Quality Guaranteed

Vibrant Blue Oils offers the highest quality essential oils from around the world.

We work with small farms on several continents to organically grow the plants in ideal soil, harvest them at the optimal time of year then distill them properly in low temperatures with low/no pressure. A plant grown in the “proper” part of the world will produce superior quality essential oil. All of our essential oils are either Certified Organic (we have the certification on file), Organically Grown (grown organically but not certified, some countries do not offer this certification), or Wild (grown by nature).

This organic distinction is important to us for two reasons:

  1. Any chemicals or contaminants to the plants such as pollution, fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides will be concentrated into the resulting oil through the distillation process and delivered in a more concentrated form into the body.
  2. The oils are designed to heal the plants from predators. If pesticides or other chemicals that diminish the plant’s natural healing potential are added to the plant as it is growing they detract from the healing ability of the plant and thereby render the plant’s oil less effective.

Finally, the Vibrant Blue Oils are packaged in cobalt blue bottles that protect and preserve the natural energy carried within the oil. Unfortunately, some companies add frequencies to their low quality oil trying to pass them off as better quality. Vibrant blue glass does not allow the addition of external frequencies so the quality can speak for itself.

We are so confident in the quality of our oils that we proudly offer a 100% quality guarantee.