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5 Essential Oils for Grounding

By Jodi Cohen

A woman sitting in the sand on a beach.

Grounding is a technique that helps you connect to the healing energy of nature and the Earth.  Grounding brings us into a state of balance, both mentally and physically. It is in this balanced state that our body can rest, repair, and heal on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Essential oils for grounding can help us reach that balanced state.

When we physically ground and connect to Earth, it reduces inflammation, helps optimize organ function and improves detoxification, by allowing toxins to flow out of us and into the Earth   On the emotional level, grounding allows our  thoughts and emotions to move through us more easily.  On a spiritual level, grounding enhances our connection to our intuition and spiritual guidance.

Grounding, also called Earthing, is easy to do.  You can connect to the Earth by walking barefoot on grass, on the beach or even on ceramic tile.  Yoga facilitates grounding as does meditation and the consumption of plants grown in the Earth, either as food or essential oils derived from plants.

When we connect with the Earth, or plants that have grown from the earth, we connect to the balance of nature. The tides, the seasons, the circadian rhythm of day and night, along with the cycles of the moon all ebb and flow in balance. Our bodies are designed to maintain a similar natural rhythm.

When we connect to nature by consuming a plant based diet, applying essential oils derived from plants, hiking in the woods, walking barefoot on the grass or dirt, we allow our bodies to align with the natural rhythm of the planet. When we lose this connection to nature, it interferes with our internal rhythm and balance, impeding our ability to return to balance so we can relax, sleep, detoxify, digest, repair, and heal.  When we ground ourselves, these natural processes flow easily without interference.

The definition of balance is to “maintain a steady state to avoid falling” — falling into ill health, negative thoughts, depressed or anxious mood. As our thoughts shift, so does our balance. But nature remains steady. Plants, trees, rocks – their energy remains grounded and constant.

Thus, when we align ourselves with that grounded energy of nature, it can help us return to and stay in balance. Essential oils and the energy of nature, especially oils from grounded plants like trees or grasses, help ground us and return our bodies to the state of balance and enhance our ability to change in response to body’s demands.


Essential Oils for Grounding

Essential oils, especially those derived from grounded plants like trees which are intrinsically grounded through their root structure into the Earth.  Essential oils comprised from barks, roots, grasses, needles and resin of plants also help you pull your energy centers down into the Earth.

Plants that grow under earth entrain with earth’s energies.  This is why stones, root vegetables or essential oils from root plants that share space with the Earth, match the frequency of the Earth and can be used for grounding.  Rock, crystals and minerals, in particular, are able to hold a solid vibration so when you hold one in your hand or place it near your body, you have to change your frequency to match that of the rock or mineral. This is one reason that crystals are so popular for grounding.

Natural scents, like essential oils derived from plants, also carry a vibration and smelling essential oils forces you to entrain your energy with the plant and helps connect you to nature and ground you.


5 Essential Oils for Grounding

The top best essential oils for grounding are:

1.  Attention™

Attention™ blend was designed to support children with ADD/ADHD and it works because it helps ground these kids into their bodies and when they are grounded, they are less distracted, impulsive and more focused.   Attention™ contains Vetiver, a perennial bunchgrass with very deep roots that help ground it to the Earth.  Vetiver essential oil is extracted from these deep roots and is known to grounds you mentally, physically and emotionally, often helping you explore the root of your emotional issues.  Attention™ also contains Frankincense™ and Cedarwood which helps us ground and feel connected to the planet and each other.  Apply 2- 3 drops of Attention™ on the bottom of the feet and back of the neck to help with grounding.

2. Frankincense™

Frankincense™ is a resin extracted from trees that grow in the challenging climates of northeastern African and the Arabian Peninsula.  These challenging climates make Frankincense™ uniquely resilient and supportive to help with grounding.  Frankincense™ is known for helping to purify, sanctify and connect you to your spiritual path, calming the mental chatter of your nervous system.  It also helps connect you to the healing energy of the Earth.  Apply Frankincense™ to the bottoms of your feet to support grounding.


3.  Parasympathetic®

Grounding is known to calm your sympathetic nervous system and help balance your nervous system. Supporting the Parasympathetic State can also help the body ground which further benefits the vagus nerve.  Further, the Lime oil in the Parasympathetic® blend can help promote emotional grounding, encouraging a balance between the heart and mind, the connection of which helps you ground.  Apply Parasympathetic® over the vagus nerve (behind the earlobe on the mastoid bone).


4. Adrenal®

Your adrenal glands create balance within the systems of the body/mind and help direct how that balance resonates through our whole experience of life.  Grounding helps to balance the adrenals.  Research shows that grounding helps to balance adrenal hormones like cortisol.  Similarly, applying Adrenal® oil which helps to balance the adrenals can bring the body into balance and help ground.   This was apparent when a yoga instructor friend integrated Adrenal® into her class to demonstrate the true meaning of balance.  She guided the class into Tree pose on both sides; counting slowly and asking them remember how many seconds they were able to hold the posture.  She then guided them to Mountain pose and applied the Adrenal® oil on their lower backs.  After a minute, she asked if anyone felt anything, and 75% of the class reported a palpable energetic shift, with a heightened awareness of feeling rooted/ grounded.  She then asked them return to Tree pose on both sides and again timed the balance.  They all nailed that balance and improved by at least 50% in regards to time held.  To help balance and ground your adrenals, apply Adrenal® over the low back.


5.  Large Intestine Support™

Surrendering goes hand in hand with grounding.  Large Intestine Support™ helps us ground so that you can release past hurts and negative emotions so that we can move through transitions or changes in life course.  Large Intestine Support™ contains grounding oils like Cedarwood, Cypress, Sandalwood, and Myrrh. Cedarwood helps address feelings of disconnection and loneliness and inspires our sense of belonging.  Myrrh provides a connection to the Earth and helps ground both your physical and spiritual energies. Sandalwood also helps us ground and calm agitated emotional states.  To help surrender and ground, apply Large Intestine Support™ on the bottom of the feet or over the large intestine.


A Note on Applying to the bottom of the Feet 

We typically ground through the feet.  Placing the feet on the grass, the dirt, the sand or applying oils on the bottom of the feet.  There are 4,000 pores on the bottom of our feet, when essential oils are applied to the bottom of the feet it hits your blood stream in 30 seconds and goes into each cell in 20 minutes.



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About The Author

Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading international authority on essential oils, Jodi has helped over 50,000 individuals support their health with essential oils.