8-15 year olds have been given the label, ADHD
In the last decade, autism has increased from 3 in 10,000 to 1 in 166

It’s time that more people understand how to take steps to reclaim their brain health.

The problem with most alternative methods….

The primary challenge of healing the brain is delivering the right remedy to the right region of the brain.

Our primary tools, such as food, supplements, and pharmaceutical drugs, must travel through the digestive tract and are then processed through the liver. However, if a person suffers from any gut inflammation, infections, or impaired digestion, nutrient absorption and assimilation can be compromised.

In order to access the brain, particles need to cross the blood-brain barrier, which acts like a filter restricting everything but incredibly small molecules from gaining access. Research shows that lipid solubility seems to help facilitate passage through the blood-brain barrier, as even very small water molecules cannot make it through.

Essential oils are both fat soluble and so small that they are known as volatile and aromatic, making them ideal remedies to access and heal the brain.

Introducing: Reboot Your Brain

A 10-module online training that will provide you with a thorough understanding of what contributes to brain-related health challenges as well as practical steps to heal your brain and optimize brain function, and reclaim your health, energy and mental clarity.

What’s included?

• 100% virtual home-study program – super-convenient, the whole thing is accessible online!
• Access to 10 lesson modules
• Resource guide with links to all recommended remedies and techniques
• Private Facebook Community to answer all your questions
• Free lifetime access to the program, including all upcoming bonuses and content updates.
• The entire program is yours forever to repeat again and again, as many times as you need or want to.

Here’s What We’ll Cover…
This course will arm you with the tools and knowledge you need to REBOOT THE BRAIN so your body can heal. It will help you regain your energy, increase your joy and improve your mental focus with easy to use ESSENTIAL OILS.


• Discover the specific toxins at play in the modern world and how these toxins interact with each other and the brain in all chronic illnesses.
• Learn about the negative synergy between heavy metals, including mercury, aluminum, and lead, and environmental toxins and how they undermine brain health.
• Understand how viruses and bacteria in the mouth, including root canals and cavities, contribute to the toxic load in the brain.
• Explore how mold and EMFs exasperate other health conditions.
• Discover how viruses, bacteria, and parasites impact the brain.


• Learn how the nervous system is responsible for sending messages to and from the brain to the body and how toxins can interfere with those signals.
• Unravel how toxicity in the brain can impede nervous system signaling to all downstream function in the body.
• Understand how the longest nerve in the body, known as the vagus nerve, plays a critical role in the body’s ability to support our immune system, mood, digestion, memory and brain function.
• Discover how toxins can be quickly absorbed in massive amounts into nerves
• Explore how toxins can infect nerves and offset other healing efforts, including the beneficial effects of the probiotic bacteria in the gut.


• Discover how any kind of stress, including physical stresses from excessive toxins, can trigger a stress response in the body.
• Learn how the release of stress hormones, like cortisol, can turn off the immune system.
• Understand that when stress becomes chronic, our nervous system gets stuck in the “fight or flight” sympathetic state.
• Explore how stress from a physical, physiological (like poor sleep), environmental or even emotional or thought driven stressor (like repressed anger or depression) can downregulate immune functions.
• Discuss the connection between an increase in overall inflammation and a decrease in immune function.


• Discover how an accumulation of toxins can slow down, or inhibit the body’s own elimination processes.
• Understand how the body is constantly trying to eliminate neurotoxins via the available exit routes: the liver, kidney, skin and exhaled air.
• Explore how if detoxification protocol mobilizes more toxins than the body can eliminate, it may flood the connective tissue (where the nerves reside) with toxins that were previously stored in safer hiding places. This process is called re-toxification.
• Stress the importance of supporting the organs of elimination, including Liver and gallbladder, Kidneys, Gut, Tonsils, Sinuses, Skin and Lymphatic system, to ensure that toxins that are mobilized in the brain, leave the body.


• Understand how toxins in the brain trigger a chronic Inflammatory response that can damage brain tissue, contribute to dementia, ADHD, autism, fatigue, brain fog, slower nerve conduction, and mood disorders like anxiety and depression and muscle weakness.
• Learn that while some level of inflammation is necessary to help protect and heal your body from an injury or infection, our inflammatory responses are often excessive, contributing to damage to the tissues of the joints, the arteries, the organs, and, perhaps most concerning, the brain
• Realize that brain inflammation can be difficult to turn off and further obstruct healing of the gut, creating a viscous cycle of inflammation.
• Unravel the inflammatory cascade that contributes to chronic illness, brain fog, depression and anxiety so you can heal.
• Learn how the vagus nerve communicates directly with the immune system, and the body’s inflammatory response, through the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
• Discover how essential oils can help turn off the inflammatory response in the brain.


• Understand how lack of sleep contributes to health concerns
• Explore how melatonin is the key hormone to help us fall asleep and a powerful antioxidant and a potent detoxifier of the brain.
• Explore how the brain detoxifies during sleep
• Understand how the lymphatic system helps detoxify the brain during sleep.
• Learn how sleep can be supported with essential oils


• Understand how structural misalignments contribute to brain dysfunction
• Explore how traumatic brain injuries or concussions can contribute to a loss of microvascular integrity or breach of the blood brain barrier.
• Understand how vasoconstriction, or the narrowing of the blood vessels following injury, slows the drain of toxins from the brain.
• Explore how vasoconstriction in the brain can also trigger a stress signal that drops the body into a stress state that prevents healing
• Learn useful tools for assessing and addressing injuries related to physical structure


• Discover how essential oils are uniquely suited to access and heal the brain.
• Understand why essential oils work.
• Learn the best essential oils to optimize sleep..
• Explore how to enhance digestion, detoxification, immune modulation with essential oils.
• Arm yourself with techniques to reduce brain inflammation with essential oils


• Understand the challenges of assimilating water soluble nutrients into fat soluble cell membranes and how this incompatibility leads to lower rates of nutrient uptake and utilization within the cell.
• Discover how liposomal remedies can bypass the digestive barrier and deliver nutrients directly to the bloodstream.
• Learn how liposomal remedies can be packaged like a bodily cell to increase absorption rate for carrying nutrients to the body’s cells.
• Explore how “nano particle” liposomal size plays an important role in its ability to access and heal the body and the brain.


• Discover our 10 Step key brain healing strategies
• Learn to improve brain detoxification with over 30 tips and tools
• Arm yourself with techniques to reduce brain inflammation
• Discover non-invasive tools, including essential oils, homeopathic remedies and alternative therapies
• Get empowered to reclaim your brain health!


• Exclusive Expert Interviews
• Clickable Resource Guide for all recommended products and tools
• Essential Oil Checklists and Tools.

Who will benefit from Heal the Brain?

If you or a loved one are (or think you are) suffering from a neurological disease, or you’re a health practitioner who would like to better understand how to help your clients/patients who are suffering from a neurological impairment, you will find this course indispensable.


A one-hour appointment with Dr. Christine would cost more than this entire course, and wouldn’t contain even a quarter of the same information.

It is our mission to make this knowledge more readily available to those who need access to it, as we know that not everyone can afford spending thousands of dollars on specialists.

Our Price: $197

Special One Time Only Price!

Who is Jodi?

Jodi is a nutritional therapy practitioner with a background in investigative journalism.

I discovered how essential oils heal the brain, and are uniquely suited to do so, through my own personal rock bottom.

After a decade attempting to support my former husband through manic highs and devastating lows, my adrenals completely collapsed. I could barely get myself out of bed, let alone cook, clean, and care for my babies. I had never been more exhausted, anxious, or depressed and nothing I tried seemed to help.

Fortunately, I was gifted essential oils. Out of sheer desperation, I tested them to support different organ systems and created blends to help me heal my exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. I was shocked at how quickly they worked! So much so, that when I felt like myself again I drew on my background as an investigative journalist to figure out how and why they worked so well.

Once I started to feel like myself again, I employed my intensive research skills to figure out why they work and how they could help other people.

This research is compiled in my #1 Bestselling book, “Healing with Essential Oils” which has empowered thousands of practitioners and individuals with the knowledge and tools to heal the underlying imbalances that often lead to disease.

Who is Christine?

Dr. Christine Schaffner is a board certified Naturopathic physician who graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. She completed her undergraduate studies in Pre-medicine and Psychology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Dr. Schaffner’s style of practice is strongly rooted in traditional Naturopathic principles. She believes in the importance of establishing a strong health foundation to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Schaffner combines both Naturopathic and Conventional therapies to develop individualized treatment plans that focus on addressing the underlying cause of complex chronic illness.

Dr. Schaffner has trained extensively with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, widely known for his help in treating Real Housewives star, Yolanda Foster.

She thoroughly enjoys staying current with the latest developments in chronic illness so she can better serve her patients.

I cannot count the number of Aha! moments I had during the Reboot Your Brain class!

I have been searching, searching, and searching for answers to many of the things that were covered in this course THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This was such valuable information. And all in one place.

Judy Peterson

Dr. Christine and Jodi both bring the material to you in an accessible and digestible way!

The content of the Reboot Your Brain course was very helpful as it was so specific and detailed while also providing some takeaways for people to apply right away – a winning combination. Thank you for sharing your combined knowledge, what a great team you are!!

Diane McNamara

Reboot Your Brain was phenomenal!

Thank you to you and Dr. Christine for taking the time out of your busy schedules to share this life changing information. I have been dealing with chronic systemic health issues and have done endless research to find answers. Your oils have been the only thing that has helped my gut and motility. I knew my Vagus Nerve was involved in this but I couldn’t find any practitioners to jump on board and support me. I really felt hopeless. Not anymore! I am so excited to learn how I can detox my very toxic brain. My goal is to be able to help others regain their health too because I know it is possible!!

Teresa Lee

This class blew me away on several levels.

It was very well organized, clearly presented and useful. It also gave me a framework to understand the symptoms I have been observing for more than a decade. The class helped me connect the dots about the systemic aspect of symptoms that I had not heard before.

Susan Kent Avjian

This course combines leading scientific research with, easy-to-implement action steps!

Jena Sullivan

This course offers new and inspiring ways to work with essential oils!

Whether you are new to essential oils or have been working with them for decade, this course offers new and inspiring ways to work with essential oils.

Mike Iamele

Our Satisfaction-Guaranteed Refund Policy

We are committed to exceeding your expectations and providing you with the awareness, education, and actionable steps necessary for restoring your brain health.

However, if are not 100% satisfied, we’ll happily refund your investment in full within 15 days of purchase.

Please note, to protect our content, we cannot offer a refund if you complete more than the first two modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you qualified to teach these classes?

Christine has been working in the field of brain health for over 7 years alongside acclaimed practitioner Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, personally helping clients heal from chronic brain related illnesses and developing protocols that work in clinical practice.

Jodi has been supporting brain health with essential oils for 6 years. She works with clients to support the underlying foundations that allow the brain to heal.

What happens when I pay and enroll?

You will make your secure payment via the Vibrant Blue Oils website. You will set up a user name and password for the membership site and a welcome email will direct you to the Heal the Brain with Essential Oils class dashboard and to access the introductory content.

How much time do I need to commit to the class?

The class is designed so that you are able to complete it at your own pace.

You don’t have to complete the course at any given time. We’ve intentionally built-in valuable FREEDOM + FLEXIBILITY into this program so you can learn and apply the knowledge at your own pace.

No worry of missed calls hosted at an inconvenient time. With this program, simply grab your lessons & go; do your learning anywhere, anytime – even while on the go. You also get lifetime access to this course and the forum.

As new content is added or features improved, you will also have access.

How are classes delivered?

The classes are delivered via online videos and no technical experience, other than the ability to play videos and download documents, is needed.

Will I get personalized advice from you?

Yes, within the boundaries of the course materials – you are welcome to email us questions as well as post questions on the class forum or ask them during the “live” class session.

Please note that we are not a replacement for your personal health care provider, and we only give ideas and support from a broader sense within the boundaries of the course materials. We encourage participants to answer each other’s questions anytime, as this builds a strong supportive community!

What happens if I'm not satisfied?

Firstly, we will do everything we can to ensure that this doesn’t happen! We want you to be blown away by the value in this course!

If you work through the first couple of modules and participate and still do not feel that you have gained value from this course then we will refund your money in full.