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As a holistic pediatrician specializing in the care of kids with complex chronic illnesses, I am always seeking natural products to support and help heal my kids without side effects or interactions with the other medications and supplements they may be on.

Vibrant Blue Oils does just that! I’ve started using Jodi’s Parasympathetic essential oil blend, and the results have been more spectacular than I could have hoped for.

Here’s what the dad of a 12 year-old autistic boy with hyperactivity, silliness, dysregulation and chronic candida that disrupts his ability to focus and attend just told me this week: “After starting Vibrant Blue Oils’ Parasympathetic blend, we immediately noticed more calmness. His body’s hyperactivity improved a lot. He’s developed a wonderful resilience. He’s able to sit longer for work and not get frustrated or talk nonsense. He’s very motivated to do well in his work and even taking initiative to do things and stick with them, where he would have just given up before.”

And here’s what the mom of a severely emotionally disturbed 4.5 year-old girl with horrible tantrums and rages said: “After the first dose, she was instantly calm for the first time in 2 weeks. She said she was tired, and went to me and hugged me and said she loved me.”

No medication or supplement will give these results this quickly, without any side effects. I can see the vast potential of the Parasympathetic blend for all of my kids who have underlying gut dysbiosis, inflammation and dysfunction as one of the underlying root causes for their disease. I can’t wait to continue to use it for my kids with autism, ADHD, behavioral/sensory disorders, anxiety/depression, autoimmune illness, reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease – you name it!

Thank you, Jodi – for bringing this powerful yet safe and gentle line of Vibrant Blue Oils to the world!

Holistic mama doc – Elisa Song, MD

Praise Report….I rubbed Breathe on neck and chest…Went to bed…no drip..no allergy symptoms,no sore throat this morning……I’m loving my Vibrant Oils!”


I have been having phenomenal success with your oils and my patients love them. I’ve decided to fully integrate Vibrant Blue Oils into my practice!



I am very grateful that I integrated Vibrant Blue Oils into my practice. Just to let you know that your efforts have rippling effects. My practice members and I love your oils lots. I have been in practice for 32 years and I have purchased many essential oil blends, only to be disappointed. I am happy to say that your oils test extremely well. It’s fantastic reflection of your business and all the effort , energy, love, integrity and passion behind it. Anything that helps my practice, my family and I to continue moving up the mountain is a blessing to me.



I was new to essential oils, and Vibrant Blue not only educated me but also showed me what was possible when it came to vibrant health… Now I digest better, sleep better, and don’t get sick when I travel. I love these oils so much that I bought some for my whole company, because I want everyone on my team to be as healthy and happy as possible, too!


Entrepreneur at ambitionally.com

Portland’s local NBC new affiliate featured me in a story about sugar detox which aired on the news in Oregon and SW Washington twice this evening. Having never been interviewed in front of a news camera or reporter before, I felt nervous and a bit stressed. I remembered to take the Parasympathetic oil with me and rubbed in on my wrists, behind my earlobes, and took a big whiff of it before going in. I felt totally calm and confident the whole time, and I attribute most of that to the oil.



I absolutely love essential oils so I’m super picky about the ones I use in my home and with my family. Vibrant Blue are the highest quality oils I’ve ever used- the blends smell amazing, work beautifully, and even my kids love them. I love that Vibrant Blue provide deeper education on essential oils and health – I can’t wait to learn and try even more!


I am loving the Circadian Rhythm. I was having terrible insomnia, I would wake up a bunch during the night, I wasn’t sleeping well. Using this oil I am falling asleep quickly, staying asleep and waking up feeling rested! Yay!!!! I could not be happier!!! Thank you!!!



I was an essential oils virgin until Vibrant Blue appeared in my life. Not only is the quality of the product superb but Vibrant Blue does an excellent job in educating essential oil newbies how to maximize the benefits. Now I just can’t get enough.


Just want to share, that I LOVE the Sleep blend, been using it for a couple of weeks and can’t wait to go to bed so I can inhale it. I LOVE the combination of scents. And something really miraculous happened, last night I did not wake up even once to go to the bathroom, usually I wake up 1-2 times. This is something that has not happened for decades, can’t even remember the last time I slept through the whole night.



Vibrant Blue Oils is my preferred medicinal blend resource. It is used by health care professionals. I use several of their blends for gut health and various other things. This is a company I have vetted and researched extensively. My criteria for oils is; sustainability, origin, purity (organic and no additives), distillation process, company mission statement, availability and cost.


I am loving my new Stress Support Kit and my son is sleeping better than EVER! It is taking him 5-15 minutes to fall asleep instead of one to two hours using the Circadian Rhythm blend. And, he is sleeping a solid eleven hours each night (age 11). Thank you for sharing VBO with us all!



Used Parasympathetic on a patient with migraines and she had immediate and almost complete relief. Love it!


Vibrant Blue oils have been such a game changer for me! So much more effective than any other brand I’ve used.


Health Coach

I have used the parasympathetic blend with success. Last spring, I went on vacation without my kids for the first time and was very anxious. Fast forward to this past fall and I was in labor with my fourth child. I again instinctually reached for the parasympathetic while I was in labor and really think the oils helped to bring on strong and productive contractions while keeping me grounded and focused. I’m a big fan and thought you would appreciate the feedback. I am looking forward to expanding my collection and learning more.
Thank you.


My first impression of Vibrant Blue Oils was when an autistic child applied Parasympathetic in my office and his parents immediately noticed the child shift into a calmer and more grounded.space, I knew that there was something very unique and special with these oils


Entrepreneur at ambitionally.com

I am a huge fan of your oils- I recently bought the gut repair kit. As a patient with Crohn’s I cannot take Advil and anti-inflammatories like that, but since the oils are plant based, I’ve been having great success with your anti-inflammatory essential oils!


I love Vibrant Blue Oils. I use them every day!


I’ve been using the anxiety blend and it’s INCREDIBLE! Seriously, miraculous!


A big shout out to Jodi Sternoff Cohen and Calm… I had to have an MRI on my stomach today (my 3rd. I have Crohn’s) and if you have ever had one you know it is really loud in there… you also have to hold your breath for 20 and 30 seconds at a time- I put Calm on right before I went it- it helped sooo much! the tech told me she loved the smell- said they even have lavender and other scents they use if patients ask- I asked how they would know to ask for it and she said if they don’t but she sees patients looking agitated she offers it to them- I thought that was so cool!


I started using the Blood Sugar Balance oil as a matter of course in my office. I keep a pitcher of water there for clients and I always add the oil. Not only do my clients love the taste, they notice a real difference in sugar cravings. I also suggest clients use it in their daily water because it tastes so good, it increases their water consumption! I leave it on the table when I teach weight loss and sugar detox classes and everyone loves it. It really sells itself! Every time I order it I think “OK, this time it will last,” yet it keeps flying off the shelves.



My 11 year old has always been hesitant about essential oils… I convinced her to try histamine for her seasonal allergies- she is now off of ALL prescription allergy medication- she is sure in every fiber of her sneezy being (well no longer sneezy) that histamine works- we put it on her feet every night- sometimes in the morning too- for a while there I was going into her room at night to put it behind her ears but she asked me to please stop (doesn’t want to get her favorite lovey smelling different). So thank you so much! this has been a lifesaver for her!


I have had great success with the Liver Support, Lymph, Immune Support, and most recently the PMS blend. My cycle started this past weekend and I used the oil with a hot water bottle and drank ginger tea. For the first time, I had no cramps at all whereas I previously would have so much pain that I would break into a cold sweat, get nauseous, and have to leave work to rest. I was using acupuncture for support, and my practitioner mentioned that I have pretty substantial liver congestion. I am really glad to have found your site!


I went to my DC to get my shoulder fixed– actually it’s beneath the collarbone that I have the pain…anyway she told me she wanted to try your Liver because that spot was associated with liver and I indulged her because she is really delivers on the chiropractor front– first she had me smell the stuff (pleasant smell!) but only a little improvement, then she applied a drop of oil on the spot and within a minute and I can’t believe it but I was strong on that side again and had only what felt like residual soreness- that was 2 days ago! I’m baffled because I just don’t see how this stuff could work… I placed my order for the stuff –as its less expensive that chiropractor and it worked a lot faster and it its effect lasts longer (I’m usually hurting again after a few days at the computer) What I know is that my shoulder is stronger, even now 4 days later and I’ve been using the computer etc. as usual. I have had this shoulder worked on many times in the last 4 years and this relief is as real as what I got from PT and longer lasting. I didn’t think it would work—but am so impressed with this OIL!


I have worked with aromatherapy oils for over 33 years and explored many different brands of essential oils. I am thrilled to say that Vibrant Blue Oils far exceed many other oils I have tried and do exactly as they say the will…and the plus is they smell great!



I have to tell you that I’m really loving the oils. I used the digest one yesterday when I was dealing with vague but annoying digestive distress. I mixed the oil with a little olive oil for a carrier and applied bilaterally to the upper abdomen. I followed your instructions for the warm compress and voila – vague distress gone.


I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I have been with the oils I have purchased. I love it when products actually “do” what they “claim” to do and learning along the way is a lot of fun. I am using Sleep on the soles of my feet to support a better night’s sleep. It has been adding hours of sleep to the restless nights I have. The other oils I am using are Adrenal Balance and Parasympathetic. I use them along with focused awareness and breath to stabilize my energy system when experiencing stressful situations. The Parasympathetic seems to aid digestive difficulties and the Adrenal Balance began to shore up depleted energies. I use it every day now.


I am loving the oils!!! My husband and I were the medical team for a church youth camp a couple of weeks ago, and I used them many times for many things, from sprained ankles to upset stomachs to mosquito bites. Personally, I have used them quite a bit – I am 10 weeks pregnant and have found digest to be very helpful when I have occasional bouts of morning sickness. Energize has really helped me combat first trimester fatigue as well. I look forward to the video training – I know I’m just tapping the surface of what these oils can do and really look forward to using them in my practice.


These oils are a game changer. I was so tickled during class when I passed Raglands and leg length and got high fives from my fellow students! Adrenal blend in the am and Circadian Rhythm at night, and of course Parasympathetic. And Focus got me through my exams.



I purchased the oils because I have been having difficulty sleeping for a number of years. Like most people I have tried just about everything available. I tried the Circadian Rhythm and Sleep on Thursday night and slept for 6 hours straight. It was a true luxury.


How is this oil working? The last 3 games including the jamboree, my son’s anxiety got worse. He would hardly even stand on the sidelines the game before this week’s game. Yesterday as he started to stress I applied 2 drops on his chest. He calmed down and played defense and kick return the whole time. He made 3 amazing tackles and almost picked off to passes so the other team stopped passing. 2 weeks ago he was crying the whole game and only played 5 plays now he is almost back to normal. What is this oil doing to calm him? I am sure it is in combination with everything we are doing but it is like the last little piece of the puzzle that makes it all work. He woke up today and came into my room with a big smile and hugged me. He said “thanks mom for helping with my feeling. I love you.” It felt great to see him get through the last few days as he previously was not able to make it through a school day without an anxiety attack.


I hope you’ve been doing well. I had to give you an update on my insomniac client who was to start using Circadian Rhythm and Sleep…She began sleeping fully through the night the VERY FIRST time she started using the oils. We have modified her diet, but she wasn’t on any other supplements at the time. She has recurrent nightmares, but has only had one in the last week and fell right back to sleep. She feels like a new woman. Yay for oils!


Circadian Rhythm blend worked so well for my daughter’s sleep! My daughter just informed that when she went away with my husband this weekend for a night she fell asleep with lights out! This was the first night he used the pineal oil on her and she hasn’t fallen asleep in the dark in years! Tonight she started yawning about 15 minutes after I put it on her and it was still pretty early for her.


Jodi provides so much great information that really helped me connects the dots about how to use essential oils to heal! What I love about your blends, they are labelled in a self-explanatory way.


Your oils have changed the life of one of my clients, helping their child manage his anxiety and moods. The hard work, the endless hours of struggles, and your own personal sacrifices are making impact in the lives of others.


I hit my cheekbone pretty darn hard this morning on a granite counter top. It swelled up quite a bit. I having dabbing the anti-inflammatory oil on through the day, and I have to say the swelling is down and so is the pain.



I interviewed and chose a midwife last night (yay!). After a long day, they were all exhausted. I passed Parasympathetic around to them and my hubby to inhale, and it was fun to watch them all visibly relax.


My client wanted to go the essential oils route over supplements – so we did a comparison and LNTed supplements – then tried the essential oils. Liver and Intestinal Mucosa brought her numbers down as low or lower than the supplements! She is SO impressed! Pretty cool!


I have been having nerve (sciatic nerve per acupuncturist and chiro) pain in my right leg. While chiro and acupuncture therapy have been helping, I have not gone to either for several weeks now and yesterday the pain reappeared and REALLY made itself known! I decided to try the anti-inflammatory oil instead this time. And… it worked – almost instantly and continues to allow me to be pain free today!


My daughter’s sleep is doing so much better! She is not only sleeping through the night and for a good solid 10 hours but is starting to break away from all of the rituals she used to need before bed. Last night when she laid down she said “it feels good to be in bed”. I don’t think she’s ever felt that way before as it has always been so hard for her to settle down at night!


Liver and Gall Bladder blends relieved my headache! Last night I had a really bad headache after going to the nail salon. I came home and could barely hold my head up. There were a lot of fumes in the place – way more than usual yesterday – so I took a few molybdenum and then used the liver and gall bladder formulas and within a few minutes the massive pounding stopped! I am so impressed. I NEVER get headaches and I am hydrated, so I knew that wasn’t it. Those toxic places are no good, but I need to look professional. Of course, I take my own nail cutters, files, and pumice stones, as well as my own toxin-free lotion so they can’t slather their chemical crap on my skin, but all of the dust from all of the nails being filed down and the smell of acetone was worse than usual and they didn’t have any air flowing through the place either. Anyway, just wanted to share that the oils were really helpful! THANK YOU!



Blood Sugar Balance saved my morning! I have to tell you about my wonderful experience with Blood Sugar Balance. I was away from home last week and missed the full breakfast available from my meeting/conference. But, they did leave some bagels for those of us hungry and late for our meeting. So, despite my knowing the effects of consuming high carbohydrates in the morning on my body, I ate a big bagel with butter. Within 5 minutes the familiar brain fog and tunnel vision began. While I was deciding what to do next, I remembered I brought my new bottle of Blood Sugar Balance on my trip and decided to try it. What a relief! Within 30 seconds the brain fog and tunnel vision lifted and I was able to concentrate and participate in my meeting. Without this oil, I would have been trying to balance my blood sugar all day. Thank you for helping my body deal with my blood sugar crisis!


Game Changer! Better sleep with the Circadian Rhythm blend. I love this product. Need more. I am recommending it to all my other friends who have sleep disruption!


Studying for my Midterm and remembered that I have Brain Boost just applied to forehead, temples, and top of head. I should have thought of this sooner, and it smells yummy!


I have been using this parasympathetic oil, so I know how effective it is. At our last workshop in March the student working on me just couldn’t find anything to resolve my hot points, and a group leader handed her some of the Vibrant Blue parasympathetic oil which brought me down to a “0”. I have been using it ever since. My ten-year old daughter and I are also having success with the circadian rhythm oil.