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What are Vibrant Blue Oils?

Vibrant Blue Oils offers proprietary blends of therapeutic essential oils designed to balance the body, brain, emotions and support symptoms to help us return to balance for optimal healing.

How did Vibrant Blue Oils get started?

jodiI’m Jodi – My personal journey to essential oils began with my own health struggles.  I was anxious, exhausted and over-weight.  My kids weren’t sleeping and were struggling with anxiety, attention and focus issues.

I tried everything I could think of including intense restrictive diets that were exhausting to implement and sustain, loads of expensive supplements and all sorts of therapies.  They all helped a little, but the underlying issues still lingered.  It felt a bit like treading water – the protocols helped prevent me from drowning, but never pulled me out of the deep water.

Essential oils changed all of that!  From the first moment I used an oil, I felt like I had been thrown a life vest that allowed me to not just tread water, but make steady progress towards healing.

That’s why I’ve devoted my time, energy and passion to creating proprietary blends and the education to support them to empower individuals and healthcare practitioners to integrate essential oils into their lives so they can heal!

As a single mom of two young children and a very busy puppy, I know how challenging it can be to try a new healing modality.  That’s why I’m here to help you every step of the way!

Where do I Start?

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